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R - required, AN/TTC-42 reentry key

R - Routine

R - restricted

R&S - reconnaissance and surveillance

R/C - redundant-communications security capable

R/C - Redundant capable

R/NC - redundant-not communications security capable

R/T - receive/transmit


R1 - Switch Traffic Report

R2 - Node Pair Traffic Report

R3 - Summary Report for TGCS

R4 - Precedence Report for TGCS

R5 - Loop Traffic Report

R6 - DTG BER Report

RA - Remote Authentication

RA - resync achieved

RA - registration authority

RACE - Research into Advanced Communications in Europe (see ACTS)

RACF - resource access control facility

Rack-Mounting Space - All telephone equipment and racks are designed so that their height is evenly divided by 1.75 inches (4.45 cm); 1.75 inches (4.45 cm) is the vertical dimension of one rack-mounting space in a telco rack. The dimensions of a single rack-mounting space in a cabinet are set so that any given piece of equipment will occupy one or more of these spaces.

RAD - rapid application development (tool)

RADAR - radio detection and ranging

RADAY - radio day

RADINT - radar intelligence

RADSL - rate adaptive DSL

RAID - redundant arrays of independent (inexpensive) disks (drives)

RAIDS - rapid anti-ship missile integrated defense system

RALU - register arithmetic logic unit

RAM - random access memory

RAM - reliability, availability and maintainability

RAMTEC - rapid modular technical control

RAMTIP - reliability and maintainability technology insertion program

RAP - radio access point

RAP - rapid application prototyping

RAP - recognized air picture (NATO)

RARP - Reverse Address Resolution Protocol

RAS - random access storage

RAS - remote access server

RASP - remote access security program

RASP - reusable avionics software project

RASSP - rapid prototyping of application-specific signal processing

RASU - random access storage unit

RAT - Registration Assistance Tool

RAU - Radio Access Unit

RAVN - Regimental aviation

RB-STD - rubidium standard

RBBS - remote bulletin board system

RBC - (Relative Bus Cycle) - Unit of interface relative to the module's window on the TBus. Contrast with Absolute Bus Cycle (ABC).

RBCS - remote bar coding system

RBECS - Revised Battlefield Electronic Communications-Electronics Operation Instruction System

RBECS - Revised Battlefield Electronic Communications- Electronics Operation Instruction System

RBES - rule-based expert system

RBI - RED/BLACK isolator

RBI - RED-BLACK interface

RBM - Receive Broadcast Manager

RBOC - Regional Bell Operating Company. One of the regional companies formed when AT&T got out of the local telephone business. Each RBOC (or "baby bell") owns a number of the former "Bell Operating Companies". The Bell Operating Companies are the traditional local phone companies (pre-1984), except where oneÕs service is from an "Independent" (non bell) telephone company or a CLEC. Due to their former association with the Bell System RBOCs are regulated by the FCC differently than are independent Telcos. In many cases the Bell Operating Company structure is no longer used. For instance, here in Ohio we now deal directly with the RBOC, Ameritech, while the old Bell Operating Company, Ohio Bell Telephone, no longer exists. Another trend is mergers among the RBOCs (and in some cases the independents as well). See CLEC and LEC.

RBS - remote base station

RC - receive clock

RCA - Radio Coverage Analysis

RCAS - reserve component automation system

RCC - radio-common carrier

RCC - Rekey Cycle Complete

RCC - Regional Control Center

RCCS - radiological controls computer system

RCERT - Regional Computer Emergency Response Team

RCI - resource critical item

RCL - radio communications/control link

RCL - received carrier level

RCM - resync control module

RCMC - Regional COMSEC Monitoring Center

RCS - radar cross section

RCS - requirements computation system

RCSP - remote call service position

RCTC - receive cipher text clock

RCU - remote control unit

RCU - rekeying control unit

RCU - rate changer unit

RCV - receive

RCVD - Received

RCVR - Receiver

RD - Receive Data. Data coming from the network, or DCE towards the DTE. Also, a light on a modem or CSU/DSU which lights to indicate presence of this signal.

RD - ringdown

RD&J - radar deception and jamming

RDA - remote data (base) access

RDB - receive data buffer

RDB - requirements data bank

RDBMS - relational database management system

RDCO - research development coordination office

RDEC - Research Development and Engineering Center

RDEL - RI delete

RDF - radio direction finding

RDG - random data generator

RDJTF - rapid deployment joint task force

RDLAP - radio data link access protocol

RDM - remote data management

RDM - RED data module

RDN - relative distinguished name

RDS - report distribution system

RDSS - radio determination and satellite system

RE - relay

REACT - rapid execution and combat targeting system

REC - radio electronic combat

RECAP - recapitulation

RECIPe - Remote Encryptor Configuration Information Protocol

RECON - reconnaissance

RECP - Regional Emergency Communications Planner (NCS)


Red Alarm - A Red Alarm means that an out of frame or carrier loss condition has been detected at the local receiver. This causes a yellow alarm to be transmitted to the far end.

