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I-CASE - integrated computer-aided software (systems) engineering

I-MAC - isynchronous media access controller

I&A - identification and authentication

I&RTS - Integration and Runtime Specifications

I/O - input/output

I2 - image intensifying

I3MP - Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (Army)

I3P - Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection

I4 - International Information Integrity Institute

I422 - Trunk Module - A low bandwidth trunk module to connect sites in different countries.

IA - Imagery Analyst

IA - Information Assurance (DOD)

IA - internet access

IA - issuing authority

IA/M - information assurance monitoring

IAB - Internet Architecture (Activities) Board

IAC - Image Analysis Center

IAC - Information Analysis Center

IAC - interapplication communication

IAC - International Access Code

IAC - International Area Code

IAD - Information Assurance Document

IAD - integrated antenna detectors

IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency

IAFIS - integrated automated fingerprint identification system (FBI)

IAG - Information Assurance Group

IAL - incoming async link

IALEIA - International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts

IAMC - information assurance management cell

IANA - Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

IAP - Information Architecture Plan

IAP - Information Assurance Posture

IAP - Internet Access Provider

IAP - interactive asset placement

IAR - Interoperability Assessment Report

IARRCIS - Interim Allied Command Europe Information System

IAS - intelligence analysis system

IAS - intelligence analysis system

IAT - import address table

IATAC - Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center

IATACS - Improved Army Tactical Communications System

IATF - Information Assurance Technology (Technical) Framework

IATO - interim approval to operate

IAUP - internet user account provider

IAVA - Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert

IAVB - Information Assurance Vulnerability Bulletin

IAW - in accordance with

IAWGDEC - Interagency Working Group on Drug Enforcement Communications

IB/OOB - in-band/out-of-band

IBAC - identity based access control

IBAG - INFOSEC Business Advisory Group

IBC - instrument bus computer

IBC - in-band control

IBCS - integrated battlefield control system

IBCT - Initial/Interim Brigade Combat Team

IBIS - interactive battlespace intelligence system

IBIS - interagency border inspection system

IBS - integrated booking system

IBS - Integrated Broadcast Service

IBW - information-based warfare

IC - information center (DOD)

IC - integrated circuit

IC - integration contractor

IC - intelligence community

IC - interrupt controller

IC - intercept

IC - interface control

IC/CIO - Intelligence Community/Chief Information Officer

IC4I - Integration for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence

ICA - intra-application communications area

ICADS - integrated correlation and display system

ICAM - integrated computer-aided manufacturing

ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization

ICAP - Integrated Communications Access Package

ICAP - Intelligence Community Assignment Program

ICAP - Integrated Communications Access Package

ICARIS - intelligence communications and requirements information system

ICASC - Improved Direct Air Support Central

ICATS - interactive computer aided training system

ICC - Information and Coordination Central

ICC - intelligence coordination center (Coast Guard)

ICCCM - inter-client communications conventions manual

ICCIP - Inter-Center Council on Information Processing

ICCITS - Inter-Center Council on Information Technology Security

ICCN - Inter-Center Council on Networking

ICCP - Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals

ICD - imitative communications deception

ICD - Interface Control Document

ICDL - Integrated Circuit Design Language

ICE - information and content exchange

ICE - integrated collaborative engineering

ICE - International Cryptography Experiment

ICE - intrusion countermeasures equipment

ICEMAN - Integrated Computing Environment-Mainframe and Networking (FAA)

ICF - interconnect facility

ICI - image component information

ICI - incoming call identification

ICIT - Industry Coalition on Information Technology

ICL - interface clear

ICLID - incomming-call line identification

ICM - Intelligence Collection Management

ICM - Intelligence Correlation Module

ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol

ICN - idle channel noise

ICNIA - integrated communication, navigation and identification avionics

ICO - Intelligence Community Officers

ICO - intermediate circular orbit

ICODES - integrated computerized deployment system

ICOE - Intelligence Center of Excellence

ICOM - integrated communication security

ICON - Imagery Communications and Operations Node

ICP - integrated channel processor

ICP - interface change proposal

ICP - internal communications processor

ICP - Intertheater COMSEC package

ICP - intertheater communications security package

ICQC - Intelligence Community Quality Council

ICR - in-circuit reconfigurable

ICR - Intelligence Collection Requirements

ICR - intelligent character recognition

ICRI - interswitch collective RI

ICS - intelligence community staff (now intelligence management staff)

