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A-6 - Air Force Director of Communications

A - alarm

A-Law - A-law is the companding standard used in the analog-to-digital conversion process (and vice-versa) in PCM systems, European telephone networks.

A&MD - air and missile defense

A/B-Bit - Signaling - A procedure used in most T1 transmission facilities in which one bit stolen from every sixth and twelfth frame of the 24 time slots is used to carry dial and control information. The control bit in the first six frames is called the A-bit, and the control bit in the second six frames is the B-bit.

A/D - analog-to-digital

A/G - air to ground

A/L - administrative/logistics

A2C2S - Army Aviator (Airborne) command and control system

aa - device address

AA - auto answer

AAA - assign alternate area

AAA - assign alternate routing

AAB - all-to-all broadcast

AABNCP - advance airborne command post

AACA - Army airlift clearance authority

AACG - arrival airfield control group

AACOMS - Army area communications system

AACS - asynchronous address communications systems

AADC - Area Air Defense Commander

AADCOM - Army Air Defense Command

AADEOS - advanced air defense electro optical sensor (system)

AADPS - algorithmic architecture data processing subsystem

AADSACS - Army air defense Surveillance and control system

AAE - Army acquisition executive

AAE - automatic adaptive equalization

AAFIP - Automated air facilities information file

AAGS - Army air-ground system

AAIC - active addressing integrated circuits

AAIRS - airport/air carrier information reporting system

AAL - assign affiliation lists

AAL - account access layer

AAL - assign affiliation lists

AAL - (ATM adaptation layer) - The standards layer that allows multiple applications to have data converted to and from ATM cells. A protocol that translates higher layer services into the size and format of ATM cells.

AAL-5 - (ATM adaptation layer type 5) - AAL functions in support of variable bit rate, delay-tolerant connection-oriented data traffic requiring minimal sequencing or error detection support.

AALCD - active addressing liquid crystal display

AALPS - automated airload planning system

AAMA - area airspace management authority

AAMDC - Army Air Missile Defense Command

AAMMS - Army automated multi-media system

AAMPS - automated aircraft mission planning system

AAMT - Army ACTS mobile terminal

AAP - automatic asset placement

AAPPES - Army automation planning, programming, and evaluation system

AAR - after action review

AAR - air-to-air receive

AAR - automatic adaptive (alternative) routing

AARS - advanced airborne (aerial) radar system

AARS - advanced airborne radiac system

AAS - advanced automation system (FAA)

AAS - all-to-all scatter

AASC - Army area signal center

AASP - ASCII asynchronous support package

AASR - advanced airborne surveillance radar

AAT - automatic analog test

AAT - average access time

AATR - air-to-air transmit/receive

AAU - analog applique unit

AAVS - aerospace audiovisual system

AAWC - anti-air warfare commander (Navy)

AAWCS - anti-air warfare combat system

AAWWS - airborne adverse weather weapons system

AB - Ada based

AB - address bus

AB - answer back

ABC - activity based costing

ABC - analog backup computer

ABC - automatic bar code

ABC - (Absolute Bus Cycle) - Unit of interface relative to the start of the TBus frame. Contrast with relative bus cycle (RBC).

ABCC - airborne battlefield command and control center

ABCC - airborne communications center

ABCS - Army battle command system

ABCS - Army Battlefield Control System

ABD - assign bypass and duplication

ABD - Ada based document

ABD - assign bypass and duplication transfer

ABDDD - Ada based development design document

ABDT - answer back-day and time

ABFC - advanced base functional component system

ABI - application binary interface

ABI - Ada binding interface

ABIC - Army battlefield interface concept

ABIS - advanced battlespace information system

ABIT - airborne information transmission system (USAF)

ABIT - automatic built-in test

ABL - assign blacklist deletion

ABM - asynchronous balanced mode

ABM - air battle manager

ABMOC - air battle management operation center

ABN - airborne

ABNCC - airborne command and control

ABNCP - airborne command post

ABNOC - ABN operations center

ABPDD - Ada based product design document

ABR - assign bypass reception

ABR - airborne relay

ABR - available bit rate

ABR - assign bypass reception

ABS - advanced battle simulations

ABSM - answer back service message

ABT - assign bulk transfer

ac - alternating current

AC - area code

AC - armament computer

AC2MP - Army command & control master plan

ACA - acquisition capability assessment

ACA - air control authority

ACA - Australian Communications Authority

ACA - automatic circuit assurance

ACA - automatic conference arranger

ACACS - Army command and area communications system

ACALS - Army computer aided logistics system

ACARS - aircraft communications addressing and reporting system (FAA)

ACAS - Army commissary automated system

ACC - area control center

ACC - accumulator

ACC - air combat command (Air Force)

