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H-HMMWV - high variant HMMWV

H - height

H.gcp - gateway control protocol

HACMP - high availability clustered multiprocessing

HAEMP - High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse

HAG - high assurance guard

HAIDE - hostile aircraft identification equipment

HAL - hard array logic

HAL - hardware adaptation (abstraction) layer

HAL - house programmed array logic

Half-Duplex - Transmission occurs in two directions, but not simultaneously.

Handshake - Exchange of predetermined signals occurring when the connection between two data sets is first established.

HARM - high speed anti-radiation missile

HBA - host bus adapter

HCI - human/computer interface

HCJ - heliborne common jammer

HCLOS - high capacity line of sight

HCP - hardcopy printer

HCTR - High-Capacity Trunk Radio

HCU - high capacity computer unit

HCU-2 - high capacity unit-2

HD - hard disk

HD - harmonic distortion

HDA - head disk assembly

HDA - host data adapter

HDB3 (High Density Bipolar, 3 Zero) - A CCITT recommended BNZS coding format. This commonly used version of high-density bipolar (HDB) line coding replaces strings of four zeroes with sequences containing a bipolar violation in the fourth-bit position. Since this coding format precludes strings of zeroes greater than three, it is referred to as HDB3. The encoding algorithm is basically the same as B3ZS. HDB3 line coding is used in CEPT Level-1 digital transmission (2.048 Mbps); thus HDB3 is used with the CEPT Trunk module. Also see zero suppression.

HDB3 - High Density Bipolar 3. An E1 line coding method. This is the more modern line coding method of the two commonly available. See Line Coding, T1. See also AMI and B8ZS

HDCD - high definition compatible digital

HDD - hard disk drive

HDDI - host document data interchange

HDF - hierarchical data format

HDGH - high definition graphic display

HDI - head to disk interference

HDI - high density interconnect

HDL - hardware description language

HDLC (High-Level Data Link Control) - A link level, bit-oriented full-duplex protocol defined by ISO (International Standards Organization). A somewhat universal protocol, it is used in the SCLP channel, and in the ESF data link.

HDM - hardware device module

HDM - hierarchical development methodology

HDSL - high data-rate digital subscriber line (loop) (link)

HDT - high density tape

HDTV - high definition television

HDU - hard disk unit

HDU - helmet display unit

HDUX - half duplex transmission

HDVC - (High Density Voice Compression) Module - This module can receive input from voice modules in 64 kbps PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) format. The HDVC uses Vector Adaptive Predictive Coding (VAPC) at either 16 kbps for a compression ratio of 4:1 or alternatively at 8 kbps for a compression ratio of 8:1.

HDVD - high definition volumetric display

HDX - half duplex

Header - Control information and codes that are appended to the front of a block of user data for control, synchronization, routing, and sequencing of a transmitted data frame or packet.

HEC - header error control

HEL - high energy laser

HELLO - routing protocol

HEMP - high altitude electromagnetic pulse

HEO - highly elliptical orbit

HERF - hazard from electromagnetic radiation to fuel

HERO - hazard from electromagnetic radiation to ordnance

Hertz - (Hz) - A measure of frequency equal to one cycle per second.

HF - high frequency

HF/DF - high frequency direction finding

HF/SSB - high frequency/single-sideband

HFAARS - high frequency adaptive antenna receiving system (Canada)

HFB - high-frequency channel B

HFC - hybrid fiber-coaxial

HFCP - high frequency communications planner

HFEN - high frequency emergency network

HFM - high frequency prediction module

HFPLAN - high frequency planner

HFR - high frequency radio

HHC - handheld computer

HHC - Headquarters and Headquarters Company

HHMMWV - heavy high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle

HHMMWV - heavy high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle

HHVIT - handheld video imagery terminal

HI - high

HIC - human interaction capability

HICC - hostile intelligence collection capabilities

HIDAD - high density array development

HIDS - headquarters information distribution system (Canadian army)

HIMAD - high to medium altitude air defense

HIMS - human information management system

HIPERLAN - high performance local area network (European)

