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E-FOG-M - enhanced fiber-optic guided missile

E-O - electro-optic

E-E - end-to-end (encryption required)

E-TGMOW - enhanced transmission group module orderwire

E-3 - end-to-end encryption

E - end-to-end

E-EUL - KY-67 control logic PWA

E-GFV - RED I/O PCB in KG-94()/-194()

E-mail - electronic mail

E-TGMOW - enhanced transmission group module orderwire

E&M - ear and mouth (receive and transmit leads of a signaling system)

E&M - Signaling - A signaling method in which communication between a portion of a circuit and a separate signaling unit is accomplished using E and M leads. The E lead receives open or ground signals from the signaling unit and the M lead transmits battery or ground signals to the signaling unit.

E1 - 2.048 Mbps

E1 - A common type of digital telephone trunk widely deployed outside the US and Canada. Has 30 available 64Kbps channels (called DS0Õs) plus a B channel and a sync/control channel.

E2PROM - electrically erasable programmable read-only memory

E3 - end-to-end encryption

E3 - CEPT signal that carries 16 CEPT E1s and overhead. Effective data rate is 34.368 Mbps.

E3 - Trunk Module - This module consists of hardware, firmware, and software required to connect to and control a nonsubrated E3 line.

EA - electronic attack

EA - evolutionary acquisition

EA - each

EA-TJTN - Executive Agent for Theater Joint Tactical Networks

EA - East Atlantic

EABI - embedded-applications binary interface

EAC - Echelons Above Corps

EAD - end-around delay

EADSIM - extended air defense simulation

EAF - effort adjustment factor

EAR - engineering action request

EAROM - electrically alterable read-only memory

EAS - emergency alert system

EAS - extended area service

EAX - electronic automatic exchange

Eb/No - energy per bit/noise spectral density

EBB - Electronic Bulletin Board

EBC - Executive Business Center

EBCDIC - extended binary coded decimal interchange code

EBONE - European IP backbone

EBPP - electronic bill presentment and payment

EBS - emergency broadcast system

EBT - electronic benefits transfer

EBX - electronic branch exchange

EC - earth coverage

EC - electronic combat

EC - electronic commerce

EC - error control

EC&D - electromagnetic cover and deception

EC/EDI - electronic commerce/electronic data interchange

ECA - External Certificate Authorities

ECAC - Electromagnetic Compatibility and Analysis Center

ECAT - Electronic Commerce Acquisition Teams

ECB - echelons corps and below

ECC - elliptic curve cryptography

ECC - electronically controlled coupling

ECC - Elliptic Curve Cryptography

ECC - error correcting code

ECCIS - engineer command and control information system

ECCM - electronic counter countermeasures

ECCRN - emergency command control radio network

ECF - engineering computer facility

Echo - Cancellers - Cancels a discernible echo that occurs in networks where there is a delay of 10 ms or greater and there is a 4-wire to 2-wire conversion.

Echo - Suppressor - A device that allows transmission in only one direction at a time. They are inserted in telephone circuits to attenuate echoes on long distance circuits. They are not desirable in data communications circuits because they increase the turnaround time.

ECHOX - Module - An echo canceller server module, with channel support for up to 32 IDNX or Promina digital voice ports, that eliminates the need for an external echo-canceling device.

ECIC - Electronic Communications Implementation Committee

ECL - (Emitter-Coupled Logic) - A type of microelectronic circuit design that is noted for its extremely fast switching speeds. ECL is a variety of bipolar transistor.

ECM - electronic countermeasure

ECMA - European Computer Manufacturers Association

ECMC - emergency crisis management system

ECP - emergency command precedence

ECPA - Electronic Communications Privacy Act

ECPI - Electronic College of Process Innovation

ECPM - electronic commerce processing node

ECRC - Electronic Commerce Resource Center

ECS - electronic customer service

ECSA - Exchange Carriers Standards Association

ECSR - enhanced commercial security requirements

ECU - environmental control unit

ECU - end cryptographic unit

ECV - expanded capacity vehicle

ECWG - emergency communications working group

ED - error density

EDA - electronic design automation

EDA - electronic document access (DOD)