ICS - interagency communications system

ICS - intuitive command structure

ICSC - Interior Communications Switching Center

ICSI - Interdepartmental Committee on Security and Intelligence (Canada)

ICU - interface control unit

ICW - interactive courseware

ICW - interrupted continuous wave

ICWG - interface control working group

ID - identification

ID3 - international direct distance dialing (GSA/FTS)

IDA - integrated digital access

IDA - intelligent disk (drive) array

IDAPI - integrated database application programming interface

IDARS - integrated document archive and retrieval system

IDB - integrated database

IDCU - integrated data communications utility

IDD - interface design document

IDDD - international direct distance dialing

IDDF - intermediate data distribution facility

IDE - integrated data environment

IDE - integrated device (drive) electronics

IDE - interactive design and engineering

IDE - interface design enhancement

IDEA - International Data Encryption Algorithm

IDEAS - intelligence data element and authorization system

IDEAS - interior department electronic acquisition system

IDECM - integrated defensive electronic countermeasure

IDEF - Integrated Definition Language

IDEX - image data exploitation system

IDF - intermediate distribution frame

IDH - Interface Design Handbook

IDHS - intelligence data handling system

IDIP - intrusion detection interactive protocol

IDIQ - indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity

IDIV - integer divide

IDL - interactive distance learning

IDL - Interface Definition Language

IDL - interoperable data link

IDL - interim data link

IDM - improved data modem

IDM - information dissemination management

IDM - intelligent database machine

IDM-T - information dissemination management-tactical

IDM - information dissemination management

IDMP - intelligence digital message processor

IDMS - integrated data base management system

IDMT - Intelligence Digital Message Terminal

IDN - integrated digital network

IDNX - (Integrated Digital Network Exchange) - Refers to components of the N.E.T. IDNX network: an IDNX/90, IDNX/70, IDNX/20, and IDNX/Micro 20.

IDO - Integrated Deterrent Option

IDOCS - intrusion detection optical communication system

IDOM - integrated document and output management

IDP - integrated data processing

IDP - intelligence data processor

IDRC - improved data recording capability

IDRP - Interdomain Routing Protocol

IDS - intrusion detection system

IDT - integrated device technology

IDT - interrupt descriptor table

IDTS - integrated data transport (telecommunications) system (Army)

IDTS - Integrated Digital Telecommunications Switch (USAF)

IDTV - improved definition television

IDX - index

IE - information engineering

IEB - Intelink Engineering Board

IEC - interexchange carriers

IEC - InterExchange Carrier. "Long Distance" carrier. Handles Interlata and interstate calls. Also referred to as IXC.

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEF - Information Engineering Facility

IEMATS - Improved Emergency Actions Automatic Transmission System

IEMS - integrated emergency management system

IEMSI - interactive electronic mail standard identification

IEN - Internet Experiment Notes

IEP - Intergovernmental Enterprise Panel

IER - information exchange requirement

IES - imagery exploitation system

IESG - Internet Engineering Steering Group

IESS - imagery exploitation support system

IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force

IETM - interactive electronic technical manual

IEW - intelligence and electronic warfare

IEWCS - intelligence and electronic warfare common sensor

IF - intermediate frequency

IFA - interagency funding agreement

IFAS - industrial fund accounting system

IFD - image file directory

IFF - identification friend or foe

IFF/NCTR - identification friend or foe/non-cooperative target

IFFN - identification friend or foe/neutral

IFG - incoming fax gateway

IFMA - Information Functional Mission Area

IFOV - instantaneous field of view

IFR - Identify For Rekeying

IFS - ionospheric forward scatter

IFS - installable file system

IFSM - information systems management

IG - interagency group

IGA - integrated graphics array

IGC - integrated graphics controller

IGES - initial graphics exchange specification (standard)

IGMP - Internet Group Management Protocol

IGOSS - industry-government open system specification

IGP - intelligent gateway processor

IGP - interior gateway protocol

IGRP - interior gateway routing protocol

IGS - Internet go server

IGSM - interim ground station module

IGW - integral gateway

IGX - integrated gateway exchange

IGX - ISDN gateway exchange

IGX.C - IGX Command Control Exchange

IHC - Information Handling Committee

IHF - improved high frequency

IHFR - improved high frequency radio

II - imagery interpretation

IIA - Information Industry Association

III - Interstate Identification Index (FBI)

IIMS - integrated image management system

IIOP - intra/Internet object protocol

IIR - infinite impulse response

IIR - imaging infrared

IIR - immediate impulse response

IIS - industry information security

IITA - information infrastructure technology applications

IITF - Information Infrastructure Task Force

IIW - information in war (USAF)

IJC3S - integrated joint command and control communications system

IKE - Internet key exchange

ILC - interlink module

ILEC - Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier. A local Exchange Carrier which entered the marketplace before the enactment of the 1996 Telecom act;. i.e. a telephone company which is neither an Indie nor an RBOC. See LEC and CLEC.