HIPO - hierarchy of input, processing, and output

HIPPI - high performance parallel interface

HIRF - high intensity radiated fields

HIS - Hypermedia Indexing Schema

HISS - Horizon Infrared Surveillance Sensor

HIT - high interest telecommunication

HITS - Hawaiian information transfer system

HJ - crypto key change

HLA - high level architecture

HLI - high-speed LAN interface

HLL - high level language

HLLAPI - high level language application programming interface

HLOS - horizontal line-of-sight

HLQ - high level qualifier

HMA - hub management architecture

HMD - head (helmet) mounted display

HMI - host message interface

HMMP - HyperMedia Management Protocol

HMMS - HyperMedia Management Schema

HMMWV - high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle

HMOM - HyperMedia Object Manager

HMOS - high density metal oxide semiconductor

HMX - home exchange

HN - Home Net

HNSC - House National Security Committee

HOC - cable connector

HOCNET - HUMINT Operational Communications Network

HOIS - hostile intelligence service

HOL - high order language

Hops - The number of nodes through which a call passes before reaching its destination. (Includes only the pass-through and destination nodes, not the origination node).

HOPSEC - hopping security

HOST - Hybrid Open Systems Technology

HOT - health-oriented telecommunications

HP - Hewlett Packard

HPA - high power amplifier

HPC - high performance computing

HPCC - high performance computing (computer) and communications

HPFS - high-performance file system

HPM - high powered microwave

HPOV - Hewlett Packard OpenView

HPPI - high performance parallel interface

HPPP - high performance parallel processor

HPSS - high performance storage system

HPT - high priority target

HQ - headquarters

HRCD - handheld remote controlled device

HRG - high resolution graphics

HRMS - human resource management system

HRR - high resolution radar

HRV - Home Rekey Variable

HS - high-speed

HSBIC - high-speed balanced interface card

HSC - high speed channel

HSCDM - High-Speed Cable Driver Modem

HSD (High-Speed Data) Module - This module provides two independent data ports with V.35 or RS-449/422 interfaces at rates from 9.6 kbps to 1.344 Mbps and RS-232 DCE/DTE interfaces at rates from 9.6 kbps to 19.2 kbps.

HSE - high speed encryption

HSFEC - high speed forward error correction

HSI - hue saturation intensity

HSI - human systems integration

HSI - hyper-spectral imagery

HSIF - hardware/software integration facility

HSLAN - high-speed local area network

HSM - hierarchical storage management

HSM - host security module

HSMUX - high speed multiplexer

HSMUX2 - high speed multiplexer-2

HSPR - high-speed pulse-form restorer

HSS - high-speed shelf

HSS-2 (High-Speed Shelf) - A mechanical assembly (chassis) that contains the SX, T3, and PPM modules in a Promina 800.

HSSDB - high-speed serial data buffer

HSSI - high speed serial interface

HSU - High Speed User

HSV - hue saturation value

HT - heavy terminal

HT/MT - heavy terminal/medium terminal

HTCIA - High Technology Crime Investigative Association

HTI - horizontal technology integration

HTML - HyperText Markup Language

HTTP - HyperText Transport Protocol

HTU - handheld terminal unit

HUD - heads-up display

HUDCLIPS - HUD client information and policy system

HUMINT - human intelligence

Hunt - Group - A group of telephone channels configured so that if the first is busy (engaged) the call goes to the next channel, if that channel is busy it goes to the next channel, etc. Hunt groups may hunt from the highest to the lowest, the lowest to the highest, or on some other arbitrary pattern. But the order of hunting will usually be fixed, beginning with one channel and working through ("hunting") until an unused channel is found. The term may have originated back in the old manual switchboard days when the operator literally hunted for an unused jack to plug a cord into. This arrangement is very common in business scenarios where a single incoming number (the Listed Directory Number) is given to the public, but multiple incoming channels are supported. See LDN

HUS - Hardened Unique Storage

HVA - high voltage assembly

HVPS - high-voltage power supply

HVT - high value target

HWCI - hardware configuration item

HWIL - hardware-in-the-loop

HWS - host workstation

HXTS - external traffic service

Hybrid - 1. A device which converts from a two-wire signal such as POTS lines to a four-wire system (separate send and receive paths) such as used in the pro-audio world. While this task is theoretically quite simple, the fact the impedance of most phone lines varies widely across frequency complicates matters. 2. Mixed data and voice applications.

Hybrid Network - A network that can handle protocols in both public and private network communications. Most private networks today are hybrid networks.

HYDRA - hierarchical yet dynamically reprogrammable architecture

HYTIME - hypermedia/time-based structuring language

Hz - Hertz

HZG - Hertz generator


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