ACC - air control center

ACC - BLACKER access controller

ACC - Army Communications Command

ACC - automated carrier control

ACCAT - advanced command and control architectural testbed

ACCF - Area communications control facility

ACCIS - Army command and control information system

ACCN - Army command and control network

ACCOR - Army COMSEC central office of record

ACCS - air command and control system (NATO)

ACCS - Army command and control system

ACCSA - Allied Communications and Computer Security Agency (NATO)

ACCSDP - Army C&C development plan

ACD - automatic (automated) call distribution (distributor)

ACDI - asynchronous communications device interface

ACDS - advanced combat direction System

ACE - air combat element

ACE - adaptive communications element (USAF)

ACE - airborne (adaptive) command element (USAF)

ACE - air combat element (NATO)

ACE - automated commercial environment (Customs)

ACE - aviation combat element (USMC)

ACEC - Ada compiler evaluation capability

ACERT - Army computer emergency response team

ACES - automated communications engineering software

ACES - access certificates for electronic services

ACES - air combat engagement simulator

ACES - automated command and control evaluation system

ACES - automated communications engineering software

ACES - automated computer examination system (FBI)

ACF - access control facility (field)

ACF - access coordination fee

ACF - advanced communications function

ACI - adjacent channel interference

ACI - assign call inhibit

ACIC - Aeronautical Chart and Information Center

ACID - adaptive COMSEC interface device

ACID - all-service combat identification demonstration

ACIM - airborne communications interface module

ACIND - air customer information needs database

ACINT - acoustic intelligence

ACIPS - acoustic intelligence processing system

ACIS - American committee for interoperable systems

ACIS - Army command information system

ACIS - Automated combat information system

ACK - acknowledgement flag, TCP header

ACK - (Acknowledgment) - Control code or designation for a positive acknowledgment; sent from a receiver to the transmitter to indicate that a transmission or sequence of transmissions has been received correctly.

ACL - access control list

ACLDB - Army central logistics data Bank

ACLI - Ada command language interpretation

ACM - Association for Computing Machinery

ACME - Adaptive Collection management environment

ACMES - automated communications security management and engineering system

ACMES - Automated COMSEC Management and Engineering System

ACMS - application control management system

ACO - airspace control order

ACO - Army cryptologic operations

ACOC - area communications operations center

ACOE - Army common operating environment

ACOMMS - air communications squadron

ACP - Allied Communications Publication

ACP - ancillary control program

ACP - air campaign planning tool

ACP - automated command post

ACP - assign common-pool compressed dial list

ACPI - advanced configuration and power interface

ACPU - auxiliary computer power unit

ACQW - asymmetric coupled quantum well

ACR - access control register

ACR - alternate carrier routing (NCS)

ACR - assign channel reassignment

ACR - armored cavalry regiment

ACRC - alternate control reporting center

ACS - AUTODIN Switching Center

ACS - access control system

ACS - adaptive control system

ACS - aerial common sensor

ACS - afloat correlation system

ACS - automated commercial system (Customs)

ACSA - Allied Communications Security Agency

ACSIM - assistant chief of staff for information management

ACSO - assistant corps Signal officer

ACSU - advanced channel service unit

ACT - annual change traffic

ACTA - AmericaÕs Carriers Telecommunication Association

ACTD - advanced concept technology demonstration

ACTFAST - advanced concepts and technology rrequency agile solid state tuner

Action - Menu - The Operator Interface Action Menu contains the actions that can be performed. Each action is typically associated with a list of objects (Object Menu) on which the action is performed.

ACTO - Army Communicative Technology Office

ACTS - advanced communications technology satellite

ACTS - advanced communications technologies and services (Europe) (was RACE)

ACU - antenna control unit

ACU - auto call (calling) unit

ACUS - Area Common User System

ACVC - Ada compiler validation capability (capacity)

ACWAR - agile continuous wave acquisition radar

ADA - air defense artillery

ADA - airborne data automation

ADACS - air defense artillery control system

ADAMS - allied deployment and movement system

ADANS - airlift deployment analysis system

ADAPT - architectures design, analysis and planning tool

ADAR - air defense radar

ADARS - advanced defense avionics response strategy (USAF)

ADARS - adaptive antenna receive system

ADAS - airborne data automation system

ADATS - Army development and acquisition of threat simulators

ADB - assign data base transfer

ADC - adaptive data compression

ADC - analog to digital converter

ADC - asynchronous data communications

ADC - automatic data controller

ADCC - air defense control center

ADCCP - advanced data communications control procedures

ADCEO - Assistant Division Communications-Electronics Office

ADCP - air defense communications platform (USMC)

ADCS - advanced defense communications satellite

ADCS - air defense control system

ADCS - automated document conversion system

ADDISS - advanced deployable digital imagery support system

ADDM - asynchronous digital data modem

Address - Digital information (a combination of bits) that identifies the location of a terminal, peripheral device, a node, or any other unit or component in a network. Used mainly for routing purposes; in telephony the number entered by the caller that identifies the party called.

