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J-1 - personnel directorate of a Joint Staff

J-2 - intelligence directorate of a Joint Staff

J-3 - operations directorate of a Joint Staff

J-4 - logistics directorate of a Joint Staff

J-5 - plans directorate of a Joint Staff

J-6 - communications directorate of a Joint Staff

J-7 - operational plans and interoperability directorate of a Joint Staff

J-8 - force structure, resources, and assessment directorateof a Joint Staff

JACS - joint automated CEOI system

JACTS - joint air combat training system

JAD - joint application design

JAIC - Joint Air Intelligence Center

JALADV - Joint Airlift Mission Advisory Message

JALARR - Joint Airlift Mission Arrival Message

JALIS - joint air logistics information system

JALSCD - Joint Airlift All Schedule Message

JAMPS - JINTACCS automated message preparation system

JANAP - Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Protocol

JANAP - Joint Army, Navy, and Air Force Publication

JANOP - Joint Automatic Network Operating Procedure

JAOC - Joint Air Operations Center

JASORS - joint advanced special operations radio system

JASPP - Joint Acquisition Systems Protection Program

JBC - Joint Battle Center

JBI - joint battlespace infosphere

JBS - joint broadcast system

JC2A - Joint Command and Control Augmentation Architecture

JC2WC - Joint Command and Control Warfare Center

JC3S - Joint C3 Simulation

JCALS - joint computer-aided acquisition logistics system

JCATS - joint cartographic analysis tool set

JCCC - joint combat camera center

JCCC - Joint Communications Control Center

JCCT - joint combat camera team

JCCT - Joint Command and Control Tactical Operations Center

JCD - joint CERT database

JCEOI - Joint Communications-Electronics Operation Instructions

JCEWS - Joint Commanders Electronic Warfare Staff

JCF - joint control facility

JCIP - Joint/Combined interface procedure

JCL - job control language

JCMA - Joint COMSEC Monitoring Activity

JCME - Joint Collection Management Element

JCMO - Joint COMSEC Management Office

JCMOICP - Joint COMSEC Management Office intertheater and intra theater COMSEC package

JCMT - joint collection management tools

JCON - Justice Consolidated Office Network

JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff

JCSAN - Joint Chiefs of Staff Alerting Network

JCSC - Joint Communications Support Command

JCSI - Joint Command System Integration

JCSS - Joint Communications Support Squadron

JCTN - Joint Composite Tracking Network

JDBC - Java database connectivity

JDC - Java Development Kit

JDIICS - Joint Deployable Information Inftrastructure Control System

JDIICS-D - Joint Defense Information Infrastructure Control System-Deployed

JDISS - Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System

JDOL - Joint Doctrine Operations Laboratory

JDSS - joint decision support system

JDSSC - Joint Data Systems Support Center

JECCS - Joint Enhanced Core Communications System

JECEWS - Joint Electronic Combat Electronic Warfare Simulation

JECG - joint exercise control group

JEDEC - Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council

JEDI - joint expeditionary digital information system

JEDMICS - joint engineering drawing (Data) management information and control system

JEIDA - Japanese Electronics Industry Development Association

JESS - joint exercise support system

JETDS - joint electronics/designator systems

JETS - joint emitter targeting system

JEWC - Joint Electronic Warfare Center

JEZ - Joint Engagement Zone

JFACC - Joint Force Air Component Commander

JFC - Joint Force Commanders

JFCOM - Joint Forces Command

JFET - junction field effect transistor

JFIF - JPEG file interchange format

JFMO - joint frequency management office

JFRDT - Joint Functional Requirements Development Team

JFSOCC - joint force special operations component commander

JIBSG - Joint Integrated Broadcast Steering Group

JIC - Joint Intelligence Center

JIDAP - Joint Intel Dissemination Architecture Panel

JIDL - Java interface definition language

JIDRP - Joint Intel Dissemination Requirements Panel

JIDS - Joint Information Defense System

JIDS - Joint Intrusion Detection System

JIEB - Joint Intelligence Executive Board

JIEO - Joint Interoperability Engineering Organization

JIEO - Joint Information and Engineering Orgaization

JIEP - Joint Intelligence Estimate for Planning

JIES - joint interoperability evaluation system

JIIIC - Joint Initial Imagery Interpretation Center

JILE - Joint Intelligence Liaison Element

JIMC - Joint Information Management Center

JINTACCS - joint interoperability of tactical command and control systems

JIOC - Joint Information Operations Center

JIOS - joint interoperability system

JIPC - joint intelligence production complex

JIPTL - joint integrated prioritized target list

JISE - joint intelligence support element

JITC - Joint Interoperability Test Command

JITF - Joint Integration Test Facility

JITF - joint interface test force

JITI - Joint in-Theater Injection Terminal

Jitter - Short-term variation of the significant instants of a digital signal from their ideal positions in time. Short-term implies that these variations are high frequency (greater than 10 Hz).

