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N - not classified but sensitive

N-ISDN - narrowband ISDN

N - nonsecure, negative, no

N/A - not applicable

N6 - Space and Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems Requirements (Navy)

NAC - network adapter card

NAC - NATO area code

NAC - National Area Code

NACD - National Association of Computer Dealers

NACIC - National Counterintelligence Center

NACISA - NATO Communications and Information Systems Agency

NACISC - NATO Communications and Information Systems Committee

NACK - Non-acknowledge

NACMA - NATO Air Command and Control Management Agency

NACMO - NATO Air Command and Control Management Organization

NACOSA - NATO CIS Operating Systems Agency (was NICS COA)

NACS - National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors

NACSAM - National COMSEC Advisory Memorandum

NACSEM - National COMSEC Emanations Memorandum

NACSI - National Communications Security Instruction

NACSIM - National COMSEC Information Memorandum

NADC - NATO air defence committee

NADDIS - narcotics and dangerous drugs information system

NADF - North American Directory Forum

NADIN - National Airspace Data Interchange Network

NADIR - Network Anomaly Detection Intrusion Reporter

NAF - Numbered Air Force

NAG - Network Address Group

NAI - NATO Analog Interface

NAIC - National Air Intelligence Center

NAK - negative acknowledgment

NALCOMIS - Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management System

NALLA - NATO Allied Long-Lines Agency

NAM - Network Assessment Model

NAMPS - Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone Service

NANOG - North American Network Operators Group (Internet)

NANP - North American Numbering Plan

NAOC - National Airborne Operations Center

NAP - network access protocol (point)

NARA - National Archives and Records Administration

NARACS - national radio communications system

NARSAP - National Advanced Remote Sensing Application Program

NAS - Network Access System

NAS - National Airspace System (FAA)

NAS - network attached storage

NAS - Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation (NASA)

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASCOM - NASA Operational Communications System

NASD - network attached storage device

NASIRE - National Association of State Information Resource Executives

NASM - National Air and Space Model (USAF)

NASNET - National Airspace System Network

NAT - Network Address Translation

National ISDN - The first US "standardized" multi-platform ISDN protocol. The first version is National ISDN-1. As of mid 1996 National ISDN-2 has been implemented in some areas and is fully backward compatible with National ISDN-1.Ã"

Native Agent - An SNMP agent that resides on a Promina node and responds to requests from an SNMP manager, such as the PanaVue Management Platform.

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATS - North American terrestrial system

NAU - network addressable unit

NAVCAMS - naval modular automated communications system

NAVCIRP - Navy Computer Incident Response Team

NAVCIRT - Navy Security Incident Response Team

NAVCOMPARS - Navy Communications Processing and Routing System

NAVFOR - Navy forces

NAVGUARD - Navigation by GPS Utility with Anti-jam and RFI Direction Finding

NAVMACS - Naval Modular Automated Communications System

NAVMIC - Naval Maritime Intelligence Center

NAVSATCOMFAC - Naval Satellite Communications Facility

NAVSOF - Naval Special Operation Forces

NAVSPEC - Naval Special

NAVSTAR - navigational system timing and range

NAVTACNET - Naval Tactical Network

NAVTEX - worldwide navigational warning service

NAVWAR - Navigation Warfare

NAWAS - national warning system

NB - narrowband

NBC - nuclear, biological, chemical

NBFM - narrow band frequency modulation

NBRVF - narrowband radio voice frequency

NBS - National Bureau of Standards

NBSV - narrowband secure voice

NC - Node Center

NC - network computer

NC3A - NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency

NCA - National Command Authorities

NCA - network computing architecture

NCA - network communications adapter

NCC - National Coordinating Center

NCC - network control circuit

NCC-D - network control center-deployed

NCC - (Network Control Center) - 1. Any centralized network diagnostic and management station or site, such as that of a packet-switching network. 2. (Network Control Code) - DDS-defined byte codes that are used to initiate loops and convey status information.

NCCOSC - Naval Command Control and Ocean Surveillance Center

NCCS - Naval Command and Control System-Ashore

NCCS-A - Navy Command and Control System-Afloat

NCCS - National Computer Crime Squad (FBI)

NCCS - nodal control CS

NCCS - Nodal Command and Control System

NCD - net control device

NCE - network control element

NCF - network computing framework

NCF - net control facility

NCGA - National Computer Graphics Association

NCI - network computing infrastructures

NCIC - National Crime Information Center

NCIC - Network Centric Innovation Center (Navy)

NCIPB - National Counter Intelligence Policy Board

NCMD - Nine-Channel Multiplexer/Demultiplexer

NCMSACS - Nodal Control Mobile Subscriber Access CS

NCO - noncommissioned officer

NCOIC - Noncommissioned Officer in Charge

NCP - not copy protected

NCP - Network Control Protocol

NCP - (Network Control Point) - Network Control Point: A routing optimizer and network synchronization software process. Any node is a potential NCP, but the network can run without one.

