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D - data

D - depth

D - Channel - Data Channel or Delta Channel (depending on who you ask). The channel which handles ISDN network related data between the user's equipment and the Telco switch. Used to carry data to set up calls and receive calls. Some Telco's also allow users to use the D channel to access the packet data network, with appropriate terminal equipment.

D/A - digital-to-analog

D/C - downconverter

D/L - downlink

D4 - See Superframe. See also Line Format.

D4 - Framing - The framing format used on most existing 1.544 Mbps facilities. Refers to a particular pattern (100011011100) that appears one bit at a time in the 193rd bit position of the Superframe. Each D4 Superframe has 12 main frames at 192 bits in length. This pattern accounts for 8 Kb out of the 1.544 Mb leaving only 1.536 Mb for information.

DA - data administrator

DA - Department of the Army

DAA - data access arrangement

DAA - Designated Approval Authority

DAAS - defense automatic addressing system

DAB - digital audio broadcasting

DAC - data acquisition and control

DAC - digital to analog converter

DAC - discretionary access control

DACB - data adapter control block

DACES - defense automated cost engineering system

DACM - data adapter control mode

DACS - Data and Analysis Center for Software

DACS - (Digital Access Cross-Connect System) - An AT&T service allowing a full T1 facility, or one of its channels to be cross-connected to another T1 facility.

DACT - data automated communications terminal (USMC)

DADEMS - DA data element management system

DAE - Defense Acquisition Executive

DAG - directed access groups

DAIM - dual ASAS interface module

DAL - disk access lockout

DAMA - demand assignment (assigned) multiple access

DAME - Division Airspace Management Element

DAMMS - Department of the Army movement management system

DAMP - DGM antenna mast program

DAMPS - digital advanced mobile phone system

DAP - data analysis plan

DAP - design analysis phase

DAP-NAD - deterministic adaptable priority network access delay (protocol)

DAP - Directory Access Protocol

DAR - defense acquisition radar

DAR - defense acquisition regulation

DAR - distortion adaptive receiver

DARMS - data automation resource management system

DARO - Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office

DARP - Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Program

DARS - digital audio radio service

DART - dynamic analysis replenishing tool

DART - dynamic analytical replanning tool

DAS - data acquisition subsystem

DAS - direct access subscriber

DAS - direct access service

DASA - DSCS automatic spectrum analyzer

DASC - direct air support center

DASD - direct access storage device

DASH - deployable automation support host (Army)

DASP - data administration strategic plan (DOD)

DASS - digital acoustic sensor simulator

DAT - digital audio tape

DAT - data analysis tool

DAT - data

Data - Mode - A DDS circuit is in data mode when the circuit's C bit = 1 (the data bits contain customer data).

DATINT - data intelligence

DATU - data adapter termination unit

DAU - data acquisition unit

DAVIC - Digital Audio-Visual Council

DAWN - defense attache worldwide network

DAWS - defense automated warning system

DB - data base

DB - data buffer

dB - (Decibel) - The standard unit used to express the relative strength of two signals. When referring to a single signal measured at two places in a transmission system, it expresses either a gain or a loss in power between the input and output devices.

DBA - data base administration

dBA - decibels absolute

DBC - digital battlefield communications

DBCS - double-byte character set

DBD - display bypass and duplication

DBDD - database design document

DBDR - data base design review

DBG - data base generation

dBi - decibels above isotropic reference

DBK - dominant battlefield knowledge

DBL - double

DBM - Data Base Manager

dBm - Decibel referenced to 1 milliwatt. Used in communications circuits as a measure of signal power. Zero dBm equals one milliwatt into a specified impedance, often 600 ohms.

dBm0 - noise power in dBm at a point of zero relative transmission level

dBmC - decibels referred to 1 milliwatt, C-message weighted

DBME - data base management environment

DBMS - database management system

DBOF - defense business operating fund

DBPSK - differential binary phase-shift keying

DBR - display bypass reception

DBS - data base server

DBS - Direct Broadcast Satellite

DBS - division battle simulation

DBS - data broadcast switch

DBSL - deep battle synchronization line

dBW - decibels referred to one Watt

DC - down converter

DC - direct current

DC - dedicated conventional

DCA - Defense Communications Agency (now DISA)

