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T-Link - A proprietary Telos 2.048mbps channelized link. This link uses the DSX-1 electrical protocol and has 30 channels at 64kbps each.

T-Span - A telephone circuit or cable through which a T-carrier runs.

T - trunk key

T - terminated

T1 - A common type of digital telephone carrier widely deployed within the US, Canada, and Japan. Has 24 64Kbps channels (called DS0Õs). The most common framing scheme for T1 "robs" bits for signaling leaving 56kbps per channel available.

T1 Facility - Bell System terminology for the 1.544 Mbps digital signal. Usually refers to a transmission facility that carries a DS1 signal. A T1 line is a digital pipeline that carries the T1 signal.

T1 Jackfield - The interface between the T1 facility and the trunk modules.

T1 Network - A telecommunications network that includes T1 circuits, T1 multiplexers or communications resource managers, and network management equipment.

T1 Trunk Module - This module allows a single T1 trunk in DS1 format to connect to the node.

T1 Carrier - A time-division multiplexed transmission method that usually refers to a line or cable carrying a DS1 signal. The T1-Carrier permits simultaneously transmission of 24 voice calls at 64 kbps each.

T1 - 1.544 Mbps

T1CEPT - commercial standard T1 or E1 groups

T1LTU - T1 line termination unit

T3 - Refers to a trunk that carries a DS3 signal.

T3 Trunk Module - This module consists of the hardware, firmware, and software required to connect to and control an internodal DS3 span or facility.

T3 - tactical tri-band terminal

TA - target acquisition

TA - Terminal Adapter. The electronic interface between an ISDN device and the NT1. The terminal adaptor handles the dialing functions and interfaces to the user's data equipment as well as to the NT1 on the "S" or "T" interface.

TAACOM - Theater Army Area Command

TAAD - Theater Air Defense System

TAADS - The Army Authorization Documents System

TAB - theater air base

TAC - terminal access controller

tac - tactical

TAC - CP - tactical command post

TACACCIS - Transportation Coordinator automated command and control information system

TACAN - tactical control and navigation

TACC - tactical air control center

TACCIMS - theater automated command and control information management system

TACCS - Tactical Army Combat Service Support Computer System

TACFAM - tactical frequency assignment model

TACFAST - Tactical Forward Analyst Support System

TACFEP - tactical front end processor

TACFIRE - Tactical Fire Direction System

TACINTEL - tactical intelligence

TACLAN - tactical local area network

TACLAN/WAN - tactical local area network/wide area network

TACLS - tactical loop signaling

TACO - tactical communications protocol

TACP - tactical air control party

TACREF - tactical reference

TACS - Tactical Air Control System

TACSAT - Tactical Satellite

TACSATCOM - tactical satellite communication

TACSSCS - tactical Army combat service support computer system

TACTERM - tactical terminal

TACTS - tactical trunk signaling

TAD - telephone answering device

TADIL - tactical data information link

TADIL - tactical digital information link

TADIXS-B - Tactical Data Information Exchange System-B

TADIXS - tactical digital information exchange system

TADL - tactical data link

TADS - tactical air defense system

TADSS - training aids, devices, simulators and simulations

TAFIM - Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management

TAG - TEMPEST advisory group

TAGS - theater air ground system

TAI - targeted area of interest

TAIS - tactical airspace integration system

TAIS - telecommunications & automated information system

TAIS - target architecture and implementation strategy

TAM - telephone access module

TAMPS - tactical automated mission planning system

TAMSS - target area meteorological sensor system

Tandem Switch - A switch which is between two others. It connects two trunks together. Long distance calls on a LEC line go through a long distance tandem that passes them through to the long distance providerÕs switch.

Tandem Tie Trunk Switching - When a PBX switch allows a Tie Line call to dial out of the switch. For example, if switch "A" in Arkansas has a tie line to switch "B" in Boise, Boise could use the tie line to make calls from switch "A".

Tandem-Mode - TRK-3 - A TRK-3 module installed in tandem-mode consists of a front card only. PRC/TMCP bundles are installed on tandem-mode cards. Tandem-mode cards also process proprietary bundles when the capacity of the span-mode card is exceeded. Also see Span-Mode TRK-3.

