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m - meters

M-Frame - Basic frame structure in DS3 datastream. Every M-Frame is divided into seven subframes of 680 timeslots. Each subframe is then divided into eight blocks of 85 time slots, the first of which is a control bit. The remaining bits are available for information bits. The control bits include X-bits, F-bits, M-bits, P-bits, and C-bits. The total number of time slots is 4760 with 4704 time slots reserved for data.

M&FI - Maintenance and Fault Isolation

M/C - multichannel

M/S - maintenance/supervisor

M13 - Multiplexer for T1 to subrated asynchronous T3 datastreams.

MA - master

mA - milliamperes

MA - master

MAA - Metropolitan Area Acquisition (GSA/FTS)

MAC - mandatory access control

MAC - message authentication code

MAC - (Media Access Control) - MAC is a 6-byte hardware address (set when manufactured) that is unique to each PSM.

MACA - multiple access collision avoidance (protocol)

MACCS - Marine air command and control system

MACG - marine air control group

MACSAT - multiple access commercial satellite

MAE - Metropolitan Area Exchanges (Internet)

MAFET - microwave and analog front end technology

MAGIC - multidimensional application and gigabit internetwork consortium

MAGIIC - Mobile Ground Imagery Interpretation Center

MAGIS - Marine Air-Ground Intelligence System

MAGR - miniaturized airborne GPS receiver

MAGTF - Marine Air Ground Task Force

MAIS - major automated information systems

MAISRC - Major Automated Information Systems Review Council

MAJCOM - major command

MaJIWC - Maritime Joint Information Warfare Center

MALD - miniature air-launched decoy

MAMA - man-machine

MAMS - Military Airspace Management Systems

MAN - Metropolitan Area Network

man - manual

MANT - maintenance

MANTIS - manpack tactical intelligence system

MAP - manufacturing automation (applications) protocols

MAP-D - multi-application processor for DEFINITY

MAPI - messaging application programming interface

Mapping - In network operations, the logical association of one set of values, such as addresses on one network, with quantities or values of another set, such as devices on another network (for example, name-address mapping, internetwork-route mapping, protocol-to-protocol mapping).

MAPSE - Minimal Ada Programming Support Environment

MARC - multitechnology automated reader card

MARCEMP - manual relay center modernization program

MARFOR - Marine Forces


MARIS - Maritime Information Systems Project

MARKS - The Modern Army Recordkeeping System

MARS - military affiliated (amateur) radio system

MARTI - microprocessor and radio telephone interconnection

MAS - multiple award schedule

MASC - Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Center

MASINT - measurement and signature intelligence

MAST - Mobile Ashore Support Terminal




Master Clock - The source of time signals (or the signals themselves) that all nodes use for synchronization.

Master/Slave Glare Resolution - Provides a single path of continuity for data and signaling between end points in a glare situation, where the node with the lower node number is termed the "master" and its call goes through. The node with the higher number is termed the "slave" and its call fails. The slave drops its call and hooks up the incoming call in a glare situation, and the master refuses the incoming call. Also see glare.

Matrix Switch - A device that allows a number of channels, connected via serial interfaces (typically RS-232C), to connect, under operator control, to designated remote or local analog circuits, as well as to other serial interfaces.

MATT - multi-mission advanced tactical terminal

MATTS - Mobile Air Transportable Telecommunications System

MAU - media (medium) access unit

MAU - multistation access unit

MAWS - missile approach warning system

MAX - maximum

MAXI - Modular Architecture for the Exchange of Information (Intelligence)

