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F - Flash

F - fahrenheit

FA - field artillery

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

FAADC2 - forward area air defense command and control (Army)

FAADC3I - Forward Area Air Defense Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence

FAADS - forward area air defense system

FAAR - forward area alerting radar

FAATSAT - FAA telecommunications satellite

FAC - File Access Code

FACNET - federal acquisition computer network

FACP - forward air control party

FADAC - field artillery digital automated computer

FADC2I - forward air defense command, control, and intelligence

FAEWS - fleet airborne electronic warfare system

FAISS - FORSCOM automated intelligence support system

FALCON - frequency agile low coverage netted

FAMSIM - family of simulations (simulators)

Fan - Unit - Cooling device for the node.

FANS - future air navigation system

FANS2 - future air navigation systems Phase 2 (FAA)

FAP - file access protocol

FAPES - force augmentation planning and execution system (JCS)

FAPM - functional activity program manager (DOD)

FAQ - frequently asked questions (Internet)

FAR - federal acquisition regulation

FARA - Federal Acquisition Reform Act

FASA - Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act

FASC - Fire and Air Support Center

FASC - Forward Area Signal Center

FASIC - function-and algorithm-specific IC

FAST - federal acquisition services for technology (GSA/FTS)

FAST - flow analysis system for TRANSCOM

FAST - forward area secondary imagery dissemination and tactical related applications (Army)

FASTC - Foreign Aerospace Science and Technology Center (USAF)

Fastload - A new type of neighbor load process that makes use of more trunk bandwidth than is normally available for intertask message exchanging.

FAT - file allocation tables

FATE - federated assessment and targeting enhancement (USAF)

FATT - Forward Area Teletype

Fault - Tolerant - A CPU or network that is resistant to software errors, power failures, and disk crashes.

FAX - facsimile

FBCB2 - Force XXI Battle Command Battalion/Brigade and Below

FBD - functional binary decomposition

FBIS - Foreign Broadcast Information Service

FBL - Federated Battle Labs

FBS - finance battlefield system

FC - fiber channel

FC-AL - fiber channel-arbitrated loop

FC-EL - fiber channel-enhanced loop

FC2S - FORSCOM C2 system

FCA - functional configuration audit

FCB - file control block

FCC - Federal Communications Commission

FCC - Flight Control Center (computer)

FCC - Federal Communications Commission

FCFS - first come first serve

FCI - Foreign Counterintelligence (FBI)

FCLC - fiber channel loop community

FCOM - Joint Forces Command

FCRB - future change review board

FCS - (Frame Check Sequence) - In bit-oriented protocols, a 16-bit field that contains transmission error-checking information, usually appended at the end of a frame. Also used in conjunction with First Customer Ship; the date that a new product is first shipped to a customer.

fctn - function

FD - failure density

FD - floppy disk

FDC - Fire Direction Center

FDC - floppy disk controller

FDC - First Digital Corps

FDCC - Fleet Deployable Communications Center

FDD - frequency division duplex

FDD - first digital division

FDDI - Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDDM - Fire Direction Data Manager

FDDS - flag display distribution system

FDI - fault detection isolation

FDL - facility data link

FDM - formal development methodology

FDM - Functional Data Manager

FDM - (Frequency Division Multiplexing) - The transmission of two or more signals over a common path by using a different frequency band for each signal.

FDMA - frequency division multiple access

FDMIS - force development management information system

FDMP - Full Duplex Message Protocol

FDO - flexible deterrent option

FDR - future data radio

FDRR - flexible disc recorder reproducer

FDS - fire direction system

FDS - fault detection system

FDSE - full duplex switched Ethernet

FDSL - fixed directory subscriber list

FDUL - fixed directory unit list

FDX - full duplex

FEA - functional economic analysis

Feature - Modules - These modules (such as trunk, voice, and data) add capabilities to nodes and tailor nodes to meet customers' specific requirements. All nodes have common equipment, but they do not necessarily have feature modules.

