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# - number

@ - at

24th - Channel Signaling - The use of the 24th channel on a DS1/DTI board to carry multiplexed per-channel signals from the other 23 channels. This allows the other channels to be clear channels for 64 kbps data transmission, and to be used as AVD (alternate voice/data) channels. Also see clear channel.

2W - two-wire

2WLTU - two-wire line termination unit

4-Wire - E&M - A form of E & M signaling primarily used on trunks interfacing PBX to PBX or PBX to Central Office, which uses separate pairs of wires (up to four pair) for transmission and signaling functions. On- and off-hook signaling functions are accomplished through the E&M signaling leads.

4W - four-wire

4WLTU - four-wire line termination unit

56K - Trunk Module - This module operates at 56 kbps and can be used as a backup to a T1 trunk for critical circuits, as a temporary trunk while T1 facilities are installed, as a supplemental trunk to a T1 trunk, or as a subrate trunk to a lower-capacity node not requiring full T1 bandwidth. No routing attribute is available that allows circuits to be biased to the 56K trunk. Circuits are routed over a 56K trunk when T1 bandwidth is unavailable in order of priority.

64K - Trunk Module - The 64K trunk module consists of a 64K TRK front card and a 56K trunk interface card without a V.35 electrical connector, or a 64K X.21 trunk interface card with a 15-pin X.21 connector. The module operates at 64 kbps, with 48K of trunk bandwidth. Neither the 56K or the 64K trunk module will accommodate 24 kbps ADPCM voice calls.


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