EDAC - error detection and correction

EDACS - enhanced digital access communications system

EDC - enhanced data correction

EDGAR - electronic data gathering, analysis and retrieval

EDI - electronic data interchange

EDICT - electronic data interchange catalog transactions

EDIF - electronic data (design) interchange format

EDIFACT - electronic data interchange for administration, commerce and transportation

EDIINT - electronic data interchange internet integration

EDM - enterprise distribution manager

EDMICS - engineering data management information & control system

EDO - extended data out

EDODRAM - extended-data-out DRAM

EDP - electronic data processing

EDRAM - enhanced (extended) DRAM

EDTV - extended definition television

EEC - extended error correction

EEFI - essential elements of friendly information

EEI - essential elements of information

EEM - extended memory management

EENET - emergency education network

EEPROM - electrically erasable programmable read-only memory

EES - Escrow Encryption Standard

EETF - Electronic Equipment Test Facility

EFA - extended file attribute

EFCS - electronic filmless camera system

EFDD - external floppy disk drive

EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFI - electromechanical frequency interference

EFIS - electronic flight information system (FAA)

EFL - emitter follower logic

EFMC - electronic field medical card

EFMS - (Expert Fault Management Service) - This service uses expert systems based technology to automate the node, CSU, and T-span fault identification, diagnosis, and repair recommendation. This powerful network management service provides clients with unparalleled application availability, while it significantly lowers network operations costs.

EFOIA - Electronic Freedom of Information Act (amendments 1996)

EFP - exponential floating point

EFT - electronic funds transfer

EFTO - encrypt for transmission only

EFTS - electronic funds transfer system

EFVS - electronic fighting vehicle system

EGA - enhanced graphics adapter

EGIS - embedded GPS navigation system (Army)

EGP - enhanced graphics processor

EGP - Exterior Gateway Protocol

EGRU - EPLRS ground radio unit

EGRU - EPLRS grid reference unit

EHDM - enhanced hierarchical development methodology

EHF - extremely high frequency

EHLLAPI - extended high-level language application programming interface

EHMD - expanded helmet mounted display

EI - enterprise integration

EIA - Electronic Industries Association

EIAJ - Electronic Industries Association Japan

EIC - Electronic Imaging Center (USAF)

EIDE - Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics

EIDS - electronic information delivery system

EIGRP - enhanced interior gateway routing protocol

EIM - electronic imaging management

EIM - enterprise information management

EINET - enterprise integration network

EIRP - effective isotropic radiated power (satcom)

EIS - executive information system

EISA - extended industry standard architecture

EISS - EUCOM intelligence support system

EKMS - Electronic Key Management System

EKTS - electronic key telephone system

EL - east Atlantic

ELAWS - engineering logistics automated workflow system

ELF - extremely low frequency

ELINT - electronic intelligence

ELIST - enhanced logistics intra-theater support tool

ELMR - enhanced land mobile radio

ELPP - equal level patch panel

ELS - emitter location system

ELSEC - electronic security

ELVIS - enhanced link visual information system

EM - electromagnetic

EM - Encryption Module

EM - element management system

EM - encryption manager

EMA - Electronic Messaging Association

EMAP - electronic map

EMC - (Electromagnetic Compatibility) - The ability of electronic equipment or systems to operate in their intended operational environments without causing or suffering unacceptable degradation because of unintentional electromagnetic radiation or response.

EMCAP - electromagnetic capability analysis program

EMCON - emission control

EMD - electronic map display

EMF - electromagnetic field

EMFCS - enhanced mortar fire control system

EMI - electronic imaging management

EMI - (Electromagnetic Interference) - Any electromagnetic interference, periodic or random, narrow or broadband that may have a disturbing influence on devices exposed to it.

EMIC - Electronic Multi-Media Image Center (Army)

EMLTU - E&M line termination unit

EMM - expanded memory manager

EMP - (Electromagnetic Pulse) - Broadband, high-intensity, transient electromagnetic fields such as those produced by lightning and nuclear explosions.

EMPI - enterprise master person index

EMR - electromagnetic radiation

EMS - electronic mail system

EMSEC - emission (emanations) security

EMT - emergency management team

EMTI - enhanced moving target indicator

Emulation - The imitation of one device by another.