ILECS - Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers

ILI - intelligent line interface

ILMI - (Integrated Local Management Interface) - An ATM Forum-defined interim specification for network management functions between an end user and a public or private network and between a public network and a private network. This is based on a limited subset of SNMP capabilities.

ILSC - Industrial Logistics Systems Center (Army)

IM - information management

IM - intensity modulation

IM - Interface Manager

IMA - information (management) mission area

IMA - Interactive Multimedia Association

IMA - Inverse Multiplexing over ATM

IMA - Information Mission Area

IMACS - interservice materiel and accounting control system

IMAP - Internet Message Access Protocol

IMCT - intermodule compatibility testing

IMDS - integrated maintenance data system

IME - input method editor

IMETS - integrated meteorological system

IMEWS - integrated missile warning system

IMG - imagery

IMINT - imagery intelligence

Immediate - IADS integrated audio distribution system

IMP - information/interface message processor

IMP - Information Management Plan

IMP - intelligence message processor

IMP - interface message processor

IMPE - information management processing equipment

Impedance - The resistance to the flow of alternating current in a circuit.

IMPEG - Information Management Program Evaluation Group

IMPWG - Information Policy Working Group

IMS - Integrated Management System

IMSI - intelligent multi-sensor integration

IMTA - intermediate transfer agent

IMTV - interactive multimedia television

IMU - inertial measurement unit

IMU - intermatrix unit

IMUX - inverse multiplexer

IN - intelligent network

IN - impulse noise

IN-ADDR - inverse address

In Band Signaling - A signaling system where network information such as address and routing information are handled over the communications (voice) path itself. Usually the information is represented in the form of tones, however DC loop current signaling also qualifies as In Band Signaling. See also CCIS.

IN-ADDR - inverse address

In-band - Using or involving the information digit time slots of a DS1 frame (that is, bit assignments of a frame exclusive of the framing or 193rd bit).

INC - Internet controller

Incumbent - Local Exchange Carrier - See ILEC. See also CLEC & LEC

IND - independent

INDD - intra-nodal data distribution

Independent - Any of the phone companies in existence at the time of divestiture that were not affiliated with the Bell System. See RBOC, LEC, and CLEC

INE - in-line network encryptors

info - information

INFOCON - information operations condition

INFOSEC - information security

INID - Intercept Network In Dialing

INIT - initialization

INM - integrated network management

INMARSAT - International Maritime Satellite

INMS - Integrated Network Management System

INPHO - Information Network for Public Health Officials

INS - inertial navigation system

INS - integrated network server

INSA - integrated network services architecture

INSC - interoperable networks for secure communications

INSCOM - Intelligence and Security Command

INSM - integrated network and systems management

INT - integer (internal) (interrupt)

INT - internal

INT - (International) 422 Trunk Module - This module is used as a low-bandwidth trunk (for example, 128 kbps) to connect sites in different countries. The module is designed so that it will operate in conjunction with an RS-422 trunk module as long as both trunk modules are properly configured and the data rate is one that both cards support.

INTA - interrupt acknowledge

INTEL - intelligence

Intelligent Switching - A feature of multiplexers that enables every call to be routed through the shortest distance, and one that takes into account traffic at any given time to avoid congestion or network failures.

Intelligent Terminal - A data terminal that contains a processing element. It can perform local data processing and storage activities.

INTELSAT - International Telecommunications Satellite (Organization)

Interconnect Company - A vendor of telecommunications Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) other than a Bell Operating Company (RBOC) or AT&T. This term was originated by AT&T and was meant to be derisive towards the fledgling industry when the courts said it was OK for end users to buy equipment from someone other than the Bell System. This industry flourished, in spite of AT&T°Ã~s disdain, and ironically the RBOCs were not allowed to sell CPE under the terms of the break up of AT&T. With the current state of deregulation, the RBOCs are slowly re-entering this business.

