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For Students and Instructors First Edition
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Tools (includes ARCTools software)
VHDL description of ARC
Practice problems with solutions
Author: Miles Murdocca
Author: Vincent Heuring
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Tools for Computer Architecture and Organization: An Integrated Approach

ARCTools Software

The ARCTools assembler and simulator support the ARC subset of the SPARC instruction set, which is used throughout the book. Written as Java applications for easy portability to Windows, Unix, Mac OS X, and other platforms. The tools support the examples used in the book, and have several new features than prior ARCTools versions, including support for input and output, halfword and byte data types, and several new instructions.

VHDL Description and Implementation of ARC Processor

A VHDL description of the ARC processor has been made available to you, courtesy of Professor Bert Molenkamp, University of Twente, the Netherlands. There are working examples (you can try them in ModelSim/Questasim) that match the ARC des cription in the book chapters. Have a look!

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