DCA - Defense Courier Agency

DCAM - direct chip attach module

DCBU - digital conference bridge unit

DCC - digital communications controller

DCCLR - dc closure

DCCS - distributed command & control system

DCCS - digital cross connect switch

DCD - data carrier detect

DCE - data circuit terminating equipment

DCE - Distributed Computing Environment

DCE - (Data Communication Equipment) - In a communications link, equipment that is part of the network, an access point to the network, a network node, or point at which a network circuit terminates. In an RS-232-C connection, the modem is regarded as DCE and the user device as DTE (data terminal equipment). When using serial communications such RS-232, V.35, or X.21, the DCE is the device sending/receiving from the Telco line. ie: a modem or CSU/DSU. In contrast to DTE.

DCE/TT - (Data Communications Equipment/Transmitter Timing) - One of three options available in the sync card port configuration timing parameter.

DCF - data communication facility

DCF - data compression facility

DCF - document composition facility

DCI - display control interface

DCI - Director Central Intelligence

DCI - Director Combat Intelligence (Army)

DCID - Director Central Intelligence Directive

DCIPS - defense casualty information processing system

DCIS - defense commissary information system

DCM - data channel multiplexer

DCNRI - dismounted combat net radio interface

DCO - dial central office

DCOM - distributed component object model

DCOR - division COMSEC office of record

DCP - Defense Cryptological Program

DCP - digital communications protocol

DCPDS - defense civilian personnel data system

DCPG - digital clock pulse generator

DCPS - defense civilian payroll system

DCPSK - differentially coherent phase-shift keying

DCR - direct conversion receiver

DCS - data collection system

DCS - data control system

DCS - deployable cellular system

DCS - digital selective calling

DCS - desk-top color separation

DCS - Defense Communications System

DCS - (Digital Cross-Connect Systems) - A DCS provides electronic connections between DS0 (64K) time slots of many T1 lines when 234 DS0 time slots connect or switch between T1 ports, the DCS acts like a T1 switch.

DCS - Dual-Channel Switch

DCSCU - dual capability servo control unit

DCSO - Defense Communications System Organization (DISA)

DCSS - Digital Communications Satellite Subsystem

DCT - digital communication terminal

DCT - discrete cosine transform

DCT - dial code table

DCTL - defense tactical common data link

DCTN - Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network

DCU - display control unit

DCW - Digital Chart of the World

DCWS - direction, control and warning system

DD - dedicated DA

DD/D - data dictionary/directory

DD/DS - data dictionary/directory system (DOD)

DDA - domain-defined attribute

DDB - device dependent bitmap

DDBP - dedicated database processor

DDC - Division Data Center

DDCMP - digital data communications message protocol

DDD - direct distance dialing

DDE - direct data entry

DDE - dynamic data exchange

DDI - director defense information

DDL - data definition (design) language

DDL - data distribution list

DDM - distributed data management

DDM - digital data modem

DDMS - defense debt management system

DDN - Defense Data Network

DDO - directorate of operations (CIA)

DDRS - defense data repository system

DDS - data distribution system

DDS - defense dissemination system

DDS - direct digital synthesizer

DDS - distributed denial of service (attack)

DDS - digital data service

DDS - display directory status

DDS - (Dataphone Digital Service) - 1. A private line service offered by AT&T to transmit data that uses digital signal formats. It is available at rates of 4.8, 9.6, and 56 kbps. DS0A and DS0B are two types of DDS. 2. Digital Data System- See Dedicated Digital Service.

DDST - Downsized Deployable Satellite Terminal

DDW - digital data warfare

DE - data element

DE - directed energy

DE - data entry

DE - delay equalizer

DEA - Data Exchange Annex

DEA - Drug Enforcement Administration

DECCO - defense commercial communications office (DISA)

DECM - defensive electronic countermeasures

Decoder - Any device that modifies transmitted information to a form that can be understood by the receiver.

Decoding - In Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) voice equipment, a process in which a set of quantized values is generated from the digital representation of a sample.