TAO - Tactical Action Officer

TAOC - Tactical Air Operations Center

TAOM - tactical air operations module

TAP - telephone application processing

TAP - the Army plan

TAPI - telephony applications programming (program) interface

TAPP - Transportable Assemblage Perimeter Protection

TAPS - theater automated planning system

TARE - telegraph automatic relay equipment (NATO)

TARGET - Theater-level analysis replanning graphical execution toolkit

TARPS - tactical air reconnaissance pod system

TARS - theater airborne reconnaissance system

TAS - target acquisition system

TAS - telephone access server

TAS - timeline analysis system

TASCID - tactical AUTODIN satellite compensation interface device

TASCO - Tactical Automatic Switch Control Officer

TASDAC - Tactical Secure Data Communications

TASI - time-assignment speech interpolation

Tasks - The system software functions as a group of tasks. All tasks execute independently of one another. In general, a task controls a single external object (for example, a port or card) or performs a single function (for example, Network Manager Task). Tasks communicate with each other via messages.

TASO - terminal area security officer

TASR - tactical automated situation receiver

TASS - tactical automated security system (USAF)

TAU - Tactical Access Unit

TAWDS - transportable automated weather distribution system

TAXI - transparent asynchronous transceiver/receiver interface

TB - terabyte

TBD - to be determined

TBM - tactical battle management

TBM - theater battle management

TBMCS - Theater Battle Management Core Systems

TBSL - to be supplied later

TBus - Transport bus used to carry real-time user data.

TBus1 - The TBus connection provided by the primary (main) PICA ASIC. This is the TBus/PBus on the shelf on which the T3 module resides.

TBus2 - The TBus connection provided by the secondary (cascade) PICA ASIC. This is the direct connection with the SX module.

TC - transmission control

TC - technical control

TC - telemetry combiner

TCAC - Tactical Control and Analysis Center

TCAIMS - transportation coordinators AI movement system

TCAS - traffic alert collision avoidance system

TCB - trusted computing base

TCBL - tactical cell bearing link

TCC - Tactical Command Center

TCC - transmission control code

TCCC - Theater C4 Coordination Center

TCCC - terrestrial critical control circuits

TCCC - Theater Communication Coordination Center

TCCS - theater command and control system

TCCS - transit case circuit switch

TCDN - tactical communications distribution node

TCF - technical control facility

TCG - Telemetry Combiner/Generator

TCIM - tactical communications interface module

TCIN - tactical communications information network

TCIS - Tactical Communications Interface Software

TCL - tool command language

TCLTU - twenty hertz line termination unit

TCLTU - twenty Hertz/contact closure

TCM - trellis-coded modulation

TCMO - Theater COMSEC Management Office

TCOS - tactical combat operations system

TCP - tactical computer processor

TCP - Tactical Cryptologic Program

TCP - terminal control processor

TCP - Transmission Control Protocol

TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TCS - treasury communications system (Was CDN)

TCS - trusted computer system

TCS - Transportable Communications System

TCS - thermal control subsystem

TCSEC - trusted computer system evaluation criteria

TCSN - tactical circuit switch network

TCT - tactical computer (commanderÕs) terminal

TCT - tactical communications terminal

TCTC - transmit cipher text clock

TCTS - tactical combat training system

TCU - transportable computer unit

TCU - terminal control unit

TD - Transmit Data. Data coming from the DTE towards the DCE or network. Also, a light on a modem or CSU/DSU which lights to indicate presence of this signal.

TD - timing distributor

TD - telemetry decombiner

TDA - tactical decision aid

TDAC - tactical data acquisition and correlation

TDC - tactical display console

TDC - tactical document copier

TDC - Theater Deployable Communications

TDD - tactical display device

TDD - Telecommunications device for the deaf

TDD - time division duplex

TDDS - trap data dissemination system

TDE - terminal display editor

TDF - tactical digital facsimile

TDFLC - Time-Division Fault Collector

TDI - trusted database interpretation

TDIG - time division interface group

TDIGM - time division interface group modified

TDIM - time division interface module

TDIST - tactical digital interswitch trunk

TDLS - time division loop speed

TDM - (Time Division Multiplexing) - The second basic method of multiplexing. Unlike frequency division multiplexing, time division multiplexing works only with digital signals.