Address - Packet - The address packet is a call setup-signaling packet that carries the call setup information. It is transmitted in accordance with the standards in CCITT Signaling System Number 7. The Call Controller task at each node sets up call resources based on information in the address packet.

Address - Signals - Signals used to convey call destination information, such as telephone station code, central office code, and area code. Some forms of address signals are call pulses (for example, dial or multifrequency pulses).

ADDS - air deployable delivery system (Navy)

ADDS - Army data distribution (dictionary) system

ADE - Army data encyclopedia

ADE - advanced development environment

ADE - assign digit editing lists

ADE - Assign Digit Editing List Command

ADEIE - associated digital error improvement equipment

ADEPT - acquisition of desktop extended processing technology (USPS)

ADEWS - air defense electronic warfare system

ADF - application dependent format

ADF - automatic direction finder

ADF - automatic document feed

ADGE - air defense ground environment

ADH - automatic data handling

ADI - Air Defense Interface

ADIMSS - Automated DSN Integrated Management Support System

ADIMSS - Automated DSN Integrated Management Support System

ADIMSS - Advanced DSN Integrated Management Support System

ADIS - automated distributed intelligence system

ADIZ - air defense identification sone

adj - adjacent

ADL - Ada design language

ADL - address data latch

ADL - advanced distributed learning

ADL - automatic data link

ADLAT - adaptive lattice filter

ADM - advanced development model

ADM - automatic display mode

ADM - Admin

ADMAPS - automated document management and publishing system

ADMD - administrative management domain [X.400]

admin - administrative

ADMP - Army digitization master plan

ADMS - automated digital multiplexing system

ADN - area distribution node

ADN - automatic digital network

ADNET - anti-drug network

ADNS - Automatic Data Networking System

ADNX - Adaptive Digital Network Exchange

ADO - Army digitization office

ADOCU - air defense orderwire control unit

ADP - automated data processing

ADP - atmospheric downstream plasma etching

ADPCM - (Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation) - ADPCM takes advantage of the high statistical correlation between consecutive voice samples to create a variable (or adaptive) quantizing scale.

ADPE - automated data processing equipment

ADPR - automated data processing resources

ADPSSO - automatic data processing special security officer

ADR - automatic data relay

ADRG - advanced research center

ADRG - automatic digital raster graphics

ADRG - ARC-Digitized Raster Graphics (ARC is a term used to designate linear features on a digital map.)

ADRS - address

ADS - Ada development system

ADS - advanced digital switch

ADS - advanced display system (Navy)

ADS - advanced distributed simulations

ADS - air data system

ADS - application development system

ADS-B - automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast

ADSI - air defense system integrator

ADSIA - Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency

ADSIM - air defense simulation

ADSL - asymmetric DSL

ADSL - asynchronous (asymmetrical) digital subscriber line (loop)

ADSO - assistant division signal office/officer

ADSS - Army decision support system

ADST - advanced distributed simulation technology (Army)

ADT - assign digital transmission group

ADT - automatic digital tester

ADT - abstract data type

ADTOC - air defense tactical operations center

ADTP - advanced technology demonstration plan

ADU - automatic dialing unit

ADU - assign PS dialup

ADUA - administrative directory user agent

ADX - automatic data exchange

ADX - assign digit translation

AE - attenuation equalizer

AEA - airborne electronic attack (Navy)

AEA - American Electronics Association

AEELS - automatic ELINT emitter location system

AEF - Air Expeditionary Force

AEGADS - Army Electronic Generation and Distribution System

AEHF - advanced extremely high frequency (satellite)

AEI - Assign Equipment In/Out-of-Service Command

AEJ - Apache escort jammer

AEP - application environment profile

AES - advanced encryption standard

AESA - active electronically scanned array

AESOP - airborne electro-optical special operations payload

AEW - airborne early warning

AEW - Air Expeditionary Wing

AEWIC - Army Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Committee

AF - Air Force

AF - audio frequency

AFA - audio frequency amplifier

AFAITC - Armed Forces Air Intelligence Training Center

AFAMS - Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation

AFATDS - Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System

AFB - Air Force Base

AFC - automatic frequency control

AFC - area frequency coordinator

AFC - automatic font change

AFC - automatic frequency control

AFC2S - Air Force command and control systems

AFCA - Air Force Communications Agency (Formerly AFCC)

