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V - volts

V - per-call key

V p-p - volts peak-to-peak

V&V - verification & validation

V.35 - A high-speed modem standard and physical interface standard (CCITT). V.35 uses a 34-pin, Winchester-type connector. It provides balanced data and clock leads, and employs bipolar current for signaling.

V1 - Version 1 (Commercial)

V2 - Version 2 (Ruggedized)

V2DA - Version 2 Data Adapter

V3 - Version 3 (Militarized)

VA - value added (network)

VA - volt-ampere

VAAP - Vulnerability Analysis and Assistance Program (Navy)

VAC - volts alternating current

VAD - value added distributor

VADATS - Veterans Administration data transmission system

VADER - video analysis, digitization, enhancement and re-transmission (DIA)

VAN - value-added network

VAPC - (Vector Adaptive Predictive Coding) - Compresses PCM samples for transmission at either 8 kbps or 16 kbps. The algorithm uses a block coding process that combines vector quantization with linear prediction in an adaptive structure. The vector quantizer uses an optimized code book to code the difference between an input vector and a predicted vector.

VAR - value-added reseller

VAR - variable

Variant - The particular protocol (i.e National ISDN-1 or ETS 300) running on a specific switch. Not all variants are valid for a specific switch. The switch brand and model plus the variant defines the ISDN protocol. See ISDN Protocol.

VAS - value added services

VAS - vulnerability assessment system

VAX - virtual address extension

VBA - variable balance architecture

VBA - Veterans Benefit Administration

vBNS - very high-speed backbone network service

VBR - variable bit rate

VC - virtual channel (call) (circuit)

VC - voice compressor

VC31 - and VC62 (Voice Compression) Server Modules - These modules encode and decode full duplex PCM voice circuits into 32 or 24 kbps ADPCM on a per channel basis. Used for international voice circuits, these modules increase the voice-call capacity of trunks by compressing and decompressing both Mu-Law and A-Law companded PCM voice circuits.

VCC - virtual channel connection

VCC - voice communications circuit

VCFAX - (Voice Compression Facsimile) Server Module - This module provides 4:1, 6.67:1, and 8:1 bandwidth reduction for voice transmission. It does this by compressing 24 channels of 64 kbps PCM data into an equal number of channels at 16 kbps, 9.6 kbps, or 8 kbps. The VCFAX supports compressed group III Fax at 9.6K fax on 16K circuits, 9.6K fax on 9.6K circuits, and 7.2K fax and 8K circuits.

