IIUSA Intent Editor

IIUSA Intent Editor screen shot

Start by downloading either the Windows or MacOS ZIP file. Double click on the .zip file which creates diectory dist-MacOS or dist-Win. Drill one level down in that folder for the executable file "IIUSA-intent-editor.exe" for Windows, and "IIUSA-intent-editor" for MacOS.

On Windows, simply left-double-click the IIUSA-intent-editor.exe icon and the editor will start up.

On MacOS, until we get this app approved by Apple, you will need to bypass the security block. right-click on the IIUSA-intent-editor icon and select "Open". There will be a pop dialog:

"macOS cannot verify the developer of “IIUSA-intent-editor”. Are you sure you want to open it?"

Select Open.