RED - classified

RED - collateral

Redundancy - Refers to backup hardware, software, and transmission circuits that protect against network failure.

ref - reference

Regenerator - Equipment that reconstruct and retransmits a pulse train.

Regional - Bell Operating Company - See RBOC.

REIN - reintroduction

REL - recovered energy logic

REL - release

RELP - residual excited linear prediction

REMBASS - remotely monitored battlefield sensor system

REMFM - Remote Fault Multiplexer

Remote Debugger - Used by N.E.T. personnel to troubleshoot problems on the node.

Remote Login (rlogin) - Allows you to gain access to the full Operator Interface on a remote node while in the node from which you are working.

Remote Loop - The local port requests that the remote port implement a loop-in.

Remote UI - A User Interface application not resident on the same machine as SSIMP-LR Main.

REn - relay type code

REOS - real-time electronic online system

Repeater - A communications systems component that amplifies or regenerates signals to compensate for losses in the system.

Reserved Slots - A slots on the cards shelf that is required for a specific card type.

RESYNC - resynchronization

RETRANS - retransmission

REXEC - remote execution

RF - radio frequency

RFAM - radio frequency attack munition

RFC - request for comments

RFI - radio frequency interference

RFIC - radio frequency integrated circuit

RFID - radio frequency identification

RFM - radio frequency module

RFO - request for outage

RFP - Request For Programming

RFQ - radio frequency quadrupole

RFS - radioelectronic fire strike (Russia)

RFS - remote file sharing (system)

RFS - request for service

RFSM - Radio Frequency Spectrum Management

RFT - revisable form text

RGB - red-green-blue

RH - right hand

RH - reentry home

RHDD - Radiation Hardened Disk Drive

RHDD - removable hard disk drives

RHM - RED hub module

RHP - reconfigurable hardware product

RHR - radio horizon range

RI - Ring Indicator

RI - routing indicator

RII - Relevant Information and Intelligence

RIM - rapid information management

RINT - Radiation Intelligence

RIO - Regional Information Officer

RIP - raster image processor

RIP - remote imaging protocol

RIP - Routing Information Protocol

RIPSO - revised interconnection protocol security option

RIS - Rekey Initiate Sent

RISC - Reduced Instruction Set Computer

RISTA - reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance and target acquisition

RIU - remote interface unit

RJ-45 - A serial connector which looks like a standard telephone connector, except it houses eight wires instead of four. Often used on devices such as terminal servers that have many ports.

RJE - remote job entry

RK - rekey

RKA - rekey agent

RKID - rekey ID

RKV - VINSON rekey variable

RKVD - VINSON rekey variable duplicate

RLE - run length encoded

RLGM - Remote Loop Group Multiplexer

RLGM/CD - Remote Loop Group Multiplexer/Cable Driver

RLL - run length limited

RLOS - remote line-of-sight

RLSD - received line signal detected

RM - reference monitor

RM - reprogrammable microprocessor

RM - radio modem

RMA - Revolution in Military Affairs

RMAST - Reserve Mobile Ashore Support Terminal

RMC - Remote Multiplexer Combiner

RMC - Raptor management console

RME - resource manager essentials

RMI - remote message interface

RMM - RED Multiplexer Module

RMNCS - Regional Manager, National Communications System

RMO - Resource Management Offices

RMON - remote monitoring

RMP - reprogrammable microprocessor

RMS - requirements management system

RMTOPER - remote operate

RMTZERO - remote zero

RN - regional nodes

RN/C - redundant-not COMSEC capable

RNA - rapid needs assessment

RNG - random number generator

RNOSC - Regional Network Operations and Security Center

RNTDS - Restructured Navy Tactical Data System

RO - read only

Robbed Bit Signaling - A signaling scheme that "borrows" bits on each T1 channel for use as signaling channels. On SF T1's there are two bits, the A bit and the B bit in each direction. On ESF T1's there is also a C and D bit in each direction, although they are rarely used. Using these bits, various older analog trunk interfaces can be emulated over a T1. For instance, address signaling using 10 pulse per second (rotary style) digit groups over these bits. Since robbed bit signaling interferes with the least significant bit, only 7 bits can be used for sensitive data applications, leaving only a 56kbps channel for data applications.

ROC - Regional Operation Center

ROCE - rules of coordination and engagement

ROCU - Remote Orderwire Control Unit

ROI - return on investment

Rollover - See Hunt Group

ROM - read-only memory

ROOM - real-time object-oriented modeling

ROP - raster operation

ROSC - Regional Operations and Security Center

Router - Interconnects geographically dispersed networks.