FEBA - forward edge of the battle area

FEBE - (Far End Block Error) - An error indication that is provided for in the C-bit parity format.

FEC - Forward Error Correction

FECAT - Federal Electronic Commerce Acquisition Team

FECC - Federal Emergency Communications Coordinator

FECTA - forward error correction transmission adapter

FED - field emission display (device)

FED-STD - Federal Standard

FEDCAC - Federal Computer Acquisition Center (GSA/FTS)

FEDCIRC - Federal Computer Incident Response Capability

FEDD - family of electronic deceptive devices

Fedsim - Federal Systems Integration and Management Center

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEN - field engineering notice

FEP - front end processor

FEPI - front-end programming interface

FER - final evaluation report

FES - force entry switch

FET - field effect transistor

FEWS - follow-on early warning system

FEWS - future early warning system

FEX - federal internet exchange

FFD - frequency fill device

FFT - fast Fourier transform

FG - frame grabber

FGDC - Federal Geographic Data Committee

FGIPC - Federation of Government Information Processing Councils

FGRT - Fixed Ground Receive Terminal

FH - frequency hopping

FHMA - frequency hop multiple access

FHMX - frequency hopping multiplexer

FHSS - frequency hopped spread spectrum

FIA - future imagery architecture

FIABS - financial inventory accounting and billing system

Fiber - Optic Cable - A data transmission medium consisting of glass fibers. It offers increased bandwidth. LEDs send light to a receiver that converts the light into electrical signals.

FIC - Federal Information Center (GSA/FTS)

FIC - fleet intelligence center

FICCS - First in Command and Control System

FICO - Fingerprint Image Conversion Operation (FBI)

FICS - FAA Integrated Communications System

FICS - fingerprint image capture system (FBI)

FIDNET - Federal Intrusion Detection Network (see AIDC)

Field - Trial Site - The location of the tests performed on product prototypes (usually in-house and select client locations). These early releases are for test purposes and are performed prior to any first customer shipment.

FIF - fractal image format

FIFO - first-in first-out

FII - Federal information infrastructure

File - Server - A CPU containing files shared by everyone connected to a network.

FILO - first-in, last-out

Filtering - Allows an operator to search for events of a particular kind or object such as a class of card rather than scanning through all of them.

FIM - functional information manager (CIM)

FIN - finish flag, TCP header

FINL - initialize floppy disk

FIPS - Federal Information Processing Standard

FIR - finite impulse response

FIR - functional intelligence ratio

FIREFLEX - flexible fire support system

FIRMR - Federal Information Resources Management Regulation

FIRP - Federal Internetworking Requirements Panel

FIRS - Federal Information Relay Service (GSA/FTS)

FIRST - Forum of Incident Response (and) Security Teams

FIS - foreign intelligence service

FISINT - Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence

FISS - foreign intelligence and security service

FISSP - Federal Information Systems Support Program (GSA/FTS)

FIST - fleet imagery support terminal

FIST - full-crew integrated trainer

FITL - fiber in the loop

FIWC - Fleet Information Warfare Center

FLAN - flying local area network

FLAPS - force level automated planning system

Flash - Memory - An in-circuit programmable non-volatile semiconductor technology applied to memory components. Flash memory is similar in application to EPROMs or what are commonly referred to as boot Proms, but flash memory has the advantage of being on-board programmable rather than being a plug-in component. Promina controller cards (PPM, PLM, and PSM) use flash memory for storing system software and configuration database data.

FLC - Federal Laboratory Consortium

FLC - foreign language committee

FLEWUG - Federal Law Enforcement Wireless Users Group

FLIR - forward looking infrared

FLIS - federal logistics information system

FLOPS - floating point operations per second

FLOT - forward line of own troops

Flow - Control - The capability of network nodes to manage buffering schemes in order to allow devices of differing data transmission speeds to communicate with each other.