AFCERT - Air Force computer emergency response team

AFCH - Air Force Component Headquarters

AFCSC - Air Force Cryptologic Support Center

AFD - assign fixed-directory routing

AFDIGS - Air Force digital graphics system

AFDIS - air force dial in system

AFECO - Air Force Electronic Combat Office

AFEKMS - Air Force electronic key management system

AFEWES - Air Force electronic warfare environment simulator

AFFIRM - Association for Federal Information Resources Management

AFFOR - Air Force forces

AFIAA - Air Force Intelligence Analysis Agency

AFID - anti-fratricide identification device

AFII - Association for Font Information Interchange

AFIN - Air Force information network

AFIN - Air Force intelligence

AFINTNET - Air Force intelligence network

AFIPS - Air Force information publishing service

AFIS - automated fingerprinting identification system (FBI)

AFIWC - Air Force Information Warfare Center

AFLANT - Air Forces Atlantic

AFMIC - Armed Forces medical intelligence center

AFMSS - Air Force mission support system

AFNOC - Air Force network operations center

AFOC - Air Force Operations Center

AFORMS - Air Force Operations Resource Management System

AFPCA - Air Force Pentagon Communications Agency

AFR - assign and display frequency for network reporting

AFRTS - armed forces radio and television service

AFSAT - Air Force satellite

AFSATCOM - Air Force satellite communications

AFSC - Air Force specialty code

AFSOB - Air Force special operations base

AFSOC - Air Force Special Operations Command

AFSOF - Air Force Special Operations Forces

AFSPC - Air Force Space Command

AFSS - automated flight service station

AFT - automatic fund transfer

AFTN - aeronautical fixed telecommunications network

AFTS - audio frequency tone shift

AFWIS - Air Force WWMCCS information system

AG - applications generator

AGC - assign gateway and commercial office routing

AGC - (Automatic Gain Control) - Parameter implemented for the LDCELP module that provides the ability to automatically adjust the power level of a received signal. The power level of a received signal is automatically adjusted from a marginal or unacceptable value to one that is more suitable for voice or FAX applications.

AGCCS - Army global command and control system

Aggregate - Group - The approach used on the PRC, PRC INTL, and TMCP voice modules to group contiguous DS0 ports for clear-channel signaling (that is, the bandwidths for the ports are grouped together).

AGMS - automated gateway management system

AGMS - automated gateway management system

AGMS - automated gateway management system

AGP - advanced graphics port

AGS - airborne ground surveillance (NATO)

AHCFMS - Army health care financial management system

AHFEWS - Army high frequency electronic warfare system

AHIMA - American Health Information Management Association

AHP - analytical hierarchy process

AHPCRC - Army high performance computer research center

AI - analog input

AI - artificial intelligence

AIA - Air Intelligence Agency

AIA - Army information architecture

AIAC - ACCS implementation advisory committee (NATO)

AIC - Atlantic Intelligence Command

AIC - Advanced integrated circuit

AIC - air intercept control

AIC - Army intelligence center

AIC - Army interoperability center

AIC - audio intercommunications center

AICS - advanced interior communications system

AIDC - automated intrusion detection capability

AIDTS - Army inflight data transmission system

AIE - Ada integrated environment

AIF - audio interchange format

AIG - address indicator groups

AIG - Address Indicating Group

AII - Army information infrastructure

AIIM - Association for information and image management

AIIP - Association of Independent Information Producers

AIL - assign interswitch link initialization

AIM - advanced infosec module

AIMA - Army information & mission area

AIMC - Army Information Management Committee

AIMP - Army intelligence and electronic warfare master plan

AIMS - advanced information management system

AIMS - automated intrusion monitoring system

AIMTB - artificial intelligence module test bed

AIN - Army Information Network

AIN - advanced intelligent network

AIN - Army interoperability network

AINC - Army Interoperability Network Center

AIOD - automatic identified outward dialing

AIPC - automated information processing center

AIPS - Army information processing standards

Air - Plenums - Air plenums are used to take air in and to exhaust it.

AIRCOMTERM - air communications terminal

AIRES - advanced imagery requirements exploitation system

AIRK - area interswitch rekeying key

AIRMS - advanced infrared measuring system

AIRTERM - airborne terminal

AIRV - area interswitch rekey variable

AIS - automated information systems

AIS - air intelligence squadron

AIS - airborne intelligence system

AIS - audio intercommunication system

AIS - (Alarm Indication Signal) - 1. In modern T1/T3 systems, the AIS is an all ones signal transmitted in lieu of the normal signal to maintain transmission continuity and to indicate to the receiving terminal that there is a transmission fault that is located at the transmitting terminal or upstream of the transmitting terminal. It is also called "Blue Alarm" or "Blue Code." 2. automated information system.

AISB - Association of Imaging Service Bureaus

AISP - Association of Information Systems Professionals

AISRV - area interswitch rekey variable

AISS - automated information system security

AISSP - Army information systems security program

AIT - automatic identification technology (Army)

AITC - Army interoperability test center

AITN - Army interoperability test network

AITS - advanced information technology services

AJ - anti-jam

AJCC - Alternate Joint Communications Center

AJCM - anti-jam control modem

AJCM - AJ control modem

AJPO - Ada Joint Program Office

AK - automatic keying

AKDC - Automatic Key Distribution Center

AKDC/RCU - automatic key distribution center/rekeying control unit

AKMS - Army Key Management System

AKO - Army Knowledge Online

AL - address list

AL - applications layer

AL - address list

Alarm - Log - Contains the events that have an alarm level associated with it for a node or the network.