Routing Cost - The value or cost that has been assigned to each link in a network. In configuring a route for a call, the total value or cost for each possible route is determined and the route with the least cost is chosen.

Routing Requirements - Determines the path a call takes to reach its destination.

Routing Table - Each network node has a copy of the network routing table, which tracks link topology even when a link has more than one trunk. It also tracks trunk characteristics. For example, if the table indicates a link is both satellite and terrestrial, it is understood that the link has multiple trunks.

RP - restoration priority (now TSP)

RP - release point

RPC - remote procedure call

RPG - report program generator

RPL - resident programming language

RPM - revolutions per minute

RPOA - recognized private operating agency (CCITT)

RPPROM - reprogrammable PROM

RPTC - receive plain text clock

RR - repetition rate

RR - radio relay

RR - receiver ready

RR-MO - Response and Recovery Directorate's Mobile Operations Division

RR - receiver-ready

RR - resource record

RRAU - remote radio access unit

RRM - RED router module

RRR - Rekey Request Received

RRS - remote relay system

RS-232C - Industry standard specifications for mechanical and electrical interfacing of DTE with DCE; a 25-pin physical interface.

RS-422 - Trunk Module - This module provides an RS-449/422-compatible interface that operates at speeds ranging from 256 kbps to 2048 kbps. It offers the same functionality as the T1 trunk module, including multiplexing internodal signaling and support for all voice compression methods.

RS-423 - An unbalanced electrical implementation of RS-449 for RS-232C compatibility.

RS - request to send

RS - rate synthesizer

RS - router subsystem

RSA - Rivest, Shamir, Adleman

RSAR - recipient specified alternate recipient

RSB - Routing Subsystem Buffer

RSB - routing signaling buffer

RSB/DA - Routing Subsystem Buffer/Data Adapter

RSBC - Routing Subsystem Buffer Controller

RSBC - routing signaling buffer controller

RSBIN - Remote Signaling Buffer Interface

RSC - remote switching center

RSC - RED station clock

RSCD - RS-423 to CDlp card

RSCS - remote spooling communications system

RSDC - reconnaissance-strike-defense complex


rsh - remote shell

RSL - received signal level

RSMI - remote soldier machine interface

RSNOC - RES switch operations center

RSOC - Regional Signals Intelligence Operations Center

RSP - radio switch panel

RSP - readiness spare packet

RSS - Routing Subsystem

RSS-D - downsize routing subsystem

RSS - radio subsystem

RSSC - Regional Space Support Center

RSSC - Regional Satellite Support Center

RSSD - routing subsystem downsized

RSSMOP - Routing Subsystem Maintenance and Operation Program

RST - reset flag, TCP header

RSTA - Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition

RSTC - reconnaissance-strike-target complex

RSTER - radar surveillance technology experimental radar

RSU - Routing Signaling Unit

RSU - remote switch unit

RSVP - Resource Reservation Protocol

RSVP - Resource Reserve Protocol

RSX - real time resource sharing executive

RT - receiver-transmitter

Rt - route

RT - radio transmitter

RT - remote terminal

RTA - remote trunk arrangement

RTAM - remote terminal access method

RTC - (Real Time Clock) - In Promina systems RTC is used as a relative measurement of real time processing for indicating when a processor is overloaded.

RTCA - Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics

RTCP - Real Time Transport Control Protocol

RTCU - remote terminal control unit

RTDI - responsive theater defense interceptors

RTE - run time environment

RTE - receive timing error

RTF - rich text format

RTIC - real time information in cockpit

RTL - register-transfer level (language)

RTLP - receiver test level point

RTM - response time monitor

RTM - real-time mode

RTO - recovery time objective

RTO - retransmission time out

RTOS - real-time operating system

RTP - real-time protocol

RTP - Real Time Transport Protocol

RTR - router

RTS - rapid targeting system (Navy)

RTS - (Request To Send) - An Electronics Industry Association (EIA) signal that may be passed end-to-end using the transparent signaling feature.

RTS - remote transfer switch

RTT - round-trip time

RTTC - Regional Technical Transfer Center

RTTY - Remote Teletype

RTTY - radio teletypewriter

RTU - remote terminal unit

RTV - real time video

RU - Routing Unit

RV - receive variable

RVA - relative virtual address

RVDT - Remote Video Display Terminal

RVDTC - Remote Video Display Terminal Controller

RVI - reverse interrupt

RVM - reference validation mechanism

RVWG - Reliability and Vulnerability Working Group

RWI - radio wire integration

RWR - radar warning receiver

RWS - remote workstation

RX - receive

RXCLK - receive clock

RXCLKIN - receive clock in RXREF receive reference

RXDCT - receive digital cipher text

RXDPT - receive digital plain text

RZ - (Return to Zero) - See unipolar.


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