Interdomain Call - A call that originates in one domain, possibly passes through a transit domain, and terminates in another domain.

Interdomain Call ID - See virtual call ID.

Interexchange Carrier - See IEC.

Interface - A point between two devices where electrical signals, connectors, timing, and handshaking meet.

Interface Signal - A method of physical signaling defined by various specifications such as V.24, V.35, V.36, RS-232, and RS-449.

Intermediate Rate - A subrate data rate formed by combining two or more adjacent 9.6 DS0B subrate channels to form a 19.-, 28.8-, or 38.4 kbps circuit.

Internal Timing - When the node is the clock source.

InterNIC - Internet Network Information Center

Interrupt - A means of gaining access in a CPU or network to get a desired service.

Intradomain Call - A call that originates and terminates within the same domain.

Inverse Multiplexing - A method of combining and later separating 2 data streams that does not involve the telephone network. Inverse multiplexing is the most common way of achieving this function in Codecs operating at 128kbps or less over ISDN.

INX - information exchange

IO - Information Operations (DOD)

IO - input only

IO - information operations

IOC - interoffice channel

IOC - input/output controller

IOC Capability Packages - ISDN Ordering Code system. This system was devised by the National ISDN UserÕs Forum and Bellcore to simplify ordering new ISDN lines in the USA and Canada. Using a single code specifies all line specifications.

IOCA - image object content architecture

IOCS - input/output control system

IOCTL - input/output control

IOE - Input/Output Expander

IOF - Intermediate Operations Facilities

IOP - input/output processor

IOPL - input/output privilege level

IOPS - Internet Operators

IOS - Internet operating system

IOSGA - input/output support gate array

IOSL - input/output expander to SCSI line circuit card

IOTC - Information Operations Technical Center

IOU - Input/Output Unit

IOX - Input/Output Exchange

IP - image processing

IP - intelligent peripheral

IP (Internet Protocol) - The network layer for the TCP/IP protocol suite used in Ethernet networks. It provides packet routing, fragmentation, and re-assembly through the date link layer.

IP Access List - Also known as the IP Routing Table. The IP Route Server Node is the designated node that maintains the database for the IP routing table, and also advertises or floods the IP routes throughout the domain. Any Promina 800 series node can be the IP Route Server Node. There can be multiple IP Route Server Nodes within a domain providing they are configured as server nodes serving different routes. Each IP Route Server node can have 16 entries in the IP access list.

IP Gateway Node - The IP Gateway Node is the designated Promina node that is connected to the external Network Management System (NMS) or PanaVue. This node broadcasts the IP access tables to all the network nodes and routers within the domain.

IP Routing - IP packets are routed over the Promina network to enable applications running on the attached workstations to communicate with the Promina processor cards using the Internet Protocol. Designed for internal N.E.T. IP traffic only.

IPA - imagery product archive

IPA - intermediate power amplifier

IPB - Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

IPC - Information Policy Committee

IPC - information processing center

IPC - Infrastructure Protection Center (FBI)

IPC - instructions per clock

IPC - Intelligence Producers Council

IPC - interprocess communications

IPC - information protection cell

IPDS - imagery processing and dissemination system

IPDS - intelligent printer data stream

IPDU - Internetworking protocol data unit

IPF - information presentation facility

IPF - integrated processing facility

IPI - intelligent peripheral interface

IPL - image product library

IPL - interprocessor link

IPLI - Internet private line interface

IPM - impulses per minute

IPM - interference prediction model

IPM - internal polarization modulation

IPMO - INFOSEC Program Management Office

IPN - Intelligence Processing Network

IPN - packet network

IPOWS - Intelligence Processing Operator Workstation Model

IPPD - integrated product and process development

IPR - Internet Protocol Router

IPRA - Internet policy registration authority

IPRWG - Intellectual Property Rights Working Group

IPS - Internet Protocol Suite

IPSE - integrated project support environment

IPSEC - Internet protocol security

IPSO - Internet protocol security option

IPTF - Infrastructure Protection Task Force (DOJ)

IPX/SPX - Internet packet exchange/sequence packet exchange

IQL - interactive query language

IR - information retrieval

IR - infrared

IR&D - independent research and development

IRAC - Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee

IRC - INFOSEC Research Council

IRC - international record carrier

IRC - Interagency Radio Committee

IRC - Internet relay chat

IRCM - Infrared Countermeasures

IRD - integrated receiver/descrambler

IrDA - Infrared Data Association

IRDC - Intelligence Research and Development Council

IRDS - information resource dictionary system

IREO - infrared electro-optical

IRIA - Infrared Information Analysis Center

IRIG-B - type of global positioning system time code

IRIS - imagery receiver and intelligence system

IRIS - intelligence resources information system

IRIS - Internal Revenue Information Service

IRJ - intrared jammer

IRL - interactive reader language

IRM - information resources manager (management)