JIVA - Joint Intelligence Virtual Architecture

JIVE - joint information viewing environment

JIWG - Joint IA Operations Working Group

JIWG - Joint Intelink Working Group

JKMP - joint key management plan

JKMS - Joint Key Management System

JLMIS - joint logistics management information system

JLSC - Joint Logistics Systems Center

JLTC - Joint Language Training Center

JMAPI - Java Management Application Programming Interface

JMAPS - joint message analysis and processing system

JMAS - joint mission application software

JMASS - joint modeling and simulation system

JMAST - Joint Mobile Ashore Support Terminal

JMC - joint military command

JMCIS - joint maritime command information system

JMCIS - joint military command information system

JMCOMS - Joint Maritime Communications

JMETL - Joint Mission-Essential Task List

JMH - JSSIS message handler

JMIC - Joint Military Intelligence College

JMICS - joint maritime command and information system

JMICS - JWICS Mobile Integrated Communications System

JMIP - Joint Military Intelligence Program

JMISE - Joint Military Intelligence Support Element

JMITC - Joint Military Intelligence Training Center

JMS - Java messaging service

JMTK - Joint Mapping Tool Kit

JNDI - Java naming and directory interface

JNIDS - Joint National Intelligence Development Staff

JNMS - Joint Network Management System

JOA - joint operations area

JOC - Joint Operations Center

JOCS - Joint Operations Command System (UK)

JODI - joint operational data base

JOG-A - Joint Operations Graphics-Air

JOG-G - Joint Operations Graphics-Ground

JOIN - Joint Operations Intelligence Network

JointSTARS - joint surveillance target attack radar system (JSTARS)

JOPES - Joint Operation Planning and Execution System

JOPS - joint operational planning system

JOPSREP - joint operational planning system reporting system

JOSS - JTF operations support system

JOTS - joint operational tactical system

JOVIAL - JulesÕ Own Version of International Algebraic Language

JPAV - joint personnel asset visibility

JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group

JPNIC - Japan Network Information Center

JPO-STC - Joint Program Officer for Special Technical Countermeasures

JPOTF - Joint Psychological Operations Task Force

JRB - JROC Review Board

JRE - Java Runtime Environment

JRFL - Joint Radio (restricted) Frequency List

JRIC - Joint Reserve Intelligence Center

JRIP - Joint Reserve Intelligence Program

JROP - Java remote object protocol

JRSC - jam-resistant secure communications

JRVIO - Joint Reserve Virtual Information Organizations

JS - Joint Staff

JSAN - joint staff automation for the nineties

JSAS - Joint Force Air Component Commander Situational Awareness System

JSC - Joint Spectrum Center

JSEAD - joint suppression of enemy air defense

JSECTS - joint service electronic combat test system

JSICP - Joint Staff intertheater COMSEC package

JSIMS - joint simulation system

JSIPS - joint service imagery processing system

JSIPS-N - joint service imagery processing system-Navy

JSMB - Joint Space Management Board

JSMS - joint spectrum management system

JSOACC - Joint Special Operations Air Component Commander

JSOACC - Joint Special Operations Air ComponentCommander

JSOTF - joint special operations task force

JSS - joint surveillance system

JSSIS - joint staff support information system

JSTARS - joint surveillance target attack radar system (JointSTARS)

JSWS - Joint services workstation

JSYSCON - joint systems control

JTACS - joint tactical area communications system

JTAGS - Joint Tactical Air-Ground Station

JTAO - joint tactical air operations

JTAP - joint terrain analysis program

JTASC - Joint Training, Analysis, and Simulation Center

JTAV - Joint Total Asset Visibility

JTC - Joint Technical Committee

JTC3A - Joint Tactical Command, Control, and Communications Agency

JTCB - Joint Targeting Control Board

JTCF - joint TCF

JTCMO - Joint Theater COMSEC Management Office

JTCS - joint tactical combat training system

JTCTS - joint tactical combat training system

JTD - Joint Technology Demonstration

JTDSDA - Joint Tactical Directory System Design Architecture

JTF - Joint Task Force

JTF-CND - Joint Task Force-Computer Network Defense

JTF - joint task force

JTFE - joint task force enabler

JTFP - Joint Tactical Fusion Program

JTG - Joint Technical Group

JTIDS - Joint Tactical Information Distribution System

JTLS - Joint Theater Level Simulation

JTM - job transfer manipulation

JTMD - Joint Theater Missile Defense

JTRB - Joint Telecommunications Resources Board

JTRS - joint tactical radio system

JTRS - joint tactical radio system

JTS - Java transaction service

JTS - Justice Telecommunications Service

JTSA - Joint Tactical SIGINT Architecture

JTSDA - Joint Tactical System Design Architecture

JTT - Joint Tactical Terminal

JUDI - joint universal data interpreter

JUSE - joint user switch exercise

JUST - Justice Network

JUSTIS - joint uniform service technical information system

JVDN - joint voice and data networks

JVIDS - joint visually integrated display system

JVIS - Joint Visual Information Services

JVM - Java Virtual Machine

JWAC - Joint Warfare Analysis Center

JWARS - joint warfare system

JWCA - Joint Warfighting Capability Assessment

JWFC - Joint Warfighting Center

JWG - Joint Working Group

JWICS - Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System

JWID - Joint Warfare Interoperability Demonstration

JWRAC - Joint Web Risk Assessment (Analysis) Cell


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