MB - megabyte

Mb - megabit

MBA - multibeam antenna

MBB - multiband beacon

MBC - memory bus controller

MBC - mortar ballistics computer

MBDL - missile battery data link

MBMR - multiband multimode radio

MBONE - multicast backbone

Mbps - megabits per second

MBps - megabytes per second

MBR - master boot record

MBRR - magnetic bubble recorder-reproducer

MC-TDMA - multiple carrier TDMA

MC - media converter

MC - Marine Corps

MC&G - mapping, charting, and geodesy

MC2 - measurement communications and computing

MCA - Maritime Cryptologic Architecture

MCA - micro channel architecture

MCAD - mechanical computer aided design

MCB - memory control block

MCB - message control block

MCC - master control center

MCC - Mobile Command Center

MCC - movement control center

MCCC - Marine Communications Control Center

MCCR - mission critical computer resources

MCD - manipulative communications deception

MCD - missile countermeasure device

MCDES - Malicious Code Detection and Eradication System

MCDN - Marine Corps Data Network

MCE - modular control equipment

MCE - mission control element

MCEB - Military Communications-Electronics Board

MCEN - Marine Corps Enterprise Network

MCG&I - mapping, charting, geopositioning, & imagery

MCGA - multicolor graphics array

MCHS - Marine Common Hardware Suite

MCI - media control interface

MCIA - Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

MCIC - Marine Corps Intelligence Center

MCIS - management control information system

MCIS - Maritime Command Information System

MCM - multicarrier modulation

MCM - multichip module

MCP - massively concurrent processing

MCP - monitor and control protocol

MCP - MCEB Military Communications Procedures and Publications Panel

MCPC - multiple channels per carrier

McPIM - Media Converter Port Interface Module

MCPP - multicircuit patch panel

MCPS - modular command post system

MCPS - Modular Command Post System

MCPU - maintenance control processor unit

MCR - minimum cell rate

MCRC - Master Control and Reporting Center

MCS - mission control segment

MCS - Maneuver Control System

MCS - message conversion center

MCSF - mobile cryptologic support facility

MCSF - mobile cryptologic support facility

MCSR - minimum commercial security requirements

MCSSC2 - Marine Combat Service Support Command and Control System

MCTCA - Marine Corps Tactical Communications Architecture

MCTL - Military Critical Technologies List

MCTSSA - Marine Corps systems support activity

MCU - mobile control unit

MCU - multipoint control unit

MCU - maintenance communications unit, multipoint control unit

MCU - master control units, multiple conference units

MCU - mobile COMSEC unit

MCW - modulated continuous wave

MD - message digest

MDA - monochrome display adapter

MDA - miniaturized dual function adapter

MDAC - multi-channel data acquisition computer

MDAS - multiple data base access system

MDCI - Multi-Discipline Counter Intelligence

MDDB - multidimensional database

MDE - mission development element

MDF - main distribution frame

MDI - multiple document interface

MDID - MSE data interface device

MDIS - medical diagnostic imaging support

MDITS - migration defense intelligence threat data system

MDR - medium data rate

MDS - meteorological data system

MDS - modular dissemination system

MDT - medical detachment telemedicine

MDT - message distribution terminal

MDTG - multiplex digital transmission group

MDZ - maritime defense zone

MEADS - Medium Extended Range Air Defense System (European)

MEB - memory expansion board

MEB - Marine Expeditionary Brigade

Mech - mechanized

MED - Mediterranean

MEDINT - Medical Intelligence

MEDLL - multi-path estimation delay lock loop

MEF - Marine Expeditionary Force

MEL - monitor equipment line

MELIOS - Mini Eyesafe Laser Infrared Observation Set

MELP - Mixed Excitation Linear Prediction

MEM - memory

MEMS - micro-electro-mechanical systems

MEO - middle Earth orbit

MEOV - MERS Emergency Operations Vehicle

MERF - mobile enroute radar facility

MERS - Mobile Emergency Response Support

MES - Mobile Earth Station

MESAR - microwave electronically scanned adaptive radar (UK)

MESAR - multifunction electronically scanned adaptive radar

MET - metafile

MET - meteorology/meteorological

MET - Multi-image Exploitation Tool

METS - mobile electronic threat simulator

METT-T - mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time

MEU - Marine Expeditionary Unit

MEWSS - mobile electronic warfare support system

MF - multiple (medium) frequency

MF - management facility

MF - multifrequency

MFA - maneuver functional area

MFBIT - Multi-Feature Bayesian Intelligent Tracker

MFC - multinational force commander

MFCS - material finance control system

MFD - multi-functional display

MFI - multifunction interpreter

MFJ - modification of final judgment

MFLOPS - million floating point operations per second

MFLT - modified fast lapped transform

MFLTU - Multifrequency Line Termination Unit

MFM - modified frequency modulation

MFOTS - military fiber optic transmission system

MFP - multifunction peripheral

MFPL - message format processing language

MFS - multifunction service

MFSK - multiple frequency-shift keying

MFTDMA - multiple frequency time division, multiple access

MFVRP - Mission Familiarization Virtual Reality Project

MG - master group

MGA - monochrome graphics adapter

MGCP - Media Gateway Control Protocol

MGE - modular GIS environment

MGM - Master Group Multiplexer

mgmt - management

MGRS - military grid reference system

MGS - mobile ground system

MGS - medium grade security

mgt - management

MGV - mobile gateway van (Army)