EMUT - enhanced manpack (miniaturized) UHF terminal

EMV - electromagnetic vulnerability

EMW - electromagnetic warfare

EN - electronic notebook

ENA - enhanced neighbor acquisition

ENA - enable

ENCATT - Engineering Combined Arms Tactical Trainer

Encoder - Any device that modifies information into the desired pattern of form for a specific method of transmission.

Encryption - In security, the ciphering of data by applying an algorithm to plain text in order to convert it to cipher text.

End-to-End - Connectivity - The ability of one node to communicate to another by means of shared standards or, in more complex networks, by interpreting different standards.

ENEWS - effectiveness of naval electronic warfare systems

engr - engineer

ENIU - enhanced network interface unit

ENQ - inquiry

ENR - engineer

ENS - emergency notification system

ENSCE - enemy situation correlation element

ENT - enter

ENWGS - enhanced naval warfare gaming system

EO - electro-optics

EO - end office

EO/FLIR - electro-optic/forward looking infrared

EO/IR - electro-optic/infrared

EOA - end of address

EOB - electronic order of battle

EOB - end of block

EOF - end of file

EOL - end of link

EOL - end of option list

EOM - end of message

EOS - earth observing system (NASA)

EOSDIS - earth observing system data information system (NASA)

EOT - end of transmission

EOTADS - electro-optical target acquisition & display system

EOW - Engineering Orderwire

EOWSP - EOW signal processor

EP - electronic protect (protection)

EP - electronic publishing

EP - East Pacific

EPA - enhanced performance architecture

EPABX - electronic private automatic branch exchange

EPCA - Electronic Communications Privacy Act

EPDS - electronic processing and dissemination system

EPDS - electrical power and distribution system

EPG - electronics proving ground

EPIC - Electronic Privacy Information Center

EPIC - El Paso Intelligence Center (DEA)

EPL - effective privilege level

EPL - evaluated products list

EPLD - electrically programmable logic device

EPLD - erasable programmable logic device

EPLRS - Enhanced Position Location Reporting System

EPM - Electronic Protection Measure

EPMIS - emergency preparedness management information system

EPOS - electronic point of sale

EPOSE - electronic point of sale enhanced

EPP - enhanced parallel port

EPROM - erasable programmable read-only memory

EPROM - and EEPROM (Erasable and Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) - The former is erased by ultraviolet light, and the latter is erased by electricity.

EPS - Electronic Posting System

EPSCS - enhanced private switched communications service

EPSS - electronic performance support system

EQ - equate

Equalization - The process of reducing the effects of amplitude, frequency, and/or phase distortion of a circuit by inserting networks to compensate for the difference in attenuation and/or time delay at various frequencies in the transmission band.

equip - equipment

ERA - entity-relationship-attribute

EREC - error resilient entropy coding

ERF - electronic remote fill

ERFAK - emergency response fly-away kit (NCS)

ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center [Internet]

ERLink - emergency response link (NCS)

ERLL - enhanced run length limited

ERM - electronic records management

EROM - erasable read-only memory

EROS - earth resources observations systems

ERP - effective radiated power

ERP - enterprise resource planning

Error-Free - Seconds - Error performance of the T1 service expressed in terms of the percentage of seconds in a day in which there are no errors.

ERS - external reference specification

ERT - Emergency Response Team

ES - electronic support (see ESM)

ESA - enterprise systems architecture

ESA - Electrical Surge Arrestor

ESAI - expanded situational awareness insertion

ESAR - electromagnetic spectrum allocation request

ESD - electronic software distribution

ESD - Electrostatic-Sensitive Device

ESDA - electronic system design automation

ESDI - enhanced small device interface

ESDIS - earth science and distributed information system

ESEP - enhanced service engineering plan (NCS)

ESF - (Extended Super Frame) Registers - ESF allow bit error detection. The card stores bit error information for a digroup or bundle that is configured for ESF framing, including failed second statistics, errored second statistics, and the total of the error events.