Alarm - Monitor - Type of operator console that displays active alarms.

Alarm - Panel - An optional control panel that can be installed in a node. It provides audible and visual alarms governed by thresholds set by the user.

ALBAM - air-land battle assessment model

ALBM - Army airland battle management

ALCC - airlift control center

ALCC - Analog Line Conditioning Circuits

ALCE - airlift control element (USAF)

ALCG - analog line conditioning group

ALCOM - Alaskan Command

ALD - assign local duplication

ALD - Assign Local Duplication Command

ALE - automatic link establishment

ALEC - alternate local exchange carriers

ALERT - advanced law enforcement and response technology

ALFS - airborne low-frequency sonar

Algorithm - A sequence of steps a CPU follows to accomplish a task.

ALICE - all-purpose lightweight individual carrying equipment

ALLA - allied long lines agency (NATO)

ALMS - automated logistics management system

ALO - air liaison officer

ALOC - administrative/logistics operations center

ALOC - area logistics operation center

ALOG - analog switch

ALOHA - aerial locations for hazardous atmospheres (NOAA)

ALP - auxiliary line printer

ALPC - adaptive link power control

Alphanumeric - Refers to input consisting of letters, numbers, and other symbols such as punctuation marks and mathematical symbols.

ALPS - assembly line processing system

ALQA - automatic link quality assessment

ALS - Assign Loop Strapping Command

ALS/N - Ada language dystem/Navy

ALSA - Air, Land, Sea Applications Center

ALSP - aggregate level simulation protocol

alt - alternate

Alternate - Buffer - A section of memory set aside (reserved) for receipt or transmission of data after the primary buffer is full.

Alternate - Routing - A feature of circuit switches that allows calls to be distributed and completed over other routes when the first route is unavailable.

ALTG - Auxiliary Line Termination Group

ALU - Arithmetic Logic Unit

AM - active matrix

AM - amplitude modulation

AM/SSB - amplitude modulation/single sideband

AMA - automatic message accounting

AMA - Assign Manual Affiliation Command

AMANDDA - automated messaging and directory assistance

AMD - active matrix display

AMD - Assign Memory Display Command

AMDF - Army master fata gile

AMDPCS - Air and Missile Defense Planning and Control System

AMDRS - aviation medicine data retrieval system

AME - aerospace management element

AME - antenna mounted electronics

AMH - automated (automatic) message handling

AMHS - Automated Message Handling System

AMI - (Alternate Mark Inversion) - A digital signal in which successive "marks" or ones alternate between positive and negative polarity of equal amplitude. Two ones of the same polarity in a row constitute a bipolar violation. See Line Coding, T1. See Also B8ZS.

AMIDS - audit monitoring and intrusion detection system

AMIS - Army management information system

AMLCD - active matrix liquid crystal display

AMME - automated multimedia exchange

AMO - acquisition (automation) management (office) organization (DISA & Army))

AMO - Automation Management Office

AMP - amplifier

AMPE - automated message processing exchange

Amplifier - A device used to boost the strength of an electronic signal.

Amplitude - The magnitude of variation in a changing quantity from its zero value. The word must be modified with an adjective such as peak, rms, maximum, and so on, which designates the specific amplitude in question.

AMPS - advanced mobile phone system (standard)

AMPS - airborne multisensor pod system

AMPS - automated (aviation) mission planning system

AMPSSO - Automated Message Processing System Security Officer

AMRIS - advanced magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy

AMRIS - Army modernization resource information system

AMS - autonomous message switch

AMS - alert management system

AMS - asset management system

AMSMP - Army modeling & simulation management program

AMSS - ammunition management standard system

AMSS - automatic meteorological sensor station (system)

AMT - Assign Multiple Trunks Command

AMTS - automated maritime telecommunications system

AMVER - automated mutual assistance vessel rescue (Coast Guard)

Analog - Signal - A signal that varies in a continuous manner, such as in human speech or music.

ANCA - allied naval communications agency (NATO)

ANCD - automated net control device

ANCS - ATM node center switch

ANCT - alternate network control terminal

ANDC - automated net control device

ANDF - architecturally neutral distribution format

ANDVT - advanced narrowband digital voice terminal

ANG - Air National Guard

ANGLICO - air and naval gunfire liaison company

ANI - Automatic Number Identification- A system, originally designed for use by Interexchange carriers (IECÕs) which transmits the "billed party number" along with a call. Note that the billed party number is not necessarily the number of the line placing the call. ANI predates SS7 and can operate in with analog as well as digital trunks. See also CLID.

