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G-6 - communications directorate of an Army staff

G/LSRD - Ground/Loop Start Ringdown Trunk

G/T - antenna gain-to-noise temperature

G1 - Assistant Chief of Staff, G1 (Personnel)

G2 - Assistant Chief of Staff, G2 (Intelligence)

G3 - Assistant Chief of Staff, G3 (Operations and Plans)

G6 - Assistant Chief of Staff, G6 (Communications-ElectronicsPrincipal Staff Officer)

GAA - gateway access authorization

GaAs - gallium arsenide

GACC - Ground Attack Control Center

GACIAC - Guidance and Control Information Analysis Center

GAL - generic array logic

GAL - Global Access List

gal - gallon(s)

GAM - GPS-aided munition

GAMS - Guide to Available Mathematical Software (NIST)

GAO - General Accounting Office

GAPI - gateway application programming interface

Gapped Clock - A clock stream at a nominal bit rate that may be missing clock pulses at arbitrary intervals for arbitrary lengths of time. A gapped clock is different from a synchronous clock.

GAR - gateway access request

GAT - government acceptance test

GAT - guidance, apportionment and target (cell)

Gate - A digital circuit with one output and one or more inputs. The output value is determined by specific criteria (for example, truth table).

GATEC - government acquisition through electronic commerce

Gateway Link - A logical connection between two gateway nodes consisting of one or more trunk modules.

Gateway Link ID - Gateway links are identified through the Operator Interface by indicating the gateway nodes connected by a link. For example, the link between Gateway Node 5 in Domain 30 and Gateway Node 7 in Domain 100 is referred to as D30N5D100N7 (the local gateway node must be listed first).

Gateway Node - A node that connects to a neighbor gateway node through a gateway link to provide connectivity between domains.

GATM - global air traffic management environment

Gb - gigabit

GB - gigabyte

GB - group buffer

GBCS - ground based common sensor

GBL - ground based laser

GBN - global block numbering

GBNP - Global Block Numbering Plan

Gbps - gigabits per second

GBps - gigabytes per second

GBR - ground based radar

GBS - ground based sensor

GBS - Global Broadcast Service

GBS - global broadcast system

GCA - ground control approach

GCC - global control center

GCCS - Global Command and Control System

GCCS-A - Global Command and Control System-Army

GCCS-M - Global Command and Control System-Maritime

GCE - ground combat element

GCHQ - Government Communication Headquarters (UK)

GCI - ground controlled intercept

GCOS - general comprehensive operating system

GCR - group coded recording

GCRA - (Generic Cell Rate Algorithm) - Used to define conformance with respect to the traffic contract of the connection. For each cell arrival, the GCRA determines whether the cell conforms to the traffic contract. The UPC function may implement the GCRA, or one or more equivalent algorithms to enforce conformance. The GCRA is defined with two parameters: the Increment (I) and the Limit (L).

GCRI - general collective routing indicator

GCS - Ground Control Station

GCSS-A - Global Command and Control System-Army

GCSS - global combat support system

GCSS-AF - Global Combat Support System Air Force component (Was BLSM-II)

GCU - guidance and control unit

GD - General Datacomm

GD - graphic display

GDA - gimballed dish antenna

GDA - global data area

GDB - global database

GDB - MGR - global database manager

GDDM - graphical data display manager

GDF - group distribution frame

GDI - graphics device interface

GDI - Global Domain Identifier

GDI - Global Domain Identifier

GDIP - General Defense Intelligence Program

GDMO - guidelines for the definition of managed objects

GDMS - global database management system

GDS - global directory service

GDSS - global decision support system

GDU - graphic display unit

GE - Germany

GEDAE - graphical entry distributed application environment

GEM - Grey Extension Module

GEM - General Dynamics Encryption Manager

GEMINI - Global Emergency Management Information Network Initiative (G-7)

GEMS - GPS engineering management system

GEMSS - GITS Electronic Mail Steering Subcommittee

GEN - generation

gen - generator(s)

GENE - GPS enhanced navigation system

GENSER - general service

GEO - geostationary orbit

GEOREF - geographical reference

GES - government electronic systems

GET - get execute trigger

GETS - Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (NCS)

GFCI - ground fault circuit interrupt

GFE - government furnished equipment

GFI - government furnished information

GFLOPS - billion floating-point operations per second

GFSK - Gaussian frequency shift keying

GGI - global geospatial information

GGI - global grid initiative

GGI&S - global geospatial Information and Services

GHz - gigaHertz

GIDEP - government-industry data exchange program

GIE - global information environment (Army)