MGW - multimedia gateway

MH - message handler

MHF - medium high frequency

MHS - message handling system

MHz - MegaHertz

MI - Message Indicator

MI - military intelligence

MI2S - Military Intelligence Investment Strategy

MIB - Military Intelligence Board

MIB - (Management Information Base) - The set of network elements, such as a nodes, cards, and links that can be managed by an SNMP manager. Each agent maintains a MIB that represents the manageable network elements at that node.

MIC - medium interface connector

MIC - microwave integrated circuit

MIC - monolithic integrated circuit

MIC - mutual interface chart

MICFAC - Mobile Integrated Command Facility

MIDAS - military intelligence decision aid system

MIDAS - Multiplexer Integration and DCSS Automation System

MIDB - Modernized Integrated (Intelligence) Data Base

MIDI - musical instrument digital interface

MIDS - military information distribution system

MIDS - miniaturized interoperable data system

MIDS - multifunctional information distribution system

MIE - Military Information Environment

MIES - modernized imagery exploitation system

MIF - management information format

MII - military information infrastructure (Army)

MII - media interdependent interface

MIIDS - military integrated intelligence data system

MIJI - meaconing, intrusion, jamming, and interference

MIL-SPEC - military specification

MIL-STD - military standard

MIL - military

MILDEP - Military Department

MILDEPS - Military departments Milstar Military Strategic and Tactical Relay

MILES - multiple integrated laser engagement system

MILNET - Military Network

MILOGS - Marine integrated logistic system

MILSATCOM - military satellite communications

MILSTAR - military strategic tactical and relay satellite communication

MIMD - multiple instruction multiple data

MIME - multipurpose Internet mail extensions

MIN - mobile identification number

min - minute(s)

MINS - multisource integrated notification system

MINTERM - miniaturized terminal

MINX - multimedia information network exchange

MIP - medium interface point

MIPE - mobile intelligence processing element

MIPS - Marine integrated personnel system

MIPS - million instructions per second

MIQ - machine intelligence quotient

MIRACL - mid-infrared advanced chemical laser

MIRFS - multifunction integrated radio frequency system

MIRMO - Medical Information Resources Management Office (VA)

MIRS - miniaturized imagery receive system

MIS - management information systems

misc - miscellaneous

MISSI - Multilevel Information System Security Initiative

MIST - modular interoperable surface terminal

MITLA - microcircuit technology in logistics applications

MITT - Mobile Integrated Tactical Terminal

MK - manual key(ing)

MK - mark

MK/RV - manual key receive variable

MKV - Mobile Ku Band Vehicle

ML - machine language

ML - mail list

MLA - mail list agent

MLAPI - multilingual application programming interface

MLID - multi-link interface driver

MLM - Mail List Manager

MLPC - multiple linear predictive coding

MLPP - multilevel precedence and preemption

MLS - microwave landing system

MLS - multilevel security

MLSWG - Multilevel Security Working Group

MLTM - Maneuver Control System Layered Telecommunications Model

MMC - matched memory cycle

MMC - modular mission computer

MMC - Microsoft Management Console

MMC - Materiel Management Center

MMCF - multimedia communications forum

MMDS - multipoint multimedia distribution system

MMEM - Micromemory

MMI - man/machine interface

MMIC - monolithic microwave integrated circuit

MMIS - materials manager information system

MML - mathematical markup language

MMLS - mobile microwave landing system

MMPM - multi media presentation manager

MMS - maintenance mentoring system

MMS - meteorological measuring system

MMS - multimode seeker

MMSA - multimission surveillance aircraft

MMT - multimedia terminal

MMTA - Multimedia Telecommunications Industry Association

MMU - memory management unit

MMW - millimeter wavelength

MNP - master navigation plan

MO - magneto optical

MOA - memorandum of agreement

MOC - Milstar operations center

MOCC - Mobile Operations Control Center

MOD - modulator

Modem (modulator demodulator) - A type of DCE that converts digital data to an analog signal for transmission on telephone circuits. A modem at the receiving end converts the analog signal to digital form.

