IT1721: Promina / NX1000: Operator and Maintainer

Course Length: 40 hrs

Prerequisites: User-level knowledge of computers and networking

Format: Onsite, online

The course covers the installation, operation, and maintenance of the Promina / NX1000 line of equipment in a deployable environment. Although the Promina is considered at end of life by the original manufacturer NET (now Sonus) and is legacy equipment, it is still in wide use and will need operators and maintainers for years to come.

This is an intensive hands-on course, covering all aspects of the Promina and supporting devices, including: NRZ-to-CDI converters, trunk encryption devices, link encryption devices, GPS timing receivers, fiber optic modems, media converters, private branch exchanges, long local telephony, VOIP, routers, switches, laptop computers, Pairgain LAN extenders and media converters, and Fireberd test units.

Topics Covered:


Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Communication

2. Introduction to the Promina Platform

3. Promina Hardware

4. Timing and Synchronization

5. Software Configuration and Operation

6. Testing

7. Practical Exercise

8. Troubleshooting Exercise