VCI - virtual circuit identifier

VCM - virtual call manager

VCN - voice communications network

VCO - voltage controlled oscillator

VCP - virtual channel processor

VCP - communication server

VCS - virtual circuit switch

VCSEL - Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser

VCU - versatile computer unit

VCXO - Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillator

VDC - volts direct current

VDE - vertical doping engineering

VDIN - Voice-Data-Image-Navigation

VDLS - vaults, depots and logistics systems

VDP - video decompression processor

VDR - voice digitization rate

VDS - voice data switch

VDSL - very high data rate DSL

VDT - Video Display Terminal

VDT - visual display terminal

VDTC - visual display terminal controller

VDU - Video Display Unit

VDU - visual display unit

VDU - video docking unit

VDUC - visual display unit controller

VECP - value engineering change proposal

veh - vehicle

VERTS - virtual emergency response training system

VESA - Video Electronics Standards Association

VF - voice frequency

VFC - Voice frequency channel

VFCT - voice frequency carrier telegraph

VFTG - voice frequency telegraph

VFTK - voice frequency telegraph keyer/converter

VG - variable generate

VGA - video graphics array

VHDL - very high speed integrated hardware description language

VHF - very high frequency

VHF-FM - very high frequency-frequency modulated

VHF - very high frequency

VHPBNS - Very-High-Performance Backbone Network Service

VHSIC - very high speed integrated circuit

VI - visual information

VIA - vendor independent ASIS

VIC - vehicular intercommunication

VICS - VME Integrated Communications System

VIE - virtually integrated enterprise

VIEWS - virtual interactive environment work space

VIM - vendor independent messaging

VIM - versatile backplane bus INFOSEC module

VINCE - vendor independent network control entity

VINSON - KY-57/-58

VIP - very important person

VIP - visual information processor

VIPR - Virtual IP Routing

Virtual Call ID - Device ID used to query interdomain calls after they leave the origination domain and enter a transit domain or the destination domain. The virtual call ID consists of the node ID and a random card and port ID The virtual call ID is assigned by the inbound gateway node in the domain. The call is assigned a virtual call ID for each domain it goes through.

Virtual Circuit - A virtual circuit is a communications link that appears to be a dedicated point-to-point link but is not. It delivers data packets in guaranteed sequential order just as they would be received over a point-to-point circuit. The applications for virtual circuit packets include DS1 dialed digit packets and EIA signal information packets for synchronous data ports.

Virtual ISDN - An alternative to repeaters which uses a local Telco Switch to act as a repeater and which then sends the signal onto another switch which supports ISDN. See also Repeater.

VISN - Veterans Integrated Service Networks

VITS - video image tracking system

VIU - voice interface unit

VIXS - video information transfer system

VLAN - virtual local area network

VLDB - very large database

VLES - variable length execution sets

VLF - very low frequency

VLIW - very long instruction word

VLM - very large memory

VLM - virtual loadable modules

VLSI - very large-scale integration

VLSIC - very large-scale integrated circuit

VLWI - very long word instruction

VM - virtual (machine) manufacturing

VME - versa module European

VME - virtual memory extension

VME - Versa Module Eurobus

VMF - variable message format

VMLI - line interface card

VMLI - VME DTA interface card

VMS - virtual memory system

VNMC - Video Network Management Center

VOA - Voice of America

VOCU - voice orderwire control unit

VOD - video on demand

VOFR - voice over frame relay

VOIP - voice over IP

VOX - voice operated transmission

VOX - (Voice Operated Relay Circuit) Module - This module performs voice activity detection on 24 voice channels input through a DSP module when DSI compression is used. This module, along with the N.E.T. ADPCM and DSI modules, provides a speech compression method to increase the capacity of a multichannel trunk to transmit voice.

VOX - voice actuation, voice-operated transmission

VP - virtual path

VPF - vector product format

VPI - virtual path identifier

VPN - Virtual Private Network

VPRN - Virtual Private Remote Networking

VPT - Virtual Private Trunking

VQ - (Vector Quantization) - This is the voice compression algorithm for the VCFAX module.

VR - virtual reality

VRAM - video random access memory

VRC - vertical redundancy check

VRD - virtual retinal display

VRML - Virtual Reality Modeling (Markup) Language

Vrms - voltage root mean square

VRU - voice response unit

vs - versus

VSA - vendor security analyst

VSAL - very small aperture laser

VSAM - virtual storage access method

VSAT - Very Small Aperture Terminal

VSB - vestigial side band

VSCS - voice switching and control system

VSE - virtual storage extended

VSEC - voice secure card

VSM - vestigial sideband modulation

VSP - voice selection panel

VSWR - voltage standing wave ratio

VT - virtual terminal

VTAM - virtual telecommunications access method

VTC - Variable Transfer Complete

VTC - video teleconferencing

VTCM - Video Teleconferencing Module

VTF - video teleconference facility

VTGC - virtual trunk group clusters

VTI - Variable Transfer Initiate

VTOA - Voice Telephony Over ATM

VTP - Virtual Terminal Protocol

VTR - video tape recording

VTS - vessel traffic system

VTS - virtual terminal service

VTTYC - VDT Teletype Controller

VTU - video teleconferencing unit

VU - variable update

VUX - variable update X

VV&A - verification, validation and accreditation

VxWorks - Realtime OS running on a Promina node.


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