Lengrams: Logical Engrams

A physical engram is a collection of neurons and synapses that casts knowledge in a real form. A logical engram (lengram) casts knowledge in the form of text or code, or a combination of the two.

The lengram natural language functionality is based on the Google BERT language model. BERT takes a question and a body of reference text, and returns an answer from the reference text along with a score.

See a historical figure use case.

Lengram Demo

Change something in the text like location, country names, years, anything and ask a question to match.
  • Question: Where did the 1964 Olympics take place?
    Answer: Tokyo
  • Question: Who won the most gold medals in the 1964 Olympics?
    Answer: The United States
  • Question: Who won the most overall medals in the 1964 Olympics?
    Answer: Soviet Union
  • Question: When did the 1964 Olympics take place?
    Answer: mid-October   
  • Question: What was a new sporting event for the 1964 Olympics?
    Answer: Sumo
  • Question: How many times has Japan hosted the Summer Olympics?
    Answer: twice
  • Question: What was a first for the 1964 Olympic Games?
    Answer: South Africa was excluded due to its use of the apartheid system in sports.
  • Question: Where did the 1968 Olympics take place?
    Answer: Mexico City
  • Question: What is the name of the film about the 1964 Olympics?
    Answer: Tokyo Olympiad
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"The 1964 Summer Games were the first Olympics held in Asia"