DECT - digital European cordless telephony (Europe standard)

DED - data element dictionary

DED - data encryption device

Dedicated - Circuit - A permanent channel between two locations. As opposed to a Switched Circuit

Dedicated - Digital Service - A "Hardwired" or "Nailed Up" digital circuit which is permanently connected between 2 points. Typically 56Kbps or 64Kbps. Dedicated digital lines are frequently cheaper than ISDN for full time service. Also called Digital Data System, or DDS.

DEFCON - defense condition

DEFI - data entry file inquiry

DEIS - defense enterprise integration services (DISA)

DEK - data encryption key

Delay, - Propagation - The time required for a signal to travel from one point to another in a component, circuit or system.

Demand - Assigned - A feature that is unique to the node that continually optimizes network bandwidth resources. Network resources including bandwidth, are allocated only to active calls. The node monitors signaling from each attached voice or data device, and determines when service is required; only then is bandwidth allocated. Because bandwidth is not wasted on inactive ports, the efficiency of transmission facilities is greatly increased, while rerouting performance is optimized by reconnecting only the active calls.

DEMARC - demarcation

DEMOD - demodulator

Demodulation - The process of extracting transmitted information from a carrier signal.

DeMS - deployment management system (USAF)

Demultiplexed - Loopback - Loopback of a DS0B subrate channel.

Demultiplexor - A circuit that distributes an input signal to a selected output line (with more than one output line available).

DEMUX - demultiplex

DENIS - defense environmental network information exchange

DENS - directed energy neutralization system

DEPMEDS - deployable medical systems development system

DEQPSK - differentially encoded quadrature phase shift keying

DES - data (digital) encryption standard

DES - data entry sheet

DES - downsized extension switch

DES - dismounted extension switch

DES - Digital Encryption Standard

desig - designator

DET - data entry terminal

DET - device execute trigger

DET - deterministic

DET - Detachment

DEUCE - downsized end user computer equipment

DEVA - document-enabled virtual applications

Device - ID - A term used to indicate objects in a node such as the node, links, card, and so on.

Device - SPF shortest path first

DEW - Directed Energy Warfare

DF - data field

DF - destination field

DF - device flag

DF - direction finding

DF - don't fragment flag, IP header

DFAD - digital feature attribute (analysis) data

DFAR - defense federal acquisition regulation

DFC - data flow control

DFD - data flow diagrams

DFG - domain FORTEZZA gateway

DFHSM - data facility hierarchical storage manager

DFI - data field identifier

DFL - data file line

DFM - design for manufacturing

DFO - Disaster Field Office

DFS - distributed file system

DFT - design for test

DFT - diagnostic function test

DFT - discrete Fourier transform

DFT - distributed function terminal

DGIAP - Defense General Intelligence and Applications Program

DGIS - defense gateway information system

DGIS - Direct Graphics Interface Standard

DGM - Digital Group Multiplexer

DGP - (Datagram Packet) - In internet communication using routers, a DGP is independently routed from a node to its destination. Applications for DGPs include node-to-network control point communications, address packets that set up a call, and remote messages sent between the command processor and remote database task. DGPs are divided into distinct classes, point-to-point packets, and message packets.

DGPS - differential global positioning system

DGS - deployable ground station (USAF)

DGS - display group status

DGSA - DOD goal security architecture

DHCF - distributed host command facility

DHCP - decentralized hospital computer program (VA)

DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DHPCMP - Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Plan

DHS - Defense HUMINY Service (DIA)

DHS - digital hash standard

DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency

DIAC - Defense Intelligence Analysis Center

Dial-Up - Line - A communications circuit that is established by a switched circuit connection using the telephone dial network.

DIAM - Defense Intelligence Agency Manual

DIANA - descriptive intermediate attributed notation Ada

DIAOLS - DIA online system

DIAP - Defense Information Assurance Program

DIB - device independent bitmap

DIB - directory information base

DIBTS - Digital In-Band Trunk Signaling

DICP - Defense Intelligence Counterdrug Program

DID - data item description

DID - Defense-in-Depth

DID - Direct Inward Dialing. The ability for an outside caller to dial to a PBX extension without going through an attendant or auto-attendant.