TDMA - time division (domain) multiple access

TDMF - Time Division Memory Function

TDMF - time division matrix function

TDMM - Time-Division Memory Module

TDMS - terminal display management system

TDMX - time division matrix

TDMX - time division multiplexer

TDN - tactical data network

TDN - tactical data network tech technical

TDP - tactical data processor

TDPI - Treasury Distributed Processing Infrastructure

TDPPM - time dithered pulse position modulation

TDR - time domain reflectometry

TDRSS - tracking and data relay satellite system

TDS - tactical data system

TDS - time division subscriber

TDSG - Time-Division Switching Group

TDSGM - Time-Division Switching Group, Modified

TDSR - transmitter data service request

TDSSCS - Tactical Defense Special Security Communications System

Te - TED extension key

TEAM - threat engagement analysis model

TECH - technical

TECHCON - technical control

TECHEVAL - technical evaluation

TECNET - technical network

TECS - treasury enforcement communications system

TED - trunk encryption device

TEDS - tactical environmental data server

TEED - tactical end-to-end encryption device

TEI - TED extension initialization

TEK - trunk encryption key

Telco - (Telephone Company) Rack - A standard shelf-mounting rack provided with the 24-slot Promina 400.

Telco - Telephone Company. Your local telephone service provider. In the 21st century you generally have a choice of Telcos if you are a business in a major metropolitan area in the USA. Competition is coming to the Telecom industry around the world.

TELCO - telephone company

Telecommunications - A term encompassing both voice and data communications in the form of coded signals over media.

Telephony - Generic term describing voice communications.

TELINT - Telemetry Intelligence

TELNET - Telnet Protocol

Telnet - This command establishes a user interface with a remote system using the Telnet protocol.

TEM - Trunk Encryption Module

TEM - trunk encryption module

TEMP - Test and Evaluation Master Plan

temp - temporary

TEMPEST - telecommunications and electrical machinery protected from emissions and spurious transmissions

TEMPEST - technical electro-magnetic pulse emanation suppression techniques

TEMPEST - transient electro-magnetic pulse emanation standards techniques

TEMPO - telecommunications modernization project (DOD)

TENCAP - Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities

TEP - tactical electronic processor

TEP - task execution plan

TERCOM - terrain contour matching

TERM - terminal

Terminal - Adapter - See TA

TERN - subscriber net variable

TERPES - tactical electronic reconnaissance processing and evaluation system

TERS - tactical event reporting system

TERV - subscriber rekey variable

TES - tactical engagement simulator

TESS - tactical environmental support system

TETRA - trans-European trunked radio

TEWS - tactical electronic warfare system

TFA - transparent file access

TFCC - tactical flag command center

TFDD - text file device driver

TFG - telecommunications functional group

TFM - trusted facility manual

TFOCA - thin fiber optic cable assembly

TFOPS - trillion floating-point operations per second

TFS - technical foundation server

TFT - thin-film transistor

TFTP - Trivial File Transfer Protocol

TG - trunk group

Tg - TED gateway key

TGASC - timing generator automatic signaling card

TGBR - theater ground based radar

TGC - Trunk Group Cluster

TGC - test generator controller

TGEN - table generate

TGI - transaction generated information

TGI - TED gateway initialization

TGM - Trunk Group Multiplexer

TGM - transmission group module

TGMOW - transmission group module/orderwire

TGRT - Transportable Ground Receive Terminal

THAAD - Theater High Altitude Air Defense

THD - total harmonic distortion

THF - time horizon to failure

THHR - tactical handheld radio

THMT - tactical high mobility terminal

THR - transmit holding register

Throughput - The speed at which data is output from a multiplexer.

thru - through

THSDN - Tactical High Speed Data Network

THz - teraHertz

TI - technical intelligence

TI - Tactical Internet

TI - tactical Internet management system

Ti - TED initialization key

TI - trunk interface

TIA - Telecommunications Industry Association

TIA - Tactical Interface Adapter

TIARA - tactical intelligence & related activities

TIB - tactical information base (bulletin)

TIBS - tactical information broadcast system (Service)