FLT - fleet

FLTBCST - fleet broadcast

FLTCINC - Fleet Commander In Chief

FLTSAT - fleet satellite

FLTSATCOM - fleet satellite communications

FM - frequency modulation

FM - field manual (when followed by a number)

FMEA - failure modes and effects analysis

FMECA - failure mode effects and critical analysis

FMF - fleet marine force

FMM - frequency management module

FMO - Frequency Management Office

FMP - Frequency Management Plan

FMS - Financial Management Service (Treasury)

FMS - Forms Management System

FMV - full motion video

FN - feeder node

FNARS - FEMA national radio system

FNATS - FEMA national teletype system

FNAVS - FEMA national voice system

FNBDT - future narrowband digital terminal

FO - fiber optic

FO - Flash Override

FOA - fiber optic applique

FOBC - fiber optic bulkhead connector

FOC - fiber optic cable

FOCA - font object content architecture

FOCA - fiber optic cable assembly

FOCI - foreign ownership, control or influence

FOCS - fiber optic cable system

FOCSI - fiber-optic control system integration

FOHMD - fiber-optic helmet-mounted display/device

FOIA - Freedom of Information Act

FOIPA - Freedom of Information/Privacy Act

FOIRL - fiber optic inter repeater link

FOIU - fiber optic interface unit

FOL - forward operating location

FOM - fiber optic modem

FOMAU - Fiber Optic Media Access Unit

FOPEN - foliage penetration radar

FORGN - foreign

FORSCOM - US Army Forces Command

FORTAS - forward observer remote target acquisition system

FORTE - fast on-orbit recording of transient events

FORTRAN - formula translator

FOSIC - Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Center

FOT - frequency of optimum transmission

FOTLAN - fiber optic tactical LAN

FOTS - fiber optic transmission system

FOUO - For Official Use Only

Four - Wire - A circuit path using separate pairs for send and receive. This term is also used when referring to digital channels that inherently have discrete send and receive paths, regardless of the number of pairs (or other media) used.

FPA - focal plane array

FPCB - field-programmable circuit board

FPD - flat panel display

FPF - final protective fire

FPGA - field programmable gate array

FPI - functional process improvement

FPIC - field-programmable interconnect chip

FPID - field-programmable interconnect device

FPIS - forward propagation ionospheric scatter

FPKI - Federal Public Key Infrastructure

FPL - final protective line

FPLA - field programmable logic-array

FPLMTS - future public land mobile telephone services

FPP - fixed path protocol

FPP - floating point processor

FPS - frames per second

FPU - floating-point unit

FQDN - fully qualified domain name

FR - frequency response

Fractional - T1/E1 - A fractional line is subchannel of a full T1/E1 line. There are 24/31 fractional T1/E1 lines, each with a bandwidth of 64 kbps. This is an economical measure to fit the requirements where the full DS1 is not needed. Individual DS0 slots may be switched to different services or locations. The user may provide a full DS1 from each end of the circuit, but the central office extracts only those DS0s that are paid for and routes them to the required service or location.

FRAD - frame relay assembler/dissembler

FRAGO - fragmentary order

FRAM - ferro-electric random-access memory

Frame - (Data) - In bit-oriented protocols, data is formatted in frames for transmission. Each frame consists of a start flag followed by an address field, data field, frame check sequence, and a stop flag.

Frame - (DS1/T1) - A 193-bit entity, consisting of 192 information bits (24 channels, 8 bits each) plus one framing bit. T-1 frames occur at the rate of 8000 per second. Twelve frames make a standard DS1/D4 format superframe. On modern ESF T-1 facilities, 24 frames are used to make an Extended superframe, wherein the 193rd bit in the frames is used for various functions in addition to framing.

Frame Alignment Signal - The frame alignment signal (F1, F0) identifies the subframe and, accordingly, all the control-bit time slots.

Frame Slip - A controlled frame slip occurs on a trunk that is not synchronously timed. When sufficient clock drift has accumulated, frame-alignment buffers on the trunk are reset.

FRC - frame recovery circuit

FRCS - Federal Reserve communications system

freq - frequency

Frequency Response - The change in attenuation with frequency relative to the attenuation at a reference frequency. Also called attenuation distortion.