DID - Extension or DID Station - A specific phone within a PBX which can be called from the public telephone network without going through an attendant or auto-attendant.

DID - Number - A phone number used to route calls from the telephone network to a specific phone in a PBX (the DID extension). DID requires special DID trunks or ISDN PRI "two-way DID" trunks. Blocks of DID numbers (typically 10 or 20) are purchased from the LEC or CLEC for use on the PBX. The number of DID numbers usually substantially exceeds the number of trunks in the system.

DID - Trunk - A Direct Inward Dialing Trunk. A trunk (channel) which can only receive calls. A group of telephone numbers (DID numbers) are associated with a given trunk group, however there is no one-to-one correspondence between the individual channels and these numbers. The PBX uses the DID number given it by the phone company to route the channel to the correct DID extension within the PBX extension. This allows some or all PBX stations to receive calls directly without going through an attendant (or auto attendant) Note that there are almost always more DID numbers than there are DID trunks. See DID Number and DIDExtension.

DIDHS - deployable intelligence data handling system (Army)

DIDS - defense integrated data system

DIDS - distributed intrusions detection system

DIEB - Defense Intelligence Executive Board

DIF - data interchange format

DIFAX - digital facsimile

DIG - digital

DIGEST - digital geographic information exchange standard

Digital - Error - A single-digit inconsistency between the transmitted and received signals.

Digital - Signal - A discrete or continuous signal; one whose various states are identified with discrete levels or values.

Digroup - A group of 24 PCM (Pulse Code Modulation)-encoded, 64 kbps voice channels, or 24 DS0s.

DII - Defense Information Infrastructure

DII - COE DII Common Operating Environment

DIIP - direct interrupt identification port

DIL - Digital Integrated (Integration) Laboratory

DIL - display interswitch link

DIL/T - Digital Integration Laboratory/Test Bed

DIM - data input message

DIMMS - dual inline memory modules

DIN - defense intelligence network

DINAH - desktop interface to AUTODIN host


DINSUM - Defense Intelligence Notice Summary

DIO - data input-output

DIO - defensive information operations

DIO - Division Information Officer

DIOE - Dual Input/Output Expander

DIP - Defense Imagery Program

DIP - digital imaging processing

DIP - (Dual in-line Package) - A set of two or more binary switches mounted on a printed circuit assembly.

dir - directory

DIRCM - directed infrared countermeasures

Direct - Inward Dialing - See DID

DIRNSA - Director, NSA

DIS - defense information system

DIS - Defense Investigative Service (Now DSS)

DIS - distributed information system

DIS - draft international standard

DIS - disable

DISA - Defense Information Systems Agency (formerly DCA)

DISAC - DISA Circular

DISAI - DISA Instruction

DISC4 - director of information systems for C4 (Army)

DISCO - Domestic-International Satellite Consideration Order

DISCOM - division support command

DISE - deployable intelligence support element

DISN - Defense Information Systems Network

DISNET - Defense Integrated Secure Network

DISOSS - distributed office support system

DISSP - defense information system security program

DIST - digital interswitch trunk

Distortion - Delay - Distortion resulting from non-uniform speed of transmission of the various frequency components of a signal through a transmission medium. Also called group delay.

DISTP - Defense Intelligence Special Technology Program

DISUM - daily intelligence summary

DIT - Directory Information Tree

DIT - display incoming transfer

DITCO - Defense Information Technology Contracting Office

DITSCAP - DOD Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Program

DITSO - Defense Information Technology Services Organization

DIV - division

DIVARTY - division artillery

DIVO - digital video option board

DIW - Defensive Information Warfare

DIWS - Digital Imagery Workstation Suite

DIWSA - digital imagery work station afloat

DJMS - defense joint military pay system

DLA - Defense Logistics Agency

DLA - digital line adapter

DLC - data link control

DLC - digital loop carrier

DLC - dynamic line circuit

DLC - digital line concentrator

DLCI - (Data Link Connection Identifier) - A unique number assigned to a PVC end point in a Frame Relay network. Identifies a particular PVC endpoint within a user's access channel in a Frame Relay network and has local significance only to that channel.