ANICS - Alaskan national airspace system interfacility communications system

ANN - artificial neural network

ANOC - alternate network operations control

ANR - assign net rekeying

ANR - Assign Net Rekeying Command

ANSI - American National Standards Institute

ANSIR - awareness of national security issues and response (FBI)

ant - antenna

ANVIS - aviatorÍs night vision imaging system

ANY - assign NYX routing

AO - analog output

AO - area of operations

AOAS - advanced oceanic automation system (FAA)

AOC - Air Operations Center (was TACC) (USAF)

AOC - aerospace operations center

AOC - Air Operations Center

AOCU - analog orderwire control unit

AOD - assign online diagnostic

AOD - Assign On-Line Diagnostics Command

AODMD - acousto-optic delay-and-multiple device

AOG - Architecture Oversight Group (DOD)

AOI - area of interest

AOI - Assign Other Equipment In/Out-of-Service Command

AOR - area of responsibility

AOR - Assign and Display Unstaffed Operator Routing Command

AP - adjunct processor

AP - anomalous propagation

AP - application processor

APA - adaptive packet

APA - advanced processor assembly

APA - all points addressable

APA - arithmetic processing accelerator

APAC - ACCS planning and policy advisory committee (NATO)

APAN - Asia Pacific Area Network

APC - adaptive predictive coding

APC - assign preprogrammed conference list

APCU - antenna position control unit

APELS - airborne precision emitter location system

APF - assign profile

APF - Assign Profiles Command

APG - automated password generator

API - application programming (programmerÕs) (program) interface

APIC - advanced programmer interrupt controller

APII - Asia Pacific information infrastructure

APIMS - aerospace physiology information management system

APIU - adaptable programmable interface unit

APL - average picture level

APL - Assign Pre-Affiliation List Command

APP - application portability profile

APP - application-defined

APPI - advanced peer-to-peer internetworking

Appl - apply

Applications-Specific - Network - A network dedicated to specific applications such as ATMs, point-of-purchase registers, fund transfers, etc.

APPN - advanced peer-to-peer networking

APPS - automated publications production system

APR - assign packet switch routing

APRP - adaptive pattern recognition processing

APS - active pixel sensor

APS - advance planning system (USAF)

APS - afloat planning system

APS - asynchronous protocol specification

APS - auxiliary propulsion subsystem

APSE - Ada programming support environment

APT - automatically programmed tools

APTS - afloat personal telecommunications service

APV - Assign Password Verification Command

AR - Army; Army regulation (when followed by a number)

ARC - Army Reuse Center

ARC - A term used to designate linear features on a digital map.

ARCA - advanced RISC computing architecture

ARCENT - US Army Central

ARCIS - Army company information system

ARCMIS - automated radiological management information system

ARDF - airborne radio direction finding

ARDS - assign/display routing subsystem downsized (RSSD) download

AREUR - US Army Europe

ARF - airborne relay facility

ARFA - allied radio frequencies agency (NATO)

ARFOR - Army forces

ARG - amphibious ready group

ARH - anti-radiation homing

ARI - addressee routing indicator

ARIES - airborne reconnaissance integrated electronics system

ARJFC - US Army Joint Forces Command

ARL - adjusted ring length

ARL - aerial (airborne) reconnaissance-low

ARL - airborne reconnaissance low (Army)

ARL - Army Research Laboratory

ARLL - advanced run length limited

ARLNO - Armor Liaison Officer

ARM - application reference model

ARM - Ada requirements methodology

ARM - ADP resources manager

ARMISS - agency resources management information system

ARMS - automated records management system (Air Force)

ARO - airborne reconnaissance office

AROW - acquisition/reportback orderwire

ARP - Address Resolution Protocol

ARPA - Advanced Research Projects Agency (Now DARPA)

ARPAC - US Army Pacific

ARPANET - Advanced Research Projects Agency network

ARPL - adjust requested privilege level

ARQ - Automatic Retransmission Request

ARRC - allied command rapid reaction corps (NATO)

ARRL - American Radio Relay League

ARS - aerial reconnaissance & surveillance

ARS - air radio system

ARS - automatic route selection

ARS-ST - airborne receiving system-surface terminal (Navy)

ARS - action request system

ARSOF - Army Special Operations Forces

ARSOUTH - US Army South

ART - Aiborne Receive Terminal

ARTAC - Army tactical

ARTADS - Army tactical data system

ARTCC - air route traffic control center

ARTEP - Army Training and Evaluation Program

ARTS - asynchronous remote takeover server

ARTS - asynchronous remote takeover terminal

ARU - access/relay unit

ARU - audio response unit

AS - autonomous system

AS - analog secure

ASA - Adaptive Security Appliance

ASAC - all source analysis center

ASACAC - Army Security Agency Control and Analysis Center

ASAP - automated statistical analysis program

ASAP - automatic switching and processing

ASARS - advanced synthetic aperture radar system

ASAS - all source analysis system (Army)