TIC - Technology Integration Center

TIDP - Technical Interface Design Plan

TIE - time interval error

Tie Line - See Tie Trunk

Tie Trunk - A Trunk between two PBXs. Note, a tie line is a dedicated circuit, not a switched circuit. See Trunk

TIF - tagged image file

TIFF - tagged image file format

TIGER - topographically integrated geographic encoding and referencing

TIGRTP - tactical intelligence guide to regional threat platforms

TIIAP - Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program

TIM - telecommunications industry mobilization

TIM - technical integration manager

TIM - transmission interface module

TIM - trunk interface multiplexer

TIMA - tool inventory management application

TIMBT - Built In Test Control Card

TIMS - tactical internet modeling and simulation

TIMS - theater information management system

TIMS - transmission impairment measurement set

TIMS - tactical Internet

TIMTG - timing generator

TINA-C - Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture Consortium

TINA - tactical Internet network agent

TINS - thermal imaging navigation set

TIP - Tactical Intelligence Program

TIP - Telecommunications Improvement Program

TIP - terminal interface processor

TIP - theater injection point

TIPHON - telecommunications and Internet protocol harmonization over networks

TIREM - terrain-integrated rough-earth model

TISD - tactical Internet system description

TISS - thermal imaging sensor system

TIU - (trunk) trusted interface unit

TIU - TSSR Interface Unit

TIW - Transnational Infrastructure Warfare

TJTN-CCB - Theater Joint Tactical Networks Configuration Control Board

TLC - traffic load control

TLD - top level domain (Internet)

TLDF - team label data file

TLDHS - Target Location, Designation and Hand-off System

TLI - Transport Layer Interface

TLM - topographic line maps

TLM - telemetry module

TLP - transmission level point

TLP - (Test Level Point) - Used in setting the dB level in analog circuits over a 23dB range.

TLS - top level specification

TLS - TOC LAN server

TLSP - transport layer security protocol

TM - technical manual

TM - traffic management

TM - TROPO modem

TMAC - Treasury multiuser acquisition contract

TMAP - Telecommunications Monitoring and Assessment Program (USAF)

TMCP - (Two Megabit Channelized Port) Module - This module supports CCITT 2.048 Mbps CEPT transmission equipment and facilities and serves as a digroup interface for European voice calls.

TMD - tactical (theater) missile defense

TMDPS - tactical mission data planning system

TMG - Tactical Multi-Net Gateway

TMG - tactical messaging gateway

TMG - timing

TMIF - tactical MSE interface family

TMN - Telecommunications Management Network

TMPS - theater mission planning system

TMRC - teletype modulaltion rate converter

TMS - tactical message system

TMS - tax modernization system

TMS - technical and management support (DSA/FTS)

TMS - trouble management system

TMS - tactical message switch

TMSO - Telecommunications Management Service Office

TMTA - tactical message transfer agent

TMWS - Target Material Work Station

Tn - TED network key

TN - T nodal

TNAPS+ - Tactical Network Analysis and Planning System Plus

TNC - Threaded Nut Connector

TNC - terminal node controller

TNCC - TROJAN Network Control Center

TNI - trusted network interpretation

TNM - telecommunications network management (standard)

TNS - tactical name server

TO - technical order

TOC - Tactical Operations Center

TOCU - tropo orderwire control unit

TOD - time of day

TOE - table(s) of organization and equipment

TOES - telephone order entry system

TOH - top of hill

Token - Pertains to LAN systems. It is a unique combination of bits that grants permission to a LAN workstation to transmit.

Token Bus - A LAN with a bus structure that uses token passing for access.

TOP - technical (and) office protocol

Top Cable Entry Kit - Allows customers to drop cables into the node from an overhead, vertical ladder instead of bringing them up from the raised floor.

Topology - A description of the physical connections of a network.