GIF - graphics interchange format

GIG - Global Information Grid

GIGO - garbage-in/garbage-out

GII - global (Government) information infrastructure

GILS - government information locator system (Service)

GIPS - billion instructions per second

GIPSY - graphic information presentation system

GIS - geographic information systems

GIS - Global Information Society

GISA - German Information Security Agency

GITEC - Government Information Technology Executive Council

GITS - Government Information Technology Services

GIV - geological information visualization

GIX - Global Information Exchange

GK - gate keeper

GKS - graphical kernel system

Glare - On a POTS line an incoming call is signaled by periodically applying an AC ring voltage to the line. Since there is a semi random period before the ring, and pauses between rings, it is possible to seize a line which is "about to ring" (and answer a call) when attempting to place an outgoing call. When this scenario happens it is called glare. Glare is much less likely if Ground Start trunks are used. See Ground Start Trunk.

Glass - TTY - A dumb terminal used to accept keyed data and transmit that data to a computer. This terminal has no other processing capabilities. The term glass refers to the TTY with a CRT screen.

GLIS - global land information system

GLLD - ground laser locator/designator

GLOBIXS - global information exchange systems (Navy)

GLPAL - global preaffiliation list

GLU - Group Logic Unit

GM - group modem

GMAP - general macro assembler program

GMD - global missile defense

GMDSS - global maritime distress and safety system

GMF - ground mobile forces

GMF - ground mobile forces

GMFSC - ground mobile forces satellite communications

GMITS - Guidelines for the Management of IT Security

GMPCS - global mobile personal communications systems

GMR - giant magnetoresistive

GMT - Greenwich Mean Time

GND - ground

GNDCP - ground command post

GNDFE - ground force element

GNIE - Global Networked Information Enterprise

GNMP - government network management profile

GNOSC - Global Network Operations and Security Center

GNSS - global navigational satellite system

GOCA - graphics object content architecture

GOES - Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites

GOLDS - general online display system

GOS - grade of service

GOSC - Global Operations and Security Center (DISA)

GOSIP - government open system interconnection profile (protocol)

GOTS - government off-the-shelf

GP - group

GPALS - global positioning and location system

GPALS - global protection against limited strikes

GPC - general purpose computer

GPCSC - general purpose computer support center

GPEE - general purpose encryption equipment

GPI - graphics programming interface

GPIB - general purpose interface bus

GPMDM - Group Modem

GPRS - general packet radio service

GPS - Global Positioning System

GPSR - Global Positioning System receiver

GPSS - general purpose simulation system

GRACE - generic reusable Ada components for engineering

Grade Of Service - This is simply the ratio of calls blocked to total calls in a decimal form. So a grade of service of P.08 would represent 8% blocking. Telephone tariffs regulate the acceptable average grade of service which must be provided on public networks.

GRASP - graphical system for presentation

GRCS - guardrail common sensor

GRE - graphics engine

GRNN - general regression neural network

Ground Start - A method of signaling between two machines, where one machine grounds one side of the line and the other machine detects the presence of the ground.

Ground Start Trunk - A type of telephone trunk where the request to make an outgoing call (i.e. request for dial tone) is made by briefly grounding the Tip conductor. Many PBX systems use ground start trunks as they are less prone to glare than Loop start trunks. See Loop Start Trunk. See also Glare

GRT - ground receive terminal

GRWSIM - ground warfare simulation

GS - general support

GSA - General Services Administration

GSA - global security architecture

GSB - gateway signaling buffer

GSE - ground support equipment

GSII - Government Services Information Infrastructure

GSM - global system mobile (Europe)

GSM - ground station module

GSM - groupe speciale mobile

GSORTS - global status of resources and training system

GSPM - Global Standard Profile Matrix

GSR - ground surveillance radar

GSRD - Ground Start Ringdown

GSS - general security support (DOD)

GSSAP - generic security service applications programming

GSSP - Generally Accepted System Security Principles

GSTS - Ground-based surveillance and tracking system

GSVS - global secure voice system

GT - Guard Time

GTA - graphic training aid

GTACS - ground theater air control system

GTE - General Telephone and Electric

GTEAM - Global Team Labeling

GTFM - generalized tamed frequency modulation

GTIS - Government Telecommunications and Information Services (Canada)

GTL - gunning transceiver logic

GTLD - Generic Top Level Domains

GTN - Global Transportation Network (DOD)

GTS - government telecommunications system

GUI - graphical user interface

GVM - global virtual manufacturing

GW - gateway

GWC - global weather central

GWIP - global weather intercept program

GWS - groupware server

GWS - GroupWare Server

GXX - format for a user's telephone number, 4/3 numbering plan

GXXX - format for a user's telephone number, 3/4 numbering plan


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