NCS - National Communications System

NCS - National Cryptologic System

NCS - net control station

NCS - node center switch

NCSA - National Center for Supercomputing Applications

NCSA - National Computer Security Association

NCSC - National Computer Security Center (Committee)

NCSD - National Communications System Directive

NCSL - National Computer Systems Laboratory

NCT - network control terminal

NCTA - National Cable Television Association

NCTAMS - Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station

NCTE - Network Channel Terminating Equipment. NCTE is a general term that can be applied to a CSU or NT1 or other equipment terminating a digital line at the customer°Ã~s premises. In many countries the NCTE is provided by the Telco. The USA is not one of those countries.

NCTR - non-cooperative target recognition

NCTSI - Naval Center for Tactical Systems Interoperability

NCVT - noncooperative variable transfer

NDAC - Network Design and Analysis Center (NCS)

NDCS - network data control system

NDF - network dynamic functionality

NDI - non-developmental item(s)

NDI - NATO digital interface

NDIC - National Drug Intelligence Center

NDIS - Network Device Interface Specification

NDIS - network driver interface standard

NDN - non-delivery notice

NDP - National Defense Panel

NDP - numeric data processor

NDPS - national disclosure policy system

NDR - negative differential resistance

NEACP - National Emergency Airborne Command Post (See NAOC)

NEF - Naval Expeditionary Forces

neg - negative

Neighbor Load - The process of loading code from a neighbor node (a node that is physically connected to the node).

Neighbor Node - A node that is physically connected to another node.

NEMIS - national emergency management information system (FEMA)

NeMISIS - New Mexico intelligence sharing information system

NEMS - national emergency management system

NEO - noncombatant evacuation operation

NEP - Network Entry Point

NEP - noise equivalent power

NES - network encryption system

NES - noise equivalent signal

NES - Network Encryption System

NESDIS - national environmental satellite data and information service

NESEA - Naval Electronics Systems Engineering Activity

NESP - Navy Extremely high frequency Satellite Program

NET - subnetwork

NetBIOS - network Basic Input/Output System

NETOPS - Network Operations

NETPLAN - network planning

NETS - Nationwide Emergency Telecommunications Service

Netview - An IBM mainframe network management product that integrated the functions of several earlier IBM network management products.

NETWARS - network warfare simulation

Network - A circuit configuration of two or more nodes that interconnects links. A network can have up to 16,000 domains each consisting of up to 250 nodes connected in any topology (such as star, ring, and full-mesh).

Network - Channel Terminating Equipment - See NCTE.

Network Event Log - Contains events from nodes in the network that are tagged as being network significant, also contains all cleared alarms.

Network Gateway Feature - A licensed feature that allows a node to be configured as a gateway node to gain access to other domains.

Network Management - A systematic approach to planning, organizing, and controlling a communications network.

Network Topology - The physical and logical relationship of nodes in a network; the schematic arrangement of the links and nodes of a network. Networks are typically of either a star, ring, tree, or bus topology, or some hybrid combination thereof.

NEXRAD - next generation weather radar

NEXT - near-end crosstalk

NFC - Numbered Fleet Commander

NFD - nodal fault diagnostics

NFIB - National Foreign Intelligence Board

NFIP - National Foreign Intelligence Program

NFS - number field sieve

NFS - (Network File System) - NFS is a networking protocol that allows a computer system to access files over a network as if they were on its local disks.

NG - National Guard

NGCR - next generation computer resources

NGI - Next Generation Internet

NGIC - National Ground Intelligence Center

NGSO - Nongeosynchronous orbit

NGW - (Neighbor Gateway) - A gateway node in another domain that physically connects to the gateway node in this domain.

NI - national identifier

NI - NATO interface

NI - (Network Interface) - The point between the carrier's network and the customer's installation.