DLDED - division level data entry device

DLE - data link escape

DLED - digital loop encryption device

DLG - digital loop group

DLL - dynamic link library

DLM - dynamic link module

DLOS - dismounted line-of-sight

DLPI - Data Link Provider Interface

DLPMA - diphase loop modem A

DLS - data link set

DLS - data link switching

DLT - digital linear tape

DLTM - digital line termination module

DLTM-T - DLTM test DLTU digital line termination unit

DLTS - data link test set

DLTU - Digital Line Termination Unit

DM - data management

DM - data mining

DM - distributed memory

DM - data modem

DM - data mode

DMA - Defense Mapping Agency

DMA - Directory Management Agent

DMA - (Direct Memory Access) - A method of moving data from a storage device to RAM.

DMAIN - division main (command post)

DMB - DODIIS Management Board

DMC - Defense Megacenter

DMC - data mode control

DMCA - Digital Millenium Copyright Act

DMCGP - Defense Mapping, Charting and Geodesy Program

DMCL - Device Media Control Language

DMCS - deployable multi-channel SATCOM

DMD - digital message device

DMD - (Digital Multidrop Data) Module - This module provides multidrop data connections in a computer network. This capability permits a front-end processor to communicate with several terminals over a single data channel.

DMDG - digital message device group

DMDS - Defense Message Distribution System

DME - distance measuring equipment

DME - distributed management environment

DMF - data management facility

DMG - digital map generator

DMHRS - defense medical human resource system

DMI - desktop management interface

DMI - digital multiplexer interface

DMI - Director of Military Intelligence

DMIF - Dynamic Multi-user Information Fustion (DARPA)

DMIS - Director of Management information systems

DML - data manipulation language

DMM - digital multimeter

DMMIS - depot maintenance management information system

DMMS - dynamic memory management system

DMOS - double-diffused metal-oxide semiconductor

DMP - dot matrix printer

DMPC - distributed memory parallel computer

DMPITS - deployable mass population identification and tracking system

DMRD - defense management review decision

DMS - data management software (system)

DMS - digital message system

DMS - Defense Message System

DMSD - digital multistandard decoding

DMSO - Defense Modeling and Simulation Office

DMSP - defense meteorological satellite program

DMSTTIAC - Defense Modeling, Simulation, and Tactical Technology

DMT - discrete multitone

DMTD - digital message transfer device

DMU - disk memory unit

DMZ - demilitarized zone

DN - directory names

DN - digital nonsecure

DN - distinguished name

DNA - digital network architecture

DNCC - distributed (deployed) network control center

DNGPM - Digital NATO Group Modem

DNI - Digital NATO Interface

DNIC - data network identification code

DNIS - Dialed Number Identification Service- A service, typically offered by a long distance company on 800 lines, that provides the number dialed by the caller. This allows a caller to receive specific treatment depending on the number dialed.

DNIU - Digital NATO Interface Unit

DNMF - dismountable node management facility

DNPA - data numbering plan area

DNS - domain name system (service)

DNS - Doppler navigation sensor

DNSB - digital NATO signaling buffer

DNSIX - defense intelligence security information exchange

DNTGM - Digital NATO Transmission Group Module

DNTSB - Digital NATO Trunk Signaling Buffer

DNVT - Digital Non-Secure Voice Telephone

DNY - display NYX routing

DOAC - Data Operations and Analysis Center

DOC - Department of Commerce

DOC - data orderwire combiner

doc - documentation

DOD - Department of Defense

DOD - direct outward dialing

DOD-JIC - DOD Joint Intelligence Center

DODEX - DOD intelligence information system extension

DODI - Department of Defense Instruction

DODIIMS - DoD intelligence management system

DODIIS - Department of Defense Intelligence Information System

DODIPP - DOD Intelligence Production Program

DOE - Department of Energy

DOENTS - Department of Energy National Telecommunications System

DOI - domain of interpretation

DOI - DSSCS Operating Instructions

DOIM - Director of Information Management

DOJ - Department of Justice

DOJIRS - DOJ Incident Response Service

DOM - data output message

Domain - (Promina 800) - The Promina 800 provides system redundancy through two domains designated A and B.