TOPOMAN - topographic manager

TOPS - total object programming system

TOPS - transition of optical processing to systems

TOS - terms of service

TOS - trusted operating system

TOS - type-of-service

TOT - time on task

TP - transaction processing

TP - telephone

TP - transport protocol

TPA - tactical packet adapter

TPA - terminal privilege authority

TPC - Telecommunications Policy Committee

TPC - tactical pilotage charts

TPDU - transport protocol data unit

TPEP - Trusted Product Evaluation Program

TPF - transaction processing facility

TPFDD - Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data

TPFDL - Time-Phased Force and Deployment List

TPI - tracks per inch

TPI - two-person integrity

TPL - table producing language

TPM - transient protection module

TPN - Tactical Packet Network

TPS - technology protection system

TPS - tactical packet switch

TPSN - tactical packet switch network

TQDM - total quality data management

TQM - total quality management

TR - token ring

TR - GNDCP transportable ground command post

TR - terminal ready

TRAC - tactical radar correlator

TRADOC - United States Army Training and Doctrine Command

Traffic Shaping - A mechanism that alters the traffic characteristics of a stream of cells on a connection to achieve better network efficiency, while meeting the QoS objectives, or to ensure conformance at a subsequent interface. Traffic shaping must maintain cell sequence integrity on a connection.

Transcoder - A device to encode and decode. Encoding is the generation of digital signals in PCM voice equipment to represent quantized samples. Decoding is a set of quantized values generated from digital representation.

TRANSEC - transmission security

Transit Domain - A call can only pass-through at most one domain, called the transit domain, to reach its destination. The transit domain is a "route server domain."

Transmission - The dispatching of a signal, message, or other form of intelligence by wire, radio, telegraphy, telephony, facsimile, or other means (ISO); a series of characters, messages, or blocks including control information and user data.

Transmission Link - The information path between sender and receiver.

TRAP - Tactical Related Application

Trap - An asynchronous message from the SNMP agent to the SNMP manager notifying the manager of events or alarms that have occurred at the node.

TRAP - terrain resources analysis program

TRC - technical reference codes

TRC - transverse redundancy check

TRC - transmission release code

TRC - Transmission Resource Controller

TRCS - tactical radio communications system

TRE - tactical receive equipment

Trendiest - The portion of the central office that connects to trunks going to other switching offices.

TRG - Threshold Reporting Group

TRI-TAC - Tri-Service Tactical Communications

TRIB - transfer rate of information bits

TRILS - tactical radar identification and location system (Canada)

TRIMS - targets and ranges information/management system

TRK-2 Module - This module supports standard North American D4 framed, DS1 rate (1.544 Mbps) transmission facilities.

TRK-3 Module - This module supports subrated facilities at 1.544 Mbps DS1 or FT1 (T1-DSX interface card), 2.048 Mbps E1 of FE1 (E1 interface card), or Nx64 kbps (64-2048 kbps) RS-530/RS-449/ V.36/X.21/V.35 (STI interface card). Proprietary, clear channel, and PRC/ TMCP bundles are installed on the card to allocate the DS0s.

TRK - trunk

TRL - tropospheric link

TRLP - transmission reference level point

TRM - Team Risk Management

TRM - technical reference model

TRN - token ring network

TRO - transparent remote operation

TROJAN - SPIRIT special purpose integrated remote intelligence terminal

TROPO - tropospheric scatter radio

Trouble Ticket - A telco "work order" used to track Customer Repairs within the Telco. If you call someone "inside" the telco's repair department they will need this number to proceed. It will also be needed whenever you call to check on the status of a repair. Always ask for this number when initiating a repair request.

TRP - technology reinvestment project

TRP - target reference point

TRPI - telecommunications-related personal information

TRSS - tactical remote sensor system

TRT - tropospheric terminal

Trunk - A single physical bandwidth resource connecting two nodes (such as a T1 or T3 trunk) and is used to build a transmission network. A network may include fiber optic, copper wire, coaxial cable, microwave, or satellite. Also see link.

Trunk Group - A number of telephone channels which are functionally related. Most common is the Hunt Group. Other common types include Incoming Trunk Groups and Outgoing Trunk Groups. See also Combination Trunks and Two-way DID Trunks.

Trunk Routing Attributes - Parameters defining the level of preference for three types of trunk characteristics: Terrestrial or Satellite, Encrypted or Not Encrypted, or Fiber.