MODIS - moderate resolution imaging spectro-radiometer

Modulation - The process of varying some characteristics of the carrier wave in accordance with the instantaneous value or samples of the intelligence to be transmitted. Amplitude, frequency, and phase are the characteristics commonly varied.

Module - A set of one or more cards that performs a single, logical function. A module usually consists of the front card and interface card (printed-circuit board assembly) that connect through the backplane on the shelf in a Promina 800, 400, and 200.

Module Power Consumption - The total wattage (power) used by a module (combined front and rear interface card).

MOE - measure of effectiveness

MOE - mission operations element

MOF - maximum observed frequency

MOHLL - machine oriented high level language

MOISE - Mission-Oriented Information System Engineering

MOM - message-oriented middleware

MOOTW - military operations other than war

MOP - maintenance operations protocol

MOPX - mobility planning and execution system

MOS - military occupational specialty

MOS - mean opinion score

MOSPF - multicast open shortest path first

MOSS - MIME object security services

MOW - maintenance orderwire

MP-MLQ - multipurpose-multilevel quantization

MP - Military Police

MPARES - Mission Planning and Rehearsal System

MPAS - Measurement and Signature Intelligence Analysis

MPE - multiprogramming executive

MPE - mission planning element

MPEG - Motion Pictures Experts Group

MPH - miles per hour

MPM - mission plan management

MPN - multiprotocol network

MPOA - MultiProtocol Over ATM

MPP - massively parallel processing

MPPC - multipurpose parallel computing

MPPE - Microsoft point-to-point encryption

MPQS - multiple polynomial quadratic sieve

MPR - multiport repeater

MPRS - mission planning rehearsal systems

MPS - mapping, chart and graphics production system

MPS - multiprocessor specification

MPS - Modular Power Supply

MPT - Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (Europe and China)

MPU - multiprocessor unit

MPU/VDU - modem-only plug-in unit/voice processor-only unit

MR - magneto-resistive

MRAM - magnetic random access memory

MRC - mobile radio communications

MRC - major regional conflict

MRCI - Modular Reconfigurable C4I Interface

MRDBS - MASINT requirements data base system

MRIM - Marine Rapid Information Management System

MRM - magneto-resistive microscopy

MROC - multicommand required operational capability

MRT - mobile radio telephone

MRTBF - master range and test facility

MRV - Machine Readable Visa

MRV - multi-radio vehicle

MRVC - multirate voice card

MS - multispectral sensor

MS - message switch

ms - milliseconds

MSAT - mobile satellite

MSAU - multi-station access unit

MSB - most significant bit

MSC - mobile switching center

MSC - major subordinate command

MSCA - Military Support for Civil Authorities

MSCS - multi-service communications systems

MSD - mass storage device

MSD - medium screen display

MSDR - multiplexed streaming data request

MSE - mobile subscriber equipment

MSE-NPT - mobile subscriber equipment nodal planning terminal

Msec - milliseconds

MSEP - multi-sensor electronic package

MSEQ - Microsequencer

MSEU - mass storage expansion unit

MSF - multiplex signal format

MSG - multifunction secure gateway

MSG - message

MSG - multifunction secure gateway

MSGS - Multilevel Secure Gateway System

MSI - multi-sensor integration

MSIAC - Modeling and Simulation Information Analysis Center (DOD)

MSIC - Missile and Space Intelligence Center

MSIS - marine safety information system

MSK - minimum-shift keying

MSK - Message Signature Key

MSL - master station log

MSL - master support list

MSL - maximum segment lifetime

MSN Multiple Subscriber Number. This is a telephone number associated with an ETS 300 BRI line. Providers of ETS 300 often give you three MSNs with a BRI, although additional MSNs can be purchased. An ISDN terminal will "ring" (provide an alerting signal) only when calls are made to the MSN (or MSNs) entered in that terminal. If a terminal has no MSNs entered it will "ring" wheneverthere is a call to any of the MSNÕs on that BRI. See ETS 300 and Directory Number.