IRMA - Information Resources Management Association

IRMAC - Information Resource Management Advisory Committee

IRMC - Information Resources Management College

IRQ - (Interrupt Request) - A hardware signal sent to the CPU's interrupt handler, which diverts the attention of the computer, causing it to save the contents of the CPU registers, take action to satisfy the interrupting device, restores the registers contents, and resumes processing.

IRS - interface requirements specification

IRST - infrared search and tracking

IRT - Incident Response Team

IRTF - Internet Research Task Force

IRV - interswitch rekeying variable

IRVAT - infrared video automatic tracker

IS - intelligence specialist

IS - international standard

IS - information systems

IS - interswitch

IS - information system

IS-IS - Intermediate System to Intermediate System Protocol

IS/AEF - Information Superiority/Air Expeditionary Force (USAF)

ISA - industry standard architecture

ISA - information system architecture

ISA - instruction set architecture

ISA - integrated service adapter

ISAAC - Irreducible Semi-Autonomous Adaptive Combat (model)

ISAC - Information Sharing and Analysis Center

ISAD - Information Society and Development (conference)

ISAM - indexed sequential-access management/method

ISAR - inverse sidelooking airborne radar

ISAR - inverse synthetic aperture radar

ISAT - Information Science and Technology

ISB - independent sideband

ISB - Intelligence Systems Board

ISB - Intelink Security Board

ISB - initial staging base

ISC - instruction set computer

ISC/R - individual soldierÕs computer/radio

ISC2 - Integrated Space Command & Control

ISD - image section descriptor

ISD - instructional systems design

ISDB - integrated satcom data base

ISDB - integrated services digital broadcasting (Japan)

ISDN-BRI - Integrated Services Digital Network-Basic Rate Interface

ISDN-PRI - Integrated Services Digital Network-Primary Rate Interface

ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) - An emerging international standard for public and private networks that aims to standardize protocols and interfaces for communications networks, and accommodate mixed transmission services. The service allows dialing on digital lines with multiple bi-directional "Bearer" channels each with a capacity of 56 or 64 Kbps and a single bi-directional "D channel". See BRI and PRI.

ISDN 2 - A term used in Europe for ISDN BRI. See BRI.

ISDN 30 - A term used in Europe for ISDN PRI. See PRI.

ISDN Protocol - The "language" used for communication between the TelcoÕs switch and the customerÕs Terminal Adapter. Each ISDN circuit has one protocol, and the protocol has no effect on where or whom one may call. See ETS 300, National ISDN, and Custom ISDN.

ISDNX - Integrated Services Digital Network Exchange

ISEC - Information Systems Engineering Command (Army)

ISEE - integrated software engineering environment

ISEP - interconnect signal entry panel

ISEW - Intelligence, Security, & Electronics Warfare

ISG - Incoming Service Grouping. See Hunt Group

ISH - integrated service hub

ISHM - International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics

ISI - Internet service infrastructure

ISIS - individual soldier imaging subcomponent

ISIS - integrated signals intelligence system

ISIS - Integrated Systems and Information Services

ISL - Interactive System Language

ISL - interswitch link

ISMA - Information Systems Management Agency (Army)

ISMC - Intelink Service Management Center

ISMF - interactive storage management facility

ISMI - Interim Soldier Machine Interface

ISN - initial sequence number

ISO - isochronous

ISO - (International Standards Organization) - An organization that promotes the development of worldwide communications standards.

