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U - unclassified

U - Interface - The interface between the ISDN BRI line and the NT1. This can be considered the ISDN "phone jack" in the USA & Canada and is frequently in the form of a RJ-11 or RJ-45 type telephone jack.

U/C - upconverter

U/L - uplink

UA - user agent

UAN - universal area network

UART - universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter

UAV - unmanned aerial vehicle

UBR - unspecified bit rate

UBS - unclassified but sensitive

UCAV - uninhabited combat aerial vehicles

UCCS - (EUCOM) command and control system

UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice

UCNI - unclassified controlled nuclear information

UCSB - Universal Clock Synchronizer Board

UDDI - universal description discovery and integration

UDF - user defined functions

UDP - User Datagram Protocol

UFC - universal feature card

UFO - ultra-high frequency follow-on satellite

UHF - ultra high frequency

UI - user interface

UIDL - user interface definition language

UIMS - user interface management system

UIRV - Unique Interswitch Rekey Variable

UISRM - user interface system reference model

UITC - user interface transit case

UJTL - Uniform Joint Task List

ULANA - unified local area network architecture

ULCS - Unit Level Circuit Switch

ULF - ultra low frequency

ULMS - unit level message switch

ULP - ultra low power

ULP - upper layer protocol

ULS - user location server

ULSI - ultra-large-scale integration

UM - universal modem

UMC - (Unassigned Multiplex Channel Code) - This NCC is transmitted for a DS0B channel that is not active.

UML - universal modeling language

UMS - universal modem system

UMTS - universal mobile telecommunications system (Europe)

UNE - unbundled number elements

UNI - user-network interface

Unipolar - Unipolar (of one polarity) is the fundamental characteristic of internal signals in digital communications equipment. A unipolar signal represents simply, one of two states: on or off; 1 or 0. A unipolar signal may either: go on for the portion of the bit time, and then return to zero state (unipolar RZ); or, go on (and stay on) as long as consecutive one bits are present, not returning to zero until a zero state occurs (unipolar NRZ). Contrast with bipolar.

UNO - universal networked object

UOES - user operational evaluation system

UPS - uninterruptible power supply

UPT - universal personal telecommunications

URAV - uninhabited reconnaissance aerial vehicles

URG - urgent pointer flag, TCP header

URL - uniform (universal) resource locator

US - ultraspectral sensor

US - user

US - United States

USA - United States Army

USACC - U.S. Army Communications Command

USAF - United States Air Force

USAFE - United States Air Forces in Europe

USAISC - US Army Information Systems Command

USAISSAA - US Army Information Systems Selection and Acquisition Agency

USAR - United States Army Reserve

USARPAC - US Army Pacific

USARSO - United States Army Forces Southern Command

USASOC - United States Army Special Operations Command

USAT - ultra small aperture terminal

USB - universal serial bus

USB - upper sideband

USCENTCOM - United States Central Command

USCG - United States Coast Guard

USCINCCENT - Commander in Chief, US Central Command

USCINCEUR - US Commander in Chief, Europe

USCINCJFCOM - Commander in Chief, US Joint Forces Command

USCINCPAC - Commander in Chief, US Pacific Command

USCINCSO - Commander in Chief, US Southern Command

USCINCSOC - Commander in Chief, US Special Operations Command

USCINCSPACE - Commander in Chief, US Space Command

USD - (Universal Synchronous Data) Module - This module provides two independent synchronous data ports with V.35 or RS-449/422 DCE/DTE interfaces at rates from 1.2 kbps to 1.344 Mbps and RS-232 DCE/DTE interfaces at rates from 1.2 kbps to 19.2 kbps. Also supported is a RS-530 DCE interface at rates of 1.2 kbps to 1.344 Mbps.

USDC - U.S. Display Consortium

USE/DA - Users Society for Electronic Design Automation

USEP - unprotected signal entry panel

USERID - user identification

USEUCOM - United States European Command

USFK - United States Forces Korea

USIA - United States Information Agency

USIGS - United States Imagery and Geospatial Information System

USIS - United States Imagery System

USJFCOM - United States Joint Forces Command

USLI - ultra-large-scale integration

USMC - United States Marine Corps

USMCEB - United States Military Communications-Electronics Board

USMTF - US message text format

USMTF - United States MTF

USN - United States Navy

USPACOM - United States Pacific Command

USSOCOM - United Stated Special Operations Command

USSOUTHCOM - United States Southern Command

USSPACECOM - United states Space command

UT - universal time

UTC - unit type code

UTC - Coordinated Universal Time

UTM - universal transverse mercator

UTP - unshielded twisted pair

UUCP - Unix-to-Unix Copy

UVS - U variable storage


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