ASAT - anti-satellite

ASB - area signal battalion

ASBR - autonomous system border router

ASC - Aeronautical Systems Center

ASC - American Standards Committee

ASC - Area Signal Center

ASC - Army Signal Command (formerly ISC)

ASC - AUTODIN switching center

ASC - automatic switching center

ASC - Assign and Display Switch Classmarks Command

ASC2A - Air and Space Command and Control Agency

ASCI - accelerated strategic computing initiative (DOE)

ASCIET - all-service combat identification evaluation team

ASCII - (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) - The standard 7-bit code, using a coded character set consisting of 7-bit coded characters (8 bits including a parity check bit) used for informality interchange among data processing systems, data communication systems, and associated equipment. The ASCII set consists of control characters and graphic characters and is properly an alphabet rather than a code. It is the U.S. implementation of the International Telegraph Alphabet Number 5.

ASCT - auxiliary satellite control terminal

ASCXN - area Signal center extension node

ASD - access security device (NETS)

ASD - assigned software developer

ASD - automated system demonstration

ASD - Assistant Secretary of Defense

ASD(C3I) - Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence

ASDI - Analog Simple Data Interface

ASDS - air situation display system (USAF)

ASEM - application-specific electronic module


ASEPS - automated Signal excess prediction system

ASI - alternate space inversion

ASI - alarm status indicator

ASI - assign switch initialization

ASIC - all source intelligence center

ASIC - (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) - A custom integrated circuit.

ASIM - automated security incident measurement (Navy)

ASIMS - Army sustaining base information management system

ASIS - Ada semantic interface specification

ASIS - American Society for Information Science

ASIS - American Society of Industrial Security

ASIT - adaptable surface interface terminal

ASIT - advanced security and identification technology

ASK - amplitude shift keying

ASKMM - Advanced Standard Key Management Module

ASL - adaptive speed leveling

ASM - airspace management

ASM - application of software measurement

ASM - Army security monitor

ASM - assembler source language

ASMG - allied security military general

ASMP - asymmetric multiprocessing

ASMPC - automated staff message processing center

ASN - abstract syntax notation

ASN - autonomous system number

ASN.1 - Abstract Syntax Notation 1

ASOC - alternate systems operation control

ASOC - air support operations center

ASOS - Army secure operating system

ASOS - automated surface observing system

ASP - applications service provider

ASP - Army Space Command

ASP - Association of Shareware Professionals

ASPECTS - Automated Spectrum Planning, Engineering, Coordination and Tracking System

ASPJ - advanced self-protection jammer

ASPO - Army Space Program Office

ASPS - advance signal processing system

ASQC - American Society for Quality Control

ASR - automatic send and receive

ASR - automatic speech recognition

ASR - assign SEN/RAU/NMT

ASSET - asset source for software engineering technology

ASSET - all-source satellite evaluation tool

ASSIST - automated systems security and incident support team

ASSIST - Army special security information systems terminal

ASSP - application-specific standard product

AST - airborne surveilance testbed

ASTA - airport surface traffic automation (FAA)

ASTE - advanced strategic and tactical expendables

ASTEC - advanced satellite technology and EHF communications

ASTER - advanced spaceborne thermal emissions and reflection radiometer

ASTIA - Armed Services Technical Information Agency

ASTOR - airborne stand-off radar (UK)

ASTP - advanced space technology program (DARPA)

ASTRO - Army Space Technology and Research Office

ASUWC - anti-surface warfare commander (Navy)

ASVC - automatic secure voice communications

ASW - asynchronous service window

ASW - attack, sensing, and warning

ASWC - anti-submarine warfare Commander (Navy)

ASWCCS - ASW command and control system

ASY - asynchronous

ASYNC - asynchronous

Asynchronous - Data - A form of serial data communication which is not clocked. To keep the bit stream synchronized start and stop bits are used. RS-232 computer data is commonly asynchronous data. In contrast to synchronous data.

Asynchronous - Transmission - Transmission in which the interval between transmitted characters may be of unequal length. Data transmission and timing is controlled by start and stop bits at the beginning and end of each character. It is also referred to as start-stop transmission. Asynchronous transmission does not require the transmitters and receivers to have clocks to stay in synch.