NIAC - national identifier-area code

NIAG - National Infrastructure Assurance Council

NIAP - National Information Assurance Partnership

NIBRS - National Incident Based Reporting System

NIC - National Intelligence Council

NIC - network interface card

NIC - Network Information Center

NICS - NATO integrated communications system

NID - network interface (intrusion) device

NID - network inward dialing

NIDL - National Information Display Laboratory

NIDR - networked information discovery and retrieval

NIDS - network intrusion detection system

NIE - National Intelligence Estimate

NII - National Information Infrastructure

NIIMS - Nuclear Integration Information Management System

NIIRS - National Imagery Information Resolution Standards

NIIT - National Information Infrastructure Testbed

NILTU - NATO Interface Line Termination Unit

NIMA - National Imagery and Mapping Agency

NIMS - National Airspace System Infrastructure Management System

NINEWS - Navy Integrated Electronic Warfare System

NIO - National Intelligence Officers

NIOD - network inward/outward dialing

NIP - Network Implementation Plan

NIPC - National Infrastructure Protection Center

NIPR - Sensitive but Unclassified Internet Protocol Router

NIPRNET - Nonsecure Internet Protocol Router Network

NIPS - Naval intelligence processing system

NIR - network information retrieval

NIS - NMCS information system

NIS - non-imaging sensor

NISMC - Naval Information Systems Management Center

NISO - National Information Standards Organization

NIST - National Institute for Standards and Technology

NIT - network interface tap

NITAAC - National Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center

NITB - National INFOSEC Technical Baseline

NITC - National Information Technology Center

NITF - national imagery transmission format

NITFS - national imagery transmission format standard

NIU - network interface unit

NIU - NATO interface unit

NIUF - National ISDN UserÕs Forum. A userÕs group formed under the National Institute of Technology (NIST) in the USA. The NIUF is a neutral forum where the switch manufacturers and Telcos can get input from users and CPE manufacturers regarding the implementation of National ISDN. Among NIUFÕs successful projects have been the IOC ordering codes. Their web page is at http://www.niuf.nist.gov/ . See National ISDN.

NIWA - Naval Information Warfare Activity

NLA - non-linear amplifier

NLECTC - National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center

NLETS - National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System

NLM - network loadable module

NLOC - noncommented lines of code

NLP - national level NSEP telecommunications program

NLS - national language support

NLSP - network layer security protocol

NLU - natural language understanding

nm - nautical mile

NM - Network Module

NMAC - Network Management Analysis Center

NMC - network management center

NMCC - National Military Command Center

NMCS - National Military Command System

NMD - national missile defense

NMF - Network Management Forum

NMF - network management facility

NMF - node management facility

NMIA - National Military Intelligence Association

NMICC - National Military Intelligence Collection Center

NMIPC - National Military Intelligence Production Center

NMISC - National Military Intelligence Support Center

NMIST - National Military Intelligence Support Team

NMJIC - National Military Joint Intelligence Center

NMOC - Network Management Operations Center

NMS - nodal management server

NMS - (Network Management System) - 1. Network system applications that support real-time, ongoing monitoring of network performance, problem isolation, and network maintenance and administration. 2. nodal management server

NMT - network management terminal

NMT - nodal mesh terminal

NMVT - network management vector tables

NNI - network to network interface

NNI - network mode interface

NNM - nodal network manager

NNT - nonnodal terminal

NNTP - Network News Transfer Protocol

NNX - format for a switch code, 3/4 numbering plan

NNX+XXXX - NOSC Network Operations Security Center

NNXX - format for a switch code, 4/3 numbering plan

NO - number

NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOAO - National Optical Astronomy Observatories

NOAVA - Nationwide Office Automation for the VA

NOC-V - Network Operations Center Vehicular

NOC-C - Network Operations Center-CONUS

NOC - Network Operations Center

NOD - network outward dialing

NODC - National Oceanographic Data Center (NOAA)

Node - A Promina or an IDNX system that connects with customer devices and T1/T3/E3 trunks. Nodes are configured to meet individual network requirements.

Node ID - Nodes are identified through the Operator Interface by a number from 1 to 250 preceded by an N (for example, N5). Node IDs are assigned during the node installation process.

Node Name - An alphanumeric name of up to eight characters.

Node Parameters - See parameters.

NOFORN - Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals

NOIC - naval operational intelligence center

Noise - Random electrical signals, introduced by circuit components or natural disturbances, which tend to generate errors.

non-ICOM - non-integrated COMSEC

Non-subrated - See subrated.

Nonlatching Loopback - A (relatively) simple method of implementing network loop-in. A nonlatching loopback is initiated when four consecutive bytes of the specified loopback code are received, remains in place as long as every other byte contains the loopback code, and continues for a minimum of four bytes after receipt of the last loopback code. Also see latching loopback.

NOP - no operation

NORAD - North American Aerospace Defense Command

NORM - normal

Nortel - Northern Telecom (previously Northern Electric). The Canadian company which was once the manufacturing arm of Bell Canada. Manufacturer of the DMS-100 switch as well as many other pieces of telecom equipment.

Northern Telecom - See Nortel.

