IIUSA Intent Editor

IIUSA Intent Editor screen shot

Start by downloading either the Windows or MacOS ZIP file. Double click on the .zip file which creates diectory dist-MacOS or dist-Win. Drill one level down in that folder for the executable file "IIUSA-intent-editor.exe" for Windows, and "IIUSA-intent-editor" for MacOS.

On Windows, simply left-double-click the IIUSA-intent-editor.exe icon and the editor will start up.

On MacOS, until we get this app approved by Apple, you will need to bypass the security block. right-click on the IIUSA-intent-editor icon and select "Open". There will be a pop dialog:

"macOS cannot verify the developer of “IIUSA-intent-editor”. Are you sure you want to open it?"

Select Open.

There is an alternate IIUSA intent editor at the link farther below. It is not as crisp looking but it comes from a simple python file which may be useful for tinkerers.