FRERP - federal radiological emergency response plan

Friendload - The process of loading code from a friend node (a node containing the desirable software that is not directly connected to the node being loaded). Contrast with neighbor node.

FRMA - functional requirements management agency (CALS)

FRO - frequency reference oscillator

FRP - Federal Radionavigation Plan

FRP - Federal Response Plan

FRPA - fixed reception pattern antenna

FRPI - flux reversals per inch

Fs - signal framing

FSAN - full service access network

FSATS - fire support automated test system

FSB - fire support battalion

FSC - fire support coordinator

FSCATT - fire support combined arms tactical trainers

FSCS - fire support control system

FSDPSK - filtered symmetric differential phase-shift keying

FSE - full screen editor

FSE - fire support element

FSEN - future small extension node

FSF - Free Software Foundation

FSFM - full-screen full-motion

FSIC - forward sensor interface and control

FSK - Frequency Shift Keying

FSN - FEMA switched network

FSN - full service network

FSO - field security operations

FSO - fire support officer

FSP - functionality, security and performance

FSPM - formal security policy model

FSRF - flood search routing function

FSSG - force service support group

FSTC - Financial Services Technology Consortium

FSTS - federal secure telephone service

FT - fault tolerance

Ft - terminal framing

ft - foot, feet

FT1 - fractional T1

FTAM - file transfer, access and management

FTDMA - frequency time-division multiple-access

FTEWA - force threat evaluation and weapon assignment

FTIR - Fourier transform infrared

FTLS - formal top level specification

FTM - File Transfer Manager

FTN - fiber transmission network

FTP - fiber termination panel

FTP - File Transfer Protocol

FTS - Federal Technology Service (GSA/FTS)

FTS - Federal Telecommunications System

FTS2000 - Federal Telecommunications System 2000 (GSA/FTS)

FTS2001 - Federal Telecommunications System 2001 (GSA/FTS)

FTSAT - Flyaway Tri-band Satellite Terminal

FTSC - Federal Telecommunication Standards Committee

FTSP - Federal Telecommunication Standards Program

FTTC - fiber to the curb

FTTH - fiber to the home

FTX - Field Training Exercise

FUD - fire unit display

FUI - file update information

Full Duplex - Transmission occurs simultaneously in two directions.

Functional Area Menu - A menu in the Operator Interface where most operator commands are initiated such as installing or modifying cards, ports, and links; querying the system and the Event log; monitoring alarms; reserving bandwidth; and performing diagnostics.

Fuse Disconnect Barrier - Used for some CEPT trunk applications in the United Kingdom when the equipment connected to the node is not certified to BS 6301.

FUWG - Fleet Users Working Group

FVS - foreign visits system

FVT - full video translation

fwd - forward

FWPC - Federal Wireless Policy Committee

FWRO - Federal Wireless Review Office

FWTS - Federal Wireless Telecommunications Services (GSA/FTS)

FWUF - Federal Wireless UsersÕ Forum

FX - (Foreign Exchange) - Usually seen in the context of FXS (foreign exchange subscriber) and FXO (foreign exchange office) and available through the DS1 port Signalling Protocol parameter.

FXO - Foreign Exchange Office

FXO GDSTRT (Foreign Exchange Office Ground Start) - Differs from the FXO LPSTRT in the following manner: request for service (off-hook) is accomplished by asserting a ground on the ring lead, and then applying a loop closure. Disconnect (on-hook) is accomplished by an open loop.

FXS - Foreign Exchange Service

FXS - Foreign Exchange Station

FXS LPSTRT (Foreign Exchange Station Loop Start) - This signaling protocol is used (at the station end) on facilities interfacing a 2-wire station to a foreign (distant) PBX or C.O. and combines transmission and signaling functions on a single pair of wires. On- and off-hook supervision is accomplished by an open loop and loop closure respectively.

FYDP - Future Years Defense (Program) Plan

FYP - five year plan


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