ISOC - Internet Society

ISOO - Information Security Oversight Office

ISP - information services provider

ISP - Information Survivability Program (DARPA)

ISP - in-system programmable

ISP - integrated service panel

ISP - Internet Service Provider

ISP - interrupt stack pointer

ISP - interrupt status port

ISPBX - integrated services private branch exchange

ISPF - Interactive System Programming Facility

ISPM - informal security policy model

ISQP - Information Systems Quality Program

ISR - information storage and retrieval

ISR - intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance

ISR - interrupt service routine

ISR - initial service request

ISRC - International Standard Recording Code

ISS - information system security

ISS - Intelligence Systems Secretariat

ISS - information systems security

ISSA - Information System Security Association

ISSAA - Information Systems Selection and Acquisition Activity

ISSB - Information Systems Security Board

ISSC - information service support center

ISSC - Information Systems Security Committee

ISSC - Information Systems Software Center

ISSE - information system security engineering

ISSES - imagery scientist softcopy exploitation system

ISSM - Information Systems Security Manager

ISSO - Information Services Support Office

ISSO - Information Systems Security Officer

ISSP - Information System Security Policy

ISSR - Internal Software Specification Review

ISSRS - ISS Real Secure

ISSS - Initial Sector Suite System (FAA)

ISSSB - Information Systems Software Support Bulletin

ISST - infrared surveillance of surface targets

IST - interswitch trunk

IST - integrated services telephone

IST - Integrated Systems Technology

ISTA - Intelligence, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition

ISTE - integrated services terminal equipment

ISU - integrated switching unit

ISV - independent software vendor

ISVS - International Switched Voice Service

ISWG - Information Systems Working Group (NATO)

ISX - Information Superiority experiment

ISYSCON - integrated systems control

IT - information technology

ITA - Integrated Theater Architectures

ITA - International Telegraph Alphabet

ITA - intruder alert

ITAA - Information Technology Association of America

ITABBS - Information Technology Acquisition Bulletin Board System

ITAC - Information Technology industry Association of Canada

ITAC - Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center

ITACEN - Information Technology Acquisition Center

ITACS - Improved Army Tactical Communications System

ITAS - improved target acquisition system

ITAWDS - integrated tactical amphibious warfare data system

ITD - input transition detection

ITDS - International Trade Data System (Treasury)

ITEP - Interim Tactical Elint Processor

ITG - interswitch trunk group

ITI - Information Technology Industry Council

ITI - information technology infrastructure (Navy)

ITI - Information Technology Integration (GSA/FTS)

ITINT - Information Technology Intelligence

ITMRA - Information Technology Management Reform Act

ITMSC - Information Technology Management Council

ITN - Identification Tasking and Networking (FBI)

ITO - information technology outsourcing

ITO - Integrated Tasking Order

ITOP - Information Technology Omnibus Procurement

ITPB - Information Technology Policy Board (DOD)

ITRUS - information technology reuse & software reuse program (service)

ITS - Information Technology Service (GSA) (was IRMS)

ITS - Institute for Telecommunication Sciences

ITS - intelligent transportation system

ITS - Internet telephony server

ITSDN - Integrated Tactical and Strategic Digital Network

ITSEC - information technology security evaluation criteria

ITSEF - information technology security evaluation facility

ITSEM - information technology security evaluation methodology

ITSG - Information Technology Standards Guidance

ITSND - Integrated Tactical-to-Strategic Data Networking

ITSO - International Telecommunications Satellite Organization

ITST - Interim Thermal Signature Target

ITU-TSS - International Telecommunications Union-Telecommunications Standardization Section

ITU - (International Telecommunications Union) - The umbrella organization that recommends international standards. CCITT and CCIR both belong to the ITU.

ITV - interactive television

ITW&A - integrated tactical warning and attack

ITW/AA - integrated tactical warning/attack assessment

IUAP - Internet User Account Provider

IUDT - interface unit data terminal

IUSS - integrated undersea surveillance system

IV - initialization vector

IV&V - independent verification & validation

IVCS - interior voice communications system

IVD - integrated voice & data

IVDT - integrated voice data terminal

IVHS - intelligent vehicle highways system

IVHSA - Intelligent Vehicle-Highway System Act

IVIS - interactive video information system

IVIS - intervehicular information system

IVR - integrated voice response

IVS - interactive videodisk system

IVSN - Initial Voice Switched Network

IW - information warfare

IW-D - Information Warfare-Defensive

IWEB - Information Warfare Executive Board

IWF - internetworking function

IWF - information warfare flight

IWF (Interworking Function) - A function that translates one protocol to another, or encapsulates one protocol in another. The CX module is an IWF that can handle Frame Relay-to-ATM traffic.

IWF - information warfare flight

IWO - information warfare officer (Navy)

IWS - Information Warfare Squadron

IWS - intelligent workstation

IWS - Interoperable Waveform Standard

IWSC - Information Warfare Security Center

IWSDB - integrated weapon system data base

IXC - interexchange carrier


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