Domain - A Promina network consists of up to 250 nodes. A maximum of 4096 domains can be connected to each other through gateway nodes to form a larger network consisting of up to 1,024,000 nodes. Calls originating in one domain may terminate in another domain (interdomain call). Access to the domain though the gateway node is controlled by the domain permit map.

Domain - ID - Domains are identified through the Operator Interface by a number from 1 to 4096, preceded by a D (for example, D100). This number is assigned to a node (through the local domain parameters) to indicate that the node is part of a particular domain.

Domain - Route Server Node - The Domain Route Server Node is the designated node that maintains the database for the IP routing table and also advertises or broadcasts the IP routes throughout the domain. Any Promina 800 series node can be a Domain Route Server Node. There can be multiple Domain Route Server Nodes within a domain provided they are configured as server nodes serving different routes.

DOMF - distributed object management facility

DOOSRS - document on-line optical storage and retrieval system

DOP - data object processed

DOR - domain of responsibility

DOS - denial of service

DOS - Department of State

DOS - disk operating system

DOSFAN - Department of State Foreign Affairs Network

DOT - Department of Transportation

DOT - display outgoing transfer

DOW - data orderwire

DP - data processing

DP - dial pulse

DPA - data processing activities

DPA - delegation of procurement authority

DPA - dual phone adapter

DPAS - defense property accounting system

DPBX - digital private branch exchange

DPC - dual power converter

DPCM - differential pulse code modulation

DPI - data processing installation

DPI - dots per inch

DPM - Digital Phone Multiplexer

DPM - (Domain Permit Map) - A mechanism used to customize the access level that one domain has to another domain through the gateway node (for example, whether calls can pass through the domain). Also used to customize the access nodes in other domains have to nodes in the domain (for example whether a node in another domain can display call path information for calls).

DPMA - Data Processing Management Association

DPNSS - digital private network signaling system

DPP - distributed parallel processing

DPP - data patch panel

DPPS - defense procurement pay system

DPS - document processing system

DPS - data processing subsystem

DPSK - differential phase-shift keying

DPT - dynamic packet transport

DPU - data path unit

DQDB - distributed queue dual bus

DQI - digital quartz inertial

DQPSK - differential quadrature phase-shift keying

DR - data requirement

DR - disaster recovery

DR - digital radio

DR - digital receiver

DRA - Defence Research Agency (UK)

DRAM - dynamic random access memory

DRAS - defense retiree and annuitant pay system

DRASH - Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter, Hospital

DRAW - direct read-after-write

DRDA - distributed relational database architecture

DRDW - direct read-during-write

DREAR - division rear

DREN - defense research and engineering network

DRFM - digital radio frequency memories

DRM - distributed resource management

DRS - deficiency reporting system

DRS - deployable Red switch, Defense RED Switch

DRS - digital red switch

DRSI - destination station routing indicator

DRSN - Defense Red Switch Network

DRTC - designated reporting technical control

DS - data segment

DS - digital signal

DS - Digital Switch

DS-3 - 90 Mbps

DS - digital signal

DS - direct support

DS/GS - Direct Support/General Support

DS0 - (Digital Signal Level 0) - Bell System terminology for the 64 kbps signal (1 voice frequency channel).

DS0A - Module - This module connects to equipment that meets EIA or CCITT standards for synchronous data transmission.

DS0B - An AT&T DDS standard that specifies a means of multiplexing several subrate data channels within one DS0. Five 9.6, ten 4.8, or twenty 2.4 kbps subrate channels may be multiplexed within one DS0.

DS0B - Module - A synchronous data server module that converts DS0B channels (or DS0 in DS0B format) to CRM-formatted subrate data channels.

DS1 - (Digital Signal Level 1) - When 24 DS0s (a digroup) are combined with sync bits, the result is a DS1. Bell System terminology for the 1.544 Mbps signal carried on a T1 line (24 voice frequency channels/1 T1).

DS2 - (Digital Signal Level 2) - A 6.312 Mbps signal that serves as a data source, destination, or both. An example is a router or a channel extender.