ESF - Extended Superframe - A type of Line format supported on T1 circuits. The Telco determines the line format and line encoding of your line. See Line Format

ESI - extremely sensitive information

ESIP - enhanced system improvement program

ESIS - equipment string information system

ESM - electronic support measures

ESMR - expert systems message router

ESN - electronic serial number

ESN - electronic switched network

ESO - extended security option

ESOP - enhanced switch operations program

ESOP - enhanced switch operator position

ESP - encapsulation security protocol

ESP - enhanced services providers

ESP - enterprise server platform

ESP - enterprise service provider

ESP - essential service protection

ESP - external service provider

ESS - electronic switching system

ESS - enterprise scheduling system

ESS - escrow encryption standard

ESSA - Electronic System Security Assessment (USAF)

ESTEC - European Space Research and Technology Center

ESTIC - enhanced standard interface controller

ET - earth terminal

ET - embedded trainer

ETA - electronic test automation

ETACS - extended total access for communications

ETCT - external transmit cipher text

ETD - electronic transfer device

ETDMA - extended time division multiple access

ETF - electronic test facility

ETGMOW - enhanced transmission group module orderwire

ETICS - embedded tactical information control system

ETL - endorsed tools list

ETL - enhanced transceiver logic

ETM - Electronic Technical Manual

ETMS - enhanced traffic management system (FAA)

ETN - electronic tandem network

ETOM - electron-trapping optical memory

ETPL - endorsed TEMPEST products list

ETRAC - Enhanced Tactical Radar Correlator

ETS - 300 - The pan European ISDN protocol standardized by ETSI. This protocol is used throughout Europe and has been adopted in many other countries outside the USA & Canada. See MSN

ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute

ETSI - expanded time slot interchange

ETSSP - enhanced tactical satellite signal processor

ETUT - Enhanced Tactical UserÕs Terminal

ETXC - external transmit clock

EU - end user

EUAAV - endurance unmanned aerial vehicle

EUATMS - european unified air traffic management system

EUB - Essential User Bypass

EUCOM - US European Command

EULA - end-user license agreement

EUMETSAT - European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites

EUR - Europe

EUR - Europe

Euro - ISDN - See ETS 300

EUROBIT - European Association of Manufacturers of Business Machines and Information Technology Industry

EUV - extreme ultra violet

Event - An informational message from the node that is stored in an Event log. Events are identified by a type and subtype (e.g., 1.3).

Event - Log - Provides a log of activities on the node such as alarms, operator actions, call detail records, diagnostic reports, and other events affecting operations, analysis, and maintenance. Each node has its own Event log and one or two nodes may also be designated to hold the Network Event log, which logs events of network significance that occur on all nodes within a domain.

Event - Parameter - Used to tailor the logging of events to suit network requirements.

EVGA - extended video graphics array

EW - early warning

EW - electronic warfare

EW-OPSEC - electronic warfare-operations security

EW/I - electronic warfare intelligence

EW/RSTA - Electronic Warfare-Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition

EWBMA - electronic warfare battle management aids

EWCC - electronic warfare coordination center

EWCM - electronic warfare coordination module

EWO - Electronic Warfare Officer

EWPE - electronic warfare preprocessing elements

EWRL - Electronic Warfare Reprogrammable Library (Navy)

EWVA - electronic warfare vulnerability

EWW - enterprisewide web

EX - expansion shelf

Exchange - Another name for a Central Office. See CO

EXJAM - expendable jammer

EXORD - JTF Execute Order

Expansion - Unit - On the Promina 400, upgrades a 12-slot version to a 24-slot version.

Expert - Command Mode - Used to bypass the Functional, Action, and Object Operator Interface menus and enter commands directly.

EXPLAN - exercise plan

EXS - (Expansion Shelf) - A 16-slot shelf containing the feature and common equipment modules and BX cards mounted in a Promina 800 cabinet only. Requires external power supplies and tray.

EXT - external

ext - extension

Extended - Superframe - See ESF

External - Alarm Threshold - Alarm level required to generate an audible alarm on the optional alarm panel.

External - IP Entity - An external IP entity is any network component that is connected directly or indirectly to the PSM's external interface. It is capable of transmitting IP routing packets to or from any Promina node in the Promina network. An external IP entity can therefore be a device such as a router or workstation/PC/Mac that is connected via an external Ethernet interface.

External - Timing - A node accepting clock from a source that is external to the node (for example, DACS Telco-provided clock).


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