AT - access tandem

AT - asynchronous transmission

ATA - advanced technology attachment

ATACC - advanced tactical air command center (central)

ATACC - alternate tactical air control center

ATACS - advanced target acquisition counter-fire system

ATACS - Army Tactical Communications System

ATAPI - advanced technology attachment packet interface

ATARS - advanced tactical air(borne) reconnaissance system

ATB - all trunks busy

ATC - air traffic control

ATCA - Allied Tactical Communications Agency (NATO)

ATCALS - air traffic control and landing system

ATCAP - Army Telecommunication Automation System

ATCAS - air traffic control automation system (FAA)

ATCC - air traffic control center

ATCCIS - Army tactical command and control information system

ATCCS - Army Tactical Command and Control System

ATCCSS - air traffic control communications switching system

atch - attached

ATCISA - Allied Tactical Communications and Information Systems Agency

ATCU - air transportable communications unit

ATD - advanced technology demonstrations

ATDL - Army tactical data link

ATDM - asynchronous time-division multiplexing

ATDM - adaptive time division multiplexer

ATDS - airborne tactical data system (USN)

ATDT - attention dial tone

ATE - automatic test equipment

ATEC - automatic test control

ATFES - Army Tactical Frequency Engineering System

ATG - antenna transceiver group

ATG - Assign Trunk Group Cluster Command

ATH - Assign and Display Thresholds Command

ATHS - airborne target handover system

ATI - artillery target intelligence

ATID - advanced technical interoperability demonstration

ATID - automated tactical information display

ATIP - Ada technology insertion program

ATIRCM - advanced threat (tactical) infrared countermeasures

ATIS - Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions

ATIS - automatic terminal information service (FAA)

ATL - assign transfer list

ATM - air traffic management

ATM - asynchronous transfer mode

ATM - automated teller machine

ATM - asynchronous transmission mode

ATM - Assign Traffic Metering Command

ATMAC - Air Traffic Management Automated Center

ATMHS - automatic text message handling system

ATMSDI - air traffic management system development and integration

ATN - aeronautical telecommunications network (FAA)

ATNAVICS - air traffic navigation, integration and coordination system

ATO - air tasking order

ATO - authorization to operate

ATS - assign terminal service

ATP - allied technical publication

ATR - advanced tactical radar

ATR - automatic target recognition

ATR - automatic terminal recognition

ATRJ - advanced threat radar jammer

ATS - air traffic services

ATS - afloat telecommunications service

ATS - automatic terminal recognition

ATS - automated tasking system

ATS - assign terminal service

ATSS - automatic test support system

ATT - Assign Terminal Type Command

Attenuation - The difference between transmitted and received power due to transmission loss through equipment, lines, or other communication devices.

attn - attention

ATV - advanced television

Audit - Trail - A record of events that have taken place in a network.

AUI - attachment unit interface

AUIB - aircrew uniform integrated battlefield

AUP - acceptable use policy [Internet]

AUR - automated underwriter system (Treasury)

auth - authority

AUTO - automatic

Auto - Event Log - Type of operator console that displays real-time events.

Autobaud - The process of automatically adjusting to or adapting equipment to the speed of the equipment to which it connects or is connected.

AUTODIN - Automatic Digital Network

Automatic - Alternate Routing - In the event that a network is disrupted, the node will automatically reroute each call according to its priority when a path becomes available.

Automatic - Call Reconnect - Call reconnect permits automatic call rerouting away from a trunk experiencing a failure. The order of rerouting that takes place is based on a port's call priority.

Automatic - Call Rerouting - A disconnected call is automatically rerouted away from a trunk experiencing a failure through other multiplexers and lines for continuation of voice or data traffic. Rerouting is based on a port's call priority.

Automatic - Clock Restoral - A node parameter used to automatically synchronize to the next highest clock source when the current clock source becomes unavailable.

AUTOSEVOCOM - Automatic Secure Voice Communications

AUTOVON - Automatic Voice Network

AUX - auxiliary

Auxiliary - Alarm - A condition derived from an external equipment connection. The auxiliary alarm input is mapped onto the crypto circuit connector. The default state is programmable.

Auxiliary - Fan - Cooling device for a Promina 800 EXS system (part of the alarm panel).

AVC - automatic voice control

AVCATT - aviation combined arms tactical trainer

AVD - alternate voice/data

AVDTG - analog via digital transmission group

AVDTG - AUTOVON digital trunk group

AVIMO - Army visual information management office

AVL - assign variable location

AVLTU - AUTOVON line termination unit

avn - aviation

AVOW - Analog Voice Orderwire

AVR - automatic voice recognition

AVT - automatic video tracker

AVTOC - aviation tactical operations center

AWACS - airborne warning and control system

AWC - air warfare coordinator

AWDS - automated weather distribution system

AWE - Advanced Warfighting Experiment

AWE - aircraft weapons electronics

AWG - American wire gauge

AWIPS - automated (advanced) weather interactive processing system

AWIS - Army WWMCCS information system

AWN - automated weather network

AWN - Air Weather Network

AWS - advanced warning system

AWS - analyst workstation

AWSIM - air warfare simulation

AX - automatic transmission

az - azimuth

AZR - assign zone restrictions

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