MSNF - multisystem networking facility

MSNK - message switch net key

MSNV - message switch net variable

MSP - Message Security Protocol

MSR - minimum security requirements

MSR - main supply route

MSRC - Modular Software-programmable Radio Consortium

MSRK - message switch rekey key

MSRS - multi-role survivable radar

MSRT - Mobile Subscriber Radio Terminal

MSRV - message switch rekey variable

MSS - metropolitan switching system

MSS - mobile satellite services

MSS - multiprotocol switched services

MSS - mission support system

MSS-IIE - Mission Support System II Enhanced

MSS - maximum segment size

MST - master

MSU - Modular Switching Unit

MT - medium terminal

MTA - message transfer agent

MTACCS - Marine tactical automated command and control system

MTBF - (Mean Time Between Failures) - A stated or published period of time for which a user may reasonably expect a device to operate before an incapacitating failure occurs.

MTBO - mean time between outages

MTCC - modular tactical communications center

MTD - marketing transaction database

MTD - moving target detection

MTDBU - mean time between data unavailability

MTDN - Marine Corps Tactical Data Network

MTDS - Marine tactical data system

MTF - message text format

MTF - modulation transfer function

MTG - Master Timing Generator

MTI - moving target indicator

MTI - Message Transfer Interface

MTM - McLintock theater model

MTMP - MACOM Telephone Modernization Program

MTOPS - million composite theoretical operations per second

MTRACS - multiple input tracking control system

MTS - Marine tactical system

MTS - message transfer system

MTSO - mobile telephone switching office

MTSR - mean-time-to-service-restoral

MTT - magnetic tape transport

MTTF - mean-time-to-failure

MTTR - mean-time-to-repair

MTU - (Maximum Transfer Unit) - An MTU is the largest frame length which may be sent on a physical medium.

MTW - Major Theater War

MTWS - Marine Tactical Warfare Simulation

MTWSS - MAGTF tactical warfare simulation system

Mu-Law - Mu-law is the companding standard used in the analog-to-digital conversion process (and vice-versa) in PCM systems, North American telephone networks.

MUF - maximum usable frequency

MUF - military unique features

MUI - multimedia user interface

Multidrop - A communications arrangement where multiple devices share a common transmission channel, although only one device may transmit at a time.

Multijunction Unit (MJU) - Equipment at the customer's site that connect to a DSU to multipoint operation.

Multiplexer - A device, also called a MUX that can transmit several messages or signals in a high-speed data stream on a single channel.

Multiplexing Format - The N.E.T. multiplexing format used on the sync card to multiplex subrate data ports into the sync trunk DS0 channels.

Multiservice Access Platform - Intelligent T3/T1 multiplexers capable of complex switching and routing needed for backbone T3/T1 networks. A network system facility that connects with customer devices and T1/T3/E3 trunks. Physically, it may consist of several shelves. Logically, it is controlled by a single software supervisor, which may be distributed among several processors.

MULTS - Mobile Universal Link Translator System (Navy)

MUSE - multidimensional user-oriented synthetic environment

MUSE - Multiple Sub-Nyquist Encoding

MUSIC - multiple signal classification

MUSTRS - multi-sensor target recognition system

MUTES - multiple threat emitter simulator

MUX - multiplexer

mV - millivolts

MVDM - multiple virtual DOS machines

MVGA - monochrome video graphics array

MVIP - Multivendor Integration Protocol

MVP - multimedia video processor

mvr - maneuver

MVS - message validation system

MVS - multiple virtual storage

MVS - modular video studio

MW - microwave

mw - milliwatt

MW - morale and welfare

MWCS - Marine wing communications squadron

MWI - message waiting indicator

MWIS - Marine WWMCCS information system

MWP - microwave processor

MWS - missile warning set

MWS - management workstation

MWS-R - management workstation replacement

MX/DMX - multiplexer/demultiplexer

MYX - tactical area code


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