DS3 - (Digital Signal Level 3) - A 44.736 Mbps signal that serves as a data source, destination, or both. An example is a router or a channel extender.

DS4 - (Digital Signal Level 4) - A 274.176 Mbps signal that serves as a data source, destination, or both. An example is a router or a channel extender.

DSA - dial service assistance

DSA - digital signature algorithm (NIST)

DSA - directory service agent

DSACS - defense standard ammunition computer system

DSAMS - defense security assistance management system

DSAO - design structuring and allocation optimization

DSAP - Destination Service Access Point

DSB - double sideband

DSB-RC - double sideband reduced carrier

DSB-SC - double sideband suppressed carrier

DSB - 1. Digital In-Band Trunk Signaling Buffer; 2. digital signaling buffer; 3. division signal battalion

DSBL - disable

DSBMSC - DISN Switch/Bandwidth Manager Services-CONUS

DSC - Decision Support Center

DSC - digital scan converter

DSC - digital selective calling

DSCNA - Digital Scanner A

DSCNB - Digital Scanner B

DSCS - Defense Satellite Communications System

DSCSOC - DSCS operations center

DSDI - Digital Simple Data Interface

DSDN - distributed software development network

DSE - data storage equipment

DSE - data switching exchange

DSEA - display station emulation adapter

DSG - Digital Signal Generator

DSI - defense simulation internet

DSI - delivered source instruction(s)

DSI - (Digital Speech Interpolation) - A method of compressing speech that takes advantage of pauses in speech and the half-duplex nature of conversation to provide up to 2:1 compression over ADPCM (Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation), for a total of up to 4:1 voice compression.

DSID - Deployed Security Interdiction Device

DSIS - Distributed Support Information Standard

DSL - dynamic simulation language

DSL - Digital Subscriber Line. Typically refers to an ISDN line or a T-1 line, although the term is also frequently used to mean the next generation beyond ISDN. Sometimes xDSL is used to indicate that the writer is referring to any of a number of emerging DSL technologies.

DSLAM - digital subscriber line access multiplexer

DSM - dedicated security mode

DSMA - digital sense multiple access

DSMAC - digital scene-matching area correlation

DSmP - digital signal microprocessor

DSN - deep space network (NASA)

DSN - Defense Switched Network

DSNET - Defense Secure Network

DSOE - deployment schedule of events


DSOM - distributed system object model


DSP - Defense Support Program

DSP - digital signal processing (processor)

DSP - digital speech processor

DSPL - display system programming language

DSR - data set ready

DSR - digital signaling rate

DSRP - Defense Space Reconnaissance Program

DSRS - defense software repository system

DSS - decision support system

DSS - Defense Security Service (was DIS)

DSS - digital signature standard (NIST)

DSS - digital subscriber service

DSS - distributed standard system

DSS - digital signature standard

DSS - digital small switch

DSS-1 - digital small switch-1

DSSA - domain specific software architecture

DSSCS - Defense Special Security Communications System

DSSCS - Defense Special Security Communications System

DSSE - development system software environment

DSSG - DISN Support Services-Global

DSSI - digital storage system interconnect

DSSS - direct sequence spread spectrum

DSSSL - document style semantics and specification language

DSSVS - DSS Validation System

DSTO - Defense Science and Technology Organization

DSTR - destroy

DSU - (Data Service Unit) - Equipment at the customer's site that connects to a terminal or computer via an RS-232C or V.35 interface. It receives the digital signals from the interface and converts them to bipolar, balanced signals, and provides loopback capabilities for network maintenance (DSU loopback). The DSU and CSU are usually combined in one unit. Also see CSU.

DSVD - digital simultaneous voice and data

DSVF - Data System Verification Facility

DSVT - Digital Secure Voice Terminal, Digital Subscriber Voice Terminal

DSWA - Defense Special Weapons Agency

DSX1 - The cross-connect point for DS1 signals.

DSX3 - The cross-connect point for DS3 signals.