NOS - network operating system

NOSC - Naval Ocean Systems (Surveillance) Center

NOSC - Network Operations and Security Center (USAF)

NOSC-D - Network Operations and Security Center-Deployed

NPA - numbering plan area

NPA - numbering plan access

NPACI - National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure

NPCS - narrowband PCS

NPDB - National Practitioner Data Bank

NPDS - NMCC processing and display system

NPE - network planning engineering

NPI - network printer interface

NPIC - National Photographic Interpretation Center

NPOESS - National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System

NPS - NES product server

NPT - Non-Proliferation Treaty

NPT - network planning tool

NPTN - National Public Telecomputing Network

NPU - natural processing unit

NPX - numeric processor extension

NR/C - nonredundant-communications security capable

NR/NC - nonredundant-not communications security capable

NRC - Network Reliability Council (FCC)

NREN - National Research and Educational (education) Network

NRI - net radio interface

NRIC - Network Reliability and Interoperability Council (FCC)

NRIS - network resource information system

NRM - network resource manager

NRO - National Reconnaissance Office

NRP - Net Radio Protocol

NRSC - Network Reliability Steering Committee

NRZ - Non-Return to Zero

NS - nanosecond

NS - Network Server

NS - name server

NS - nonsecure

NS - node switch

NS/EP/PS - national security, emergency preparedness, and public safety

NS3 - NATO supplement-3

NSA - National Security Agency

NSAD - network security architecture and design

NSAP - network service access point

NSAS - noncommunications signals exploration system

NSB - NATO signaling buffer

NSCF - Naval satellite communications facility

NSD - network security directive

NSDD - National Security Decision Directive

NSDI - National Spatial Data Infrastructure

NSDU - network service data unit

NSF - National Science Foundation

NSF - national standard format

NSFNET - National Science Foundation Network

NSG - Naval Security Group

NSG - node switching group

NSI - national security information

NSI - NASA Science Internet

NSIE - Network Security Information Exchange

NSIPS - Naval standard integrated personnel system

NSIRC - National Security Incident Response Center

NSISIP - National Security Information Systems Incident Program

NSLDS - National Student Loan Data System

NSM - network and systems management

NSM - network security management

NSN - national stock number

NSO - network security officer

NSOC - National Security Operations Center (NSA)

NSP - network service provider

NSSOG - National Security Standards Oversight Group

NST - Navy standard teleprinter

NSTAC - National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee

NSTISSAM - National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Advisory Memorandum

NSTISSC - National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee

NSTISSI - National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Instruction

NSTISSP - National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Policy

NSTL - National Software Testing Labs

NSW - nonsecure warning

NSWS - naval special warfare system

NSWT - nonsecure warning tone

NSWTG - Naval special warfare task group

NT - network termination (terminal)

NT - network terminal

NT - network technology

NT - new technology (Microsoft)

NT - nodal terminal

NT1 - "Network Termination Type 1". The termination at the customer premises of an ISDN BRI circuit. The NT1 performs the role of line termination of the "U" interface and Code/Decodes from the line's 2B1Q coding scheme. The customer end of the NT1 interfaces using the "S" or "T" interface. The NT1 is frequently part of the "Terminal Adapter".

NTC - network terminal computer

NTCB - network trusted computing base

NTCN - National Telecommunications Coordinating Network

NTCS-A - Naval Tactical Command System-Afloat

NTCSS - Naval Tactical Command Support System

NTDR - Near Term Digital Radio

NTDS - Navy tactical data system

NTF - National Test Facility

NTIA - National Telecommunications and Information Administration

NTIS - National Technical Information Service

NTISA - Naval Tactical Interoperability Support Agency

NTISSAM - National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Advisory Memorandum

NTISSC - National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee

NTMA - national telecommunications management architecture

NTMS - National Telecommunications Management System

NTON - National Transparent Optical Network

NTOPS - New Technology for Open and Portable Systems (Navy)

NTP - Network Time Protocol

NTP - Naval Telecommunications publication

NTR - net time reference

NTSC - National Television Standards Committee

NTSDS - National Target/Threat Signatures Data System

NTTC - National Technology Transfer Center

NTTN - national technical transfer network

NUCINT - Nuclear Intelligence

NUI - network user identification (interface)

NVIS - near vertical incidence sky wave

NVM - non-volatile memory

NVOD - near video on demand

NVS - Non-Volatile Storage

NVT - network virtual terminal

NWARS - national wargaming system

NWCW - Network Centric Warfare (Navy)

NWDC - Naval Warfare Development Command

NWI - Navy Worldwide Intranet

NWIS - Navy WWMCCS Information System

NWR - NOAA weather radio

NWS - national weather service

NWT - Normal wideband terminal

NWTDB - Naval Warfare Tactical Data Base

NXTK Trunk Module - This module uses the X.21 standard for its interface and operates at 1.92 Mbps data rate.

NXX - switch code (commercial plan)

NYX - area code (commercial and DCS)


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