TRUSIX - trusted UNIX working group

TS - time slot

TS - tandem switches

TS - Top Secret

TS/C - TOP SECRET/Collateral

TS/SCI - Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information

TS/SI - top secret/sensitive information

TS3 - TOP SECRET Support System

TSABI - top secret and below interoperability

TSAD - Theater Strategic Air Defense

TSAP - transport service access point

TSAPI - telephony services application program interface

TSARS - tactical situation awareness response system

TSAS - tactical switching afloat system

TSB - trunk signaling buffer

TSC - Tactical Support Center

TSC - Modernization System

TSC(A) - Theater Signal Command (Army)

TSC2 - Telecommunications Support Contract 2 (GSA/FTS)

TSCM - technical surveillance countermeasures program

TSD - tactical situation display

TSE - terminal server edition

TSEC - telecommunications security

TSES - tactical signals exploitation system

TSG - test signal generator

TSGCEE - tri-service group on communications-electronics equipment (NATO)

TSIG - trusted systems interoperability group

TSK - transmission security key

TSL - tactical satellite link

TSM - tax system modernization

TSM - trusted software methodology

TSM - trunk signaling message

TSO - time sharing option

TSO - telecommunications service order

TSOP - thin small-outline package

TSOP - tactical standing operating procedure

TSP - telecommunications service priority

TSP - PO TSP Program Office

TSP - (Time Space Processor) ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) - Each SX module has four TSPs, each capable of performing time-space-time switching on IC residing on the switchboard. Facilitates bi-directional transmission of call data between more than one TBus. The TSP has two major functions: Time Slot Interchange, and PBus arbitration and control.

TSP - telecommunication service priority

TSPI - time space position information

TSR - telecommunications service request

TSR - terminate and stay resident

TSRD - Telecommunications Security Requirements Document

TSS - Telecommunications Standardization Sector

TSS - traffic service station

TSS - tactical switching system

TSSP - tactical satellite signal processor

TSSR - tropo-satellite support radio

TST - tactical satellite terminal

TSTS - transaction switching and transport service

TT - terminal timing

TT&C - telemetry, tracking & command

TTA - tactical terminal adapter

TTA - trusted transfer agent

TTA - tactical terminal adapter

TTAP - Trusted Technology Assessment Program (NSA-NIST)

TTCS - tactical terminal control system

TTD - temporary text delay

TTDS - theater tactical display system

TTL - (Transistor to Transistor Logic) - A digital circuit in which the output is derived from two transistors. The term also refers generically to digital connections in contrast with analog connections.

TTL - time-to-live

TTMS - TROJAN Transportable Mini Switch

TTP - trusted third party (parties)

TTS - text-to-speech

TTS - trouble ticketing system

TTY - teletype

TTY - teletypewriter

TU - timing unit

TU/FA - transition unit frame assembly

TUBA - transition unit box assembly

TUBA - TCP and UDP with bigger addresses

TUNA - transition unit nest assembly

TVI - television interference

TVP - topological vector profile

TVRS - tactical voice recognition system

TW/AA - tactical warning and attack assessment

TWA - two-way alternate

TWASI - 2-wire analog subscriber interface

TWG - telecommunications working group

Two Wire - A circuit path where only a single pair of wires is used. A Hybrid is used to convert from two wire to Four Wire circuits. No hybrid is perfect, and those used by the phone company can be pretty bad. But the Telos TWO family is approaching perfection!

Two-way DID Trunk - An ISDN PRI (or T1) line equipped for direct inward dialing. Most trunks are related to a given phone number, either alone or as part of a hunt group. In the case of a "normal" (ie analog) DID Trunk a group of phone numbers are associated with that DID trunk (or group of trunks) and incoming calls include the DID Number, so the PBX can route that call to the correct DID Extension. This is exactly how ISDN PRI functions, with the DID information coming in over the D Channel. There is a big difference between a normal DID Trunk and a Two-way DID trunk over ISDN PRI. For one thing, ISDN PRI is digital. More importantly, you cannot dial out over a true DID trunk and you can dial out over a PRI. See DID

TWS - two-way simultaneous

TWTA - traveling wave tube amplifier

TWX - teletypewriter exchange service

TX - transmit

TxClkIn - transmit clock in

TXCLKIN - transmit clock in

TxClkSrc - transmit clock source

TXD - transmitted data

TxIn - transmit in

TxRef - transmit reference

TXREF - transmit reference


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