DT - dial tone

DTA - data terminal adapter

DTA - dual trunk adapter

DTA - dual trunk adapters

DTA - data terminal adapter

DTAC - division tactical (command post)

DTC - digital television controller

DTC - Digital Technical Control

DTD - data transfer device

DTD - document type definition

DTDMA - distributed time division multiple access

DTE - domain type enforcement

DTE - Data Transmit Exchange

DTE - dumb terminal emulator

DTE - digital data terminal

DTE - (Data Terminal Equipment) - In a communications link, equipment where a communication path begins or ends. In an RS-232C connection, the user device is regarded as DTE, and the modem as DCE (Data Communication Equipment). When using serial communications such RS-232, V.35, or X.21, the DTE is the device sending/receiving from a modem or CSU/DSU. In contrast to DCE.

DTED - Digital Terrain Elevation Data

DTEL - digital terrain elevation data

DTF - digital training facility

DTG - Digital Transmission Group

DTG - Date Time Group

DTG - digital trunk group

DTGSM - digital trunk group-surface mount

DTH - Direct-To-Home

DTH - down-the-hill

DTH - DMS transition hub

DTH - DMSA transition hub

DTHR - down-the-hill radio

DTIC - Defense Technical Information Center

DTLS - descriptive top level specification

DTM - data transfer module

DTM - Display Traffic Metering

DTMF - Dual Tone Multi Frequency. The standard tone-pairs used on telephone terminals for dialing using in-band signaling. The standards define 16 tone-pairs (0-9, #, * and A-F) although most terminals support only 12 of them (0-9, * and #). These are also sometimes referred to as "Touch Tones" (actually a copyrighted trade name held by AT&T). Note that while digital data terminals have the same symbols, ISDN uses "common channel signaling" (over the D channel) and therefore does not necessarily generate any tones at all. However many terminals still generate the tones since they will still be used on occasion to access services (such as voicemail or automated attendant) at the far end using in-band tones.

DTMP - data technical management panel

DTN - data transmission network

DTOC - Division Tactical Operations Center

DTP - Defense Technology Plan

DTR - data terminal ready

DTR - display trunks addresses

DTRS - defense transportation payment system

DTS - data transfer system

DTS - defense transportation system

DTS - dedicated transmission service (GSA)

DTS - digital termination service

DTS - Diplomatic Telecommunications Service (DOS)

DTS-W - Defense Telecommunications Service-Washington

DTS - Distributed Time Service

DTSC - DISN Transmission Services-CONUS

DTSS - digital topographic support system (Army)

DTSS - digitized terrain support system

DTTN - distributed tactical test network

DTTS - defense transportation tracking system

DTU - data transfer unit

DTV - desktop video

DTVC - desktop video conferencing

Dual - Agent - An SNMP agent that supports the native Promina node as well as a configured set of IDNX nodes.

Dual - AMI Interface Card - This card is used with the TMCP (Two-Megabit Channelized Port) module in a system requiring a bipolar CEPT interface. The interface accepts bipolar CCITT G.703/704-formatted, HDB3-coded signals.

DUAT - direct user access terminal

DUI - data use identifier

DUITS - digital, ubiquitous, interoperable, transparent and secure

DUSC - directory update service center

DVB - digital video broadcast

DVC - digital video cassette

DVD - digital versatile (video) disk

DVE - distributed virtual environment

DVI - digital video interactive

DVITS - digital video imagery transmission system

DVL - direct voice link

DVMA - direct virtual memory access

DVMRP - Distance-Vector Multicast Routing Protocol

DVOW - Digital Voice Orderwire

DVP - digital video processor

DVS - DISN Video Services

DVSG - DISN video services-global

DVSN - DISN Video Services Network

DWDM - dense wavelength division multiplexing

DWTS - Digital Wideband Transmission System

DXF - drawing (digital) exchange format

DXI - data exchange interface

Dynamic - Adaptive Routing - Dynamic adaptive (or alternate) routing allows each call to be set up dynamically across any available route. Every call is routed across its optimal path and avoids congestion or failures in the network.

Dynamic - Bandwidth Allocation - This feature allows the total bit rate of the multiplexer tail circuits to exceed the bandwidth of the network trunk. This is allowable since the multiplexer only assigns channels on the network